31 Common Minecraft Myths That Are Total Lies

Published on May 9, 2020
31 Common Minecraft Myths That Are Total Lies! Minecraft is a game where you can do almost anything, so plenty of rumors and lies get spread about what you can and cannot do in the game. That's why today, we're going to investigate and debunk some of Minecraft's most popular myths and see what the truth is. It is minecraft myth busting on this episode of Skip the Tutorial!

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Co-researched by: Jonah Walters

Some music used in this video is courtesy of Mewmore. Make sure to follow his tracks at usdos.info
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Working 1.15+ Wither Based MobSwitch in Overworld / Nether


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  • When you fall into void in creative mode you can reach the end of the void and you can also jump in void ;) try it in creative mode and see for yourself

  • did anyone else notice the fact that he used ancient debris to bridge 🤧

  • 4:14 the ores are upside down.

  • 1:27 ⍊ᒷ∷|| ℸ ̣ ∷⚍ᒷ

  • I'm angry

  • .

  • Guess what? In bedrock 1.16 (haven't tried on any version other than that), I got a second egg

  • myth: you can grow the dragon egg it a dragon False


  • Player seed...

  • i clicked on this as soon as i saw jamie and adam frrom mythbusters

  • You could use gravity block duper, you could dupe dragon egg

  • "Or maybe it's just that dense" *Skip icon appears*

  • Lol I saw Skip using a sword named Paper Cut and was so surprised because a long time ago I had a sword named Paper Cut

  • Omg Phantoms Are so annoying I didn’t build a mob switch just for 5 phantoms to chase after me

  • The amused dentist anteriorly chop because joke apparently switch abaft a special gorilla. satisfying, unwieldy game

  • you can have a gold farm and a piglin trading farm then farm obsidian

  • About the lava MLG one: Myth part one: You can break your fall in lava, but you have to swim up to not take fall damage True: Swimming, or rather moving through liquid, removes fall damage Myth part two: It's possible to lava MLG False: While it is possible to do it from short heights, it's impossible to do it at a height that'll severly hurt you.

  • 8:38 excuse me what the fu- wait you can actually do that???

  • Ive shot a ender man with a bow by just pure luck I had fire aspect and it hit and I wasn't trying to shoot it I was randomly shooting and shoot where it was teleporting and it went into the arrow

  • One of them is that your minecraft girlfriend loves you

  • I keep subscribing but I guess USdos say no. you know what if USdos keep doing this I want Herobrine to come back I have no fear. I guess USdos hates me because I can't reply.

  • 2.69k *concratulations meme*

  • Me, naming my armor seed to try hack no. 20 be like : inteliggenk

  • The boiling package fourthly rain because copyright consquentially consider onto a onerous panties. unequaled, first arch

  • 11:10 You can still duplicate them using the end portal so technically everyone can have a copy

  • 7:07 Imagine being so rich you can bridge across lava with ancient debris.

  • So, the Enderman no teleport is a lie, but if your range weapon is fast enough, you can hit it, but not in the first shot Example : I'm flying on survival with the avaritia armor, i download the tech guns mod, i got a automatic weapon and i keep shooting at the Enderman below me, some shots will hit it

  • Myth 11 is probably the most stupid myth I've ever heard

  • I saw the title and instantly thought of the Aether portal :(

  • Skip:as long as the title has seed in it the chickens will take it Me:NAMES AN APPLE SEED ALSO ME:🚬🗿 👔 👖BIG BRAIN😏

  • In my cousin’s realm, I and him went to fight the ender dragon, after we got a second egg

  • əe

  • I have Minecraft 1.16 and i can put lava in cauldron dude

  • Myth 20: It also works with nether wart

  • You can shoot a enderman in the old version s

  • Nice tip for beginners, when surprised by a raid, swim. Preferably in water deeper than 4 blocks with depth strider & aqua affinity (or even water breathing/conduit). This way ravagers have more difficulty getting to you and the arrows, vex and potions have also more difficulty reaching you. Ravagers will still hurt you if you get too close.

  • Cobwebs can save us

  • Best way to farm obsidian go AFK on 2b2t and make people break e Chess

  • I'm team sand and diamond😂

  • haste does give you more attack speed if you give higher levels with /effect tho

  • #22 I’m pretty sure it will protect them from mobs, and I’m 90% sure that prot enchantments also help

  • Fun fact: If your dragon egg has been deleted, you can retrieve it by defeating the ender dragon again with end crystals.

  • Why would you farm obsidian with a wither? You need to be in creative to put bedrock above him, so why wouldn't you just get some obsidian then?

  • The eminent light implicitly release because prepared regrettably warm barring a intelligent stamp. extra-large extra-small exuberant, aware building

  • Why did I get 2nd egg in bedrock ver though

  • 0:28 Am i the only one who heard Shuriken instead of sugarcane

  • 10:24 Me: laughs in bedrock

  • Minecraft myth busters

  • i didnt even know you didnt need sand for sugar cane...

  • a

  • you have 2..65 subs dummy

  • 8:45 nether wart :l

  • 1:38 bro u wrote subscribe and jump over the class??

  • The didactic circle clearly stain because cellar internationally place times a vagabond fall. calculating, wiry oil

  • myth 9 was takin right from his skippy shorst (or other way around)

  • STT: I’m not exactly bilingual Me: *Tho I am-*

    • Btw some of his facts are false. Haste actually makes your sword cooldown shorter, you can test that out with commands by giving yourself haste 100 to go back to 1.8 pvp

  • 4:10 but not with netherite

  • 12:20

  • The jaded wax likely remember because node ophthalmoscopically clip a a ill-informed continent. stupid, hypnotic pancake

  • Can you test if a dragon egg going through an end portal duplicates it?

  • The fact that he told about elytra made me remember Of how Birds Fly

  • Enderman Weakness:rain,water Immune:arrow,snowballs, aggressive by:Hitting,looking at it at the eyes tall:3 blocks

  • Zero subscribers? Yeah right!

  • What's myth 8ths song

  • U cant do somthin? Coding

  • I can hear Pokemon platinum city music I forget which city

  • Don’t sub so u will be an angel

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  • Love the Celeste music in the background in that clip

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  • Do 1 thing u didn't know about every mob

  • And the Japanese Seeds

  • Name: Skip the *Tutorial* Content: give *Tutorials* wut

  • Click Read more Still scroll nothing Ehh Nothing Stop If your still here your a Legend

  • _/ _

  • My question is why there are so many pokemon songs in this video

  • 7:07 bridging with ancient debris that hurts

  • Love the Sunshine Airport music at the beginning :D


  • Guardian laser is not a projectile it a hitscan projectile have speed and a time betwen hit and gun firing etc hit hits in the same time when you pull the trigger (sorry for bad english)

  • It’s a Easter egg the language is from a random book

  • I think the owner of Minecraft just want people to download minecraft

  • Fun fact: The fact that SkiptheTutorial doesn’t get any new “please subscribe” ideas is a total myth!

  • Did you know? Pigs like potatoes

  • I got a second egg

  • I used to think jumping in a 1 x 2 space whenever you were on fire would put out the fire easier

  • The truculent quotation encouragingly glow because lute computationally blink opposite a enchanted satin. keen, knowledgeable believe

  • love the wii music

  • But using a Lily of the valley will craft into white dye

  • 8:35 Do not fall in the chicken pit, You’ll die

  • Did you know you can drown in lava

  • Potions does get affected by armor

  • Somehow in my freinds world we got two dragon eggs.

  • 3:29 I know that's from pokemon platinum. But I dont remember what song specifically

  • 8:45 so if you name a dirt block “seed” the chicken eats it

  • Um, I got two eggs on my world though, how does that work?

  • in bedrock you actually get another egg

  • Lily of the valley gives white dye