Bianca Belair on Royal Rumble win, Cardi B, Advice from Triple H | RYAN SATIN 1-ON-1 | WWE ON FOX

Published on Feb 4, 2021
2021 Women’s Royal Rumble winner, Bianca Belair, joins Ryan Satin to discuss: Her historic rumble victory, Bad Bunny inspiring her to want to work with Beyonce and Cardi B. Plus, importance of black representation, advice from Triple H and much more in this exclusive 1-on-1
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  • She does such a great job in these interviews at making it feel like a conservation and drawing the audience in the same way she does in the ring. She’s truly magnetic

  • First!

  • WannabeMZ!

  • I love her voice 😊

  • Hmmm I bet it was Bianca Belair herself that liked the comment I made about her 😊

  • like your video Soo Mach

  • Montez Ford wife Bianca

  • I will believe she's the bEST if she choose the 24/7 title but not for now

  • She's really cute I love her promos

  • She looks like Irs from The flash lol😂😂😂

  • Why would Montez congratulating Bianca be her most surreal congratulations? Isn't he the most expected?

  • Bianca bel air: keeping kayfabe alive

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  • i hope bianca and naomi being tag team

  • What a smile she hasss

  • Awww I'm glad you liked what I said about this video on here. Who ever you are 😊

  • Fun fact: I'm still geeked about Bianca Royal Rumble win

  • Awww Bianca Belair looks so cute ☺

  • Sooo nobody think he look like sandow

  • Bianca Belair is the best

  • Bianca is a bonafide star. She’ll fare well in and out of sports entertainment. She’s got the “It” factor

  • I see Damien Sandow demoted himself 😂😂😂

  • Bianca, Sasha and Naomi would make a good tag team

  • Bianca has it all I can’t wait to see who she chooses for wrESTlemania

  • 💙💙❤❤

  • Sasha vs Bianca is the match, there's no other option.

  • Fr though no cap matt riddle though he isnt here he is thr future of wwe

  • Great vlog today

  • Bianca put on an epic performance! I can’t believe she started out at 3 and was able to be the ultimate Iron Woman! 💪🏼

  • She has alot of talent and hope she wins the belt.

  • Pls face Sasha, asuka Is boring u know like.. asuka is a champ, but got beaten every time, but sasha , I think she got the potential

  • If she don’t choose Sasha imma gon get mad cause I don’t want to see no asuka vs Bianca

    • @Caine Te Whare it would be I wanna see them just 1 good time

    • @Tykeriah Williams Of course a match with Sasha is the one we all want to see, but you can't act like Bianca vs. Asuka wouldn't be a great match either.

  • By Summerslam Bianca Belair will be the face of wwe remember this comment

    • Period

    • Why?? Till Summerslam! She will be surely be the face from wrestlemania itself. It's going to be "Belairmania" and Bail"that Destroys the Fail"😊

  • Bianca Belair is the future of the woman's division in my opinion. Her and Rhea Ripley. They both should dominate for the next 10yrs. The future is bright.

    • Yeah I agree after Charlotte and Becky leave forever. Rhea and Bianca should carry the WWE women’s division for the next 10-12 years.

  • Blanca Belair is the best

  • Her and Montez are the reason I watch these days

    • Same but I only watch Bianca

  • I can't stand this guy but I LOVE Bianca Belair! 👑✨

  • Both her feet touched in The RR she shouldve been eliminated. But WWE isnt going to acknowledge that.

    • @Mr NOTME yeah

    • She was very close but her feet didn't touch the ground

    • @THE REAL LG well i stand corrected then. I honestly thought both touched. Thanks for the correction. 👍🏼

    • People are saying it was a shadow of her foot that made it look like that and not both feet touched the ground.

  • " I'm definitely on clown oop cloud nine" 🤣

  • EST vs The Boss needs to happen at WM 37

    • I love them both as wrestlers so I can’t pick who I want to win!

    • It definitely will I think wwe is just making us sweat🤦🏾‍♂️😂😂


  • Bianca is the brightest future star there is