100 Days - [Minecraft Superflat]

Published on Feb 20, 2021
This video is intended for audiences 13+ years old for the following reasons
Fantasy Violence
Violent References
Suggestive Themes
Crude Humor
Minecraft Superflat worlds are very notable. The entire world is SUPERFLAT, with only 3 layers of dirt and then unbreakable bedrock. In this video, I will survive for 100 Days in a Minecraft Superflat World on Hardcore mode. If I die my entire world will be deleted. So watch me run from the slimes and make hella profits in 100 Days - [Minecraft Superflat]
World Download - www.mediafire.com/file/y4xqwxuck8jpcqz/100_Days_-_%255BHardcore_Superflat%255D.rar/file
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Thumbnail Art - Maeder
Editor - Tors
0:00 Day 1 - 10
3:12 Day 11- 20
5:48 Day 21 - 30
8:39 Day 31 - 40
11:37 Day 41 - 50
14:32 Day 51 - 60
17:21 Day 61-70
20:33 Day 71-80
23:50 Day 81-90
26:57 Day 91-100


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  • If strongholds are enabled in the world generation, you can find the end

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  • 200 days Minecraft hardcore with tors plz Hope you see this and I’m staying notable

  • that makes me think how do you find the end portal?

  • I just thought about but for 3000 days he should make the water tunnel on the island for "how did we get here? " One block taller and then have depth strider 3 on his boots so he can control his movements in the water easier

  • I saw skeppy do this and there was.

  • 200 day???

  • If you want to do 200 days, then that's cool

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  • did he die in the other series? his hardcore survival

  • 11:34 but it is pronounced elytra

    • El-ie-tra or El-ee-tra both are good pronunciations.


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  • Do a biome only one it more fun to watch like ocean only or ice spikes only

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  • 200 days and flat

  • I don't know if you knew this, but you can find gravel under the villager farm composer.

  • did anyone else hear ballon boys laugh on day 63??

  • Who is your dad? How do you get a job at Minecraft? How old do you have to be?!

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  • 10:00 did he just call it netherack.... nether wart...

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  • the clopping of the slimes

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    • @Sharonthemom123 YES! I meant in flat plain

    • @Sharonthemom123 YES! Think he talking bout the flat world

    • There’s 2000

  • do 100days in the nether hardcore but if u dont want to u can do it in normal survival world

  • i would love if you would make 200 hundred days with tors in hardcore, that would be awesome

    • Yes i would like him to do a 200 hundred days with tors idk whats wrong with that

  • I was laughing when the eye of ender wasn't going anywhere and my brother said that all after that work😂.

  • Can you realist 3000 day

  • "I created a wall day 7 but the slimes protested, so I killed them" hmm sound famillier to the Chinese government.

  • “Sorry slimes you can’t have any, you don’t have rights”

  • Yo when is hardcore 3000 days coming out

    • @Eddie Kerschbaumer also to mention that caves and cliff is coming in June from what I know. Im also thinking Luke might be a full time minecraft youtuber from what I am seeing 😃

    • @Davids Lighting and More true

    • i'm thinking the same thing too however, he has to take a break. He mentioned on his 2000 days world tour that he will start playing around when caves and cliffs comes out.

  • If you ever died from Penguins it's because you're not wearing golden armor you can we're as much as you want but be careful

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  • You are able to beat minecraft on super flat you just have to find the end portal

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    • He unpurposely does that so yes, I believe he does, but I have done the same on a few of my videos.

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