Ben Askren Interview with Teddy Atlas prior to Jake Paul fight | THE FIGHT with Teddy Atlas

Published on Apr 15, 2021
Ben Askren talks with Teddy Atlas and co-host Ken Rideout prior to this weekend's Jake Paul fight. Jake Paul vs Ben Askren will be available to stream live on Triller Fight Club and
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  • Thanks for being with us guys. If you missed it, check out yesterday's conversation with Francis Ngannou and head coach Eric Nicksick: We'll be back with you next week.

    • Hey brother Teddy any tips on the Peekaboo movement Tyson learnt I’m struggling and feel stuck I no your very bizzy and I really don’t expect a reply just though I’d as the best one love ❤️ brother Stay blessed

    • Ken always sounds like he's gargling nut.

    • Just don't listen to teddy atlas period

    • The one interview I was waiting for rino and teddy baby. And the funky one

    • Does ben know how much heat there is between Freddy and Teddy? Methinks not but Teddy kept it classy I doubt Freddy would have if positions have been reversed.

  • I can totally see why he lost so emphatically. He was talking like a man who didn't mind loosing.

  • First time hearing this guy speak and he's an alright guy. If I'd had seen this before the fight I might have been rooting for him in the fight.

  • Any news on Masvidal - Askren II...😂

  • the people didnt say:" Ali was ali bombaye!!

  • Ben was asken for it.

  • Teddy and ken i think your both doing a great job in the way your slowly learning mma and dont claim to be experts but have the humility to admit that your learning on the job and thats all anyone can ask of anybody. So congrats and I prefer this to the majority of strictly mma channels as they generally try to talk knowledge and use language that they are clearly not comfortable with but have had the scripts written for them. I have one complaint about Teddy, Israel Adesanya is pronounced how it looks. Teddy says Allesanya for some weird reason. Other than that your doing a great job fellas.

  • How about that TKO 👊🏻🤩

  • bro the fight was rigged in like 3 different ways. Jake paid Ben to take the KO dive round 1... Ref was paid off, and to top it off Ben bet his life savings on Jake to win... The FBI will eventually seize all winnings from this horse shit. Peace out Jakey 😂😂

  • Getting Knocked TFO became The Biggest PAYDAYS for Askren Glass Chin. L O S E R

  • Ben didn't give a crap, he didn't even try or train. Went in, made a six figure check in minutes without any effort or attempt at winning. Dude didn't respect Jake enough to try or care. Went in, dropped on the first hit, pretended to stumble, and literally laughed at how easy it was

  • 3 minutes can seem very long the almost hold your breath for 3 minutes statement quite the contrary good thing they got teddy there!

  • Mike TYSON vs Larry HOLMES same story Larry said I’m laughing my ass off to the bank. Big Ben best payout ever (One million)! Big Ben is the true winner while he is laughing his ass off to the bank and will buy Dogecoin AND then make millions more while Dogecoin goes to the moon!!! Big Ben showed up for the check. Can you blame him?

    • Maybe so, but what about his legacy as a fighter and how he’s remembered as a man? He looked out of shape and clueless on Saturday. I don’t watch a ton of MMA, but based on that performance I would say he’s just a wrestler and brings no other skills to the table.

  • do yourself a favor. Read comments by oldest first....then sort by new!!! HAHAHAHAHA!!!

  • And I do mean Mexican American fighters I mean just Mexican fighters that needed interpreter but you seem Teddy interview other nationalities within interpreter I dare you Teddy interview the pound for pound king in the world I dare you

  • Jenny will interview this clown Ben but won't interview a great fighter like a Canelo Alvarez the trainer Eddy reynoso When do you ever see Teddy interview Mexican fighters even if they need a interpreter you never see Teddy is ever done in interview with Canelo Alvarez no because he can't have Canelo Alvarez stop too much shit about him so he couldn't be able to see him face-to-face Teddies too afraid Canelo might backhand him I mean let's be honest here Teddy the reason you don't have Canelo Alvarez Orange trainer within interpreter could you have talked so much shit on Canelo but you don't have the ball's to interview him by dare you

  • Jake beat the shit out of Ben

  • Lost your dignity

  • I did not even watch the fight I already knew the result of what was going to happen been asking looks like an old fat lady compared to Jake Paul

  • Why does anyone even listen to Atlas anymore???? Lol the guy is so over rated and so wrong all the time.

  • Jake - 3 years of training. Ben -12 weeks training, coming off 2 years of retirement, 38 years old. Known as the worst striker to ever join ufc. You are the idiot and hater. Jake was younger more trained and had better technique that comes naturally with training way longer. If he fought any other ufc fighter. He would have got his head knocked off. This wasn't rigged but it wasn't going to be a good fight to begin with. I am so glad ben made this money and gained this fame. It's going to help his career exponentially. Ggs to Jake

  • Shillery

  • Teddy Atlas, is one of the greatest fight minds, ever. I used to watch Friday night fights with my daughter. She loved boxing. And she loved watching Teddy give his pre-fight information on what each fighter needed to do to win the fight. She got to the point she began to know it herself. We watched too many fights to count. Good to see you online Teddy.

  • They slipped this guy a few times last night. Didn't even pronounce his name properly. All that money put into it and they can't show this man his respect? Well, it seems like this guy wanted the pay day n I'm sure he got it!

  • Askren Threw the fight 😆 told yall he not ready for Boxing

  • what did you do to improve your striking? Aspirin = Nothing, just wanted the 💰money. you guys shudn't take me too serious.. I never trained, had hip surgery.. why shud I..? ar you guys r so bored with lock down that you wanna any joker boxing event?

  • whos here after the fight

  • He understands how to get knocked out he is a bum worst fighter in history

  • oh my ****! so this Aspirin is a failed MMA fighta n you ar suppose to take his financial advice 4rm him; this clip shud hv a serious disclaimer! I bet he don't even hv a bitcoin... dude is not honest.. the way he fell in round 1 n smiled while walking to the dressing room😃, tells me all about him... As a matter of fact, looking at him at weighin with grand dads pyjamas shorts told me all I want to know.. he never trained 4 this fite.. just wanted the cheese🧀.

    • No... he’s a failed “boxer” who took up the sport long past his prime.... he’s was NOT however, a failed MMA fighter.

  • Ken always sounds like he's gargling nut.

  • Ben Askren got slammed on his fucking head and then ate like 30 punches from Robbie Lawler and still didn't get knocked out. He gets hit with one punch by Jake Paul and gets knocked down. Gets up and tells the ref he's good, but ref called it. Anyone who thinks Ben didn't want to just get money and dip and actually lost to a youtuber is delusional. Also, please don't forget Askren literally JUST had his hip replaced, never boxed in his life(even in UFC, grappling only) and was 20lbs heavier than he fights at. 20 extra pounds on a freshly replaced hip, dude could barely move.

    • You are a fool that was a clean ass temple shot and Ben dropped. Ben stumbled into the ropes and when the ref stepped back and said walk forward Ben walked sideways into the refs arms. You are a tool.

    • @Hunter Shaffer A Conspiracy theory? You’re one of those UFC guys who doesn't realize when a fight needs to be stopped. What was going to happen if the ref let Askren continue? Was he going to pull himself together and mount a comeback???😭 Bag secured? $500K isn't changing his life.

    • Askren in his UFC fights has abs, came in with a beer belly. Literally told the ref "I'm good", wasn't concussed, was laughing with his wife and said "Kids won't have to work, bag secured" - He didn't take this seriously at all as he had no plans on boxing again anyways

    • Even if the fight were rigged, no fighter would take a dive after 90 seconds. $500K can't cover the humiliation. He got knocked out by a USdosr; you’re making more excuses than he is.

  • Ben got asscremed like michAel buffer said

  • Ben got KOd on less than 2min first round. Shocking Ben didn't do more. Ref seemed stop early

  • alas Ben didn't listen to distance advice from Teddy

  • whos here after the 1 minute knockout lmao

  • And honestly dana could have double dipped, bet on ben, and then bet more on jake through another person. This was a dive soooooo easily

  • Easiest dive in his life. Especially since Dana put in the dive money personally

  • Jake Paul won because Ben had to handicap himself if it was mma he’d be toast. But, Jake is decent for a novice even though his size gave him an advantage.

  • Serious mismatch. Askren would probably get merked by Jake Paul in MMA too, after that embarrassment...


  • Good money

  • Wtf Ben

  • That white boy (Ben) got made to look goofy and weak 🥴😂😂😂🤣 straight disrespectful to the UFC 😂😂

  • Tonight was surprising!! 💯

  • He threw that shit or got screwed. A knockdown followed by an early stoppage. Fuck Ben and fuck Jake for paying him off

  • Well guys, NOW you can’t claim that Jake Paul isn’t close to what Ben Askren is. He’s even higher now! 😂

  • oh noo .. this will be bad


  • Lmao, it got taken down

  • Not a Paul fan but he is bigger, stronger, younger, hungrier, and can actually box. Ben couldn't beat a high school kid in a straight up boxing match. He has relied on his wrestling his entire career and he won't be able to here. How could anyone pick him?

  • I've seen small children with better boxing skills than Ben. He is about to lose very badly

  • Brand new NFT Jake "The Problem Child" Paul vs Ben "Funky" Askren available right now!

  • I am uncomfortable with the fact that Ben seems to embrace having a built-in excuse of not being a very good boxer.

  • His boxing is absolutely dreadful

  • I love the mention of his disc golf accolades!

    • You got another subscriber with that comment

  • someonne tell that older cudi to back off the mic a lil or get a pop filter one time if he has a hard time not staying that close to the mic

  • This Olympian better take this "fight" a little more serious at fight time. You can die, and end up with a ear bleed, headbutt, eye infraction, brain swell... etc. Fight to live. God Bless

  • what a stupid question, 'why are you taking this fight?'..he get's a million bucks, when all is said and done..

  • Not even beat, I promise I don’t give a f. This is a shite fight.

  • I didn't know who Ben was now I do, i'm happy he's taken this fight so people can get to know him. What an awesome role model! Go Ben!

  • Ben is a smart guy.

  • Jake will struggle to Land hits...and Gas out.........Ben is VERY hard to punch......he's not a striker, but he's still on PRO level. Ben Thrives in Deep water........Jake will sink after 3 rounds.

  • I don’t think people can stand either one of them but I think Askren loses by knockout. I think aJake has been doing this long enough he knows what to do on the defense. I think Askren muscle memory will want to shoot and he isn’t gonna know what to do.

  • I can’t believe Ben Askren ever sparred kickboxing

  • Ben is literally the last person that should be representing MMA in Boxing

  • Why does Teddy sound like Rocky AND Arnold Schwarzenegger at the same time

  • Right after this interview Teddy put his house up for JP to win 😂

  • I still feel Jake Paul is gonna win if he is composed.

  • Ashtray could take this yano 👀

  • If you starting to love Ben Askren go watch Funky Family , great comical shorts , shows his acting/comedy skills, I reccomend it lol 7.5/10

  • Ben has the worst body in the MMA world

  • Ben is an excellent role model for the sport and understands performance mindset .

  • Your sponsor, MyBookie, is a scam. They do everything to avoid paying out!

  • Ben is such an awesome guy!

  • Ben is a great guy! Always smiling

  • I got to say bens not getting knocked it’s going till the 8th n going to points

  • I 🧡 Teddy Atlas

  • Well I just seen Ben at the weigh in. Then I got to ask Ben,could you be in worse shape than you on now(ben), is that possible? It appears that you have done no physical training or preparation for this fight because you look totally out of shape. Extremely disappointing. Obviously you have made little attempt to get into good shape for this fight

  • Team Ben,good luck dude.

  • I never saw a good comment about ben before all of this. Alot of you are fake as hell lol

  • Ben is a smart dude

  • Good interview

  • Think Street Train Sport 👊

  • Nice to see some love between the wrestling / mma and boxing community (for a change).

  • As a wrestler, we love Ben, but tbh on paper, Jake has the advantage. I cannot believe how many people actually think he doesn't. We all want to see Ben destroy him, but realistically the deck is stacked against him. Huge hip procedure like 7 months ago, 36 years old, hasn't fought in a while, not a striker, only trained for 11 weeks.

  • Ben is so classy.

  • Teddy put a gun to a 15 year-old's head...for flirting.

  • Someone should tell Teddy to move away from the microphone a bit. His voice is pretty strong in low mids and it sounds muffled when he talks.

  • is that Ebbets Field in the back?

  • Ahh Anyone catch that? At the beginning Did you hear that? Lol Put your money on Jake Paul I love Askren and want him to win but he’s on the way out Logan still has a few cash cow years left in him It’s about gambling in case anyone doesn’t realize it

  • A room full of nice guys. Ben is cool

  • Bens a fucking warrior and hes been dragged way down to the depths of hell and back an ate it like a twinkie..paul .....we have never seen him ever truly get beatn down n broken down n came back ....hmm

  • I got Askren on the simple fact of intelligence. I don't think Paul has heart, if it goes past round 2 I think he'll just quit. And even if he doesn't he won't know how to fight smart. Askren doesn't hit fast, but that dude got some mass on him so he probably hits hard. And for someone who doesn't actually know how to fight it means he'll be fucked up.

  • Good luck ben

  • Show me a man who doesn't love Teddy Atlas and I'll show you a man who can't be trusted.

  • Man.. Ben is such a role model!!!

  • When will a real top prime boxer jump into an mma fight, with a real top prime mma fighter? Not fat retired James Toney vs old grandpa couture (BTW old grandpa beat James toney pretty easily) . Seriously boxer want mma guys to go do boxing under boxing rules but they won't to an mma match under even limited mma rules. Is it because the few times they tried in the past they got mangled? Or is there another reason?

  • I bet some one will be getting thrown all over the ring with elbows and leg kicks coming at him.

  • Masvidal win could be considered luck. If Ben got him on the ground you know that shit would've been over.

  • Ben, and Atlas is not confident about beating Jake. They know Ben is gonna lose.