Blake VS Mikasa (RWBY VS Attack on Titan) | DEATH BATTLE!

Published on May 3, 2021
These high-flying monster-slayers are destined to clash swords!
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  • AoT Spoiler warning It's weird to include the Ackerman tidbit about being engineered to protect Eren when we are told that that's not the case. Especially with Mikasa. Eren, being the dense MC that he is, asked about it and was pretty much told, "Bruh, she has a thing for you." Eren wanted to anger Armin and Mikasa. Wanted them to doubt. I won't get into why, but he was lying to them

  • 9:22 - "Dealt the final blow to Eren" Hol' up. Was that a spoiler from the manga? If so, not cool.

  • Let me get this straight, the fighter who can use magic, has superpowers and actual super weapons vs a girl that is simply just strong and fast with simple swords won? Who would’ve thought...

  • How are the animations getting worse

  • If one of those was a manga spoiler for AOT final season part 2 before it comes out I will be actually disappointed in you guys

  • I’m pretty sure a fairer fight would’ve been sekiro vs blake

  • The Lone Ranger Vs Jonah Hex

  • I would love to see Cat Noir vs. Black Panther. I figure Black Panther would win but that Kid can definitely take a punch he is nearly invulnerable. I definitely wanna see a black cat fight!!!

  • there was fire nation joke that was missed in mikasas intro... :(

  • Honestly very one sided

  • Please provide subtitles guyz

  • Sentry vs super man

  • Soon as she pulled out the gun, it should have ended.

  • RIP Ackerman plot armor

  • Idk why they would literally put a person who could dodge bullets against a person that can dodge lightning?

  • Omni Man versus Homelander!

  • Po is going win I don’t want to hear otherwise

  • Call the new one thing in a little more and more for one reason

  • Eren should fight next

  • What a one sided fight..🙅

  • Mikasa im.saying mikasa Now thinking more umm miksa gonna lose because off the juice in the gear can run out so YEA GG NO REE THIS WAS UNFARE but again she has the Ackerman blood so Umm BUT she could defeat a smart titan herself maybe Levi would clap her though

  • I can't believe Death Battle is now 10 years old!

  • Death battle John Wick vs The Punisher 😁

  • ختك مكش منه

  • If Blake got her arm cut off, she would immediately go into shock. That's not the kind of thing characters just get up and walk off even going by the canon in RWBY.

  • I really want to see kipo oak fight rex

  • It’s crazy how shocked some people are with this result, titans are strong and all in their own verse but aot is one of the more down to earth anime. No magic or anything like that, y’know?


  • Maaaan, how long ago did you write these scripts 😅

  • i've been thinking about these fights... John Wick from "John Wick" VS Agent 47 from "Hitman", Kurapika from "HunterXHunter" VS Momo yaoyorozu from "Boku No Hero Academia, Scorpion from "Mortal Kombat" vs Ghost Rider from "Marvel" Uvogin from "HunterXHunter" VS Yuhiro Hanma from "Baki" , Merlin from "Seven Deadly Sins" vs Wanda/Scarlet Witch from "Marvel", Kevin from "Ben 10" VS Gajeel "Fairy Tail" I just ask for one of those pls

  • Cyborg(DC) vs Triborg(MK) Or just another Cyborg character

  • I got an idea for a death battle GTA vs Saints row

  • This isn't even close to a fair fight but I guess since both characters have black hair, Asian, and female is a perfect reason to have them fight. Not like one of them has magic or is centuries technology ahead one of the other characters. Death battle just proving how they forgot how to do fights correctly.

    • @SirKillalot98 blake could win this fight no doubt but it's not a fair fight and for some reason deatjbattle had her win via bs. Not only that blake attacks a person trying to help her. I dunno man but blake seems like a piece of dog feces.

    • I mean similar weapons and fighting styles. Sullen. Come from a discriminated island race. This was also a highly requested fight for years and some RWBY haters complained thinking Blake is a jobber.

  • I don't quite agree with the assessment and the result of this battle as the LAST ATTACK was clearly something Mikasa is capable of dodging or deflecting. Blake was on her last leg with NO AURA as well. She won't have the same reflexes and strength as when her aura is up. And it is shown in RWBY itself that those with shattered aura have their body taxed and weakened. They are turned into a base human(oid) in strength and such. Yang, who had her arm cut off, is not able to recover that fast. Blake lost her aura mid-flight, fell hard onto the pavement, her arm is cut off, and blood loss happening. She shouldn't have any strength to even deflect the Thunder Spear back to Mikasa. Let alone stand. This feels more like a cop out ending. This is a good fight but the ending looked stolen.

    • @SirKillalot98 So analysis meant nothing... Including the importance of Aura to Huntsmen and Huntresses as the literal thing that allows them to perform superhuman feats and power their semblances. I would understand if Blake still had aura to deflect the Thunder Spear back. Another point is that Mikasa is capable of dodging projectiles way faster than the Thunder Spear especially the last one. You're argument literally points out that Blake's victory was made *only* by the writers, not by analysis.

    • I mean Blake was somehow able to use her semblance immediately after Adam stabbed her leaving a wound. So maybe she really is more tenacious than Yang. or you know. The animation is not bound by RWBY canon.

    • @SirKillalot98 Ah. Plot Holes and Contradictions. Blake is able to deflect the Thunder Spear after her aura broke, her arm cut off, and dropped to the pavement, while Yang wasn't able to recover just as fast. The analysis must be great for Blake to win at that point at her weakest with no aura.

    • I mean the animation doesn't have to be accurate. It is just for fun 17:41. They have to do things to make fights seem dramatic.


  • The way this battle was made, it really felt like favouritism by the end. Mikasa was tryharding, and suddenly Blake does a turnaround on the finishing move? Yikes, it left a super strong distaste in me. Like when you're doing your best and going in to secure the kill, and they're like "You buffoon, you fell right into my trap"

    • It is just a character countering another's offence. Like Heihachi spiking Geese or Doom swapping minds with Lex while he was being pummeled. I mean Blake was taking actual damage at this point. Multiple explosions, broken aura, a lost arm and a tumble.

    • Trap card best finisher tbh

  • From 5:50 to about ,7:12 when boomstick's stupid mouth ruins it, there was a theme playing in the background that matched perfectly. I wants it. Does it have a name and time code? Must rip or buy, must have it.

  • I have one mob vs raven

  • Do they love their show too much, or do they hate anime more? That is the question

    • @Tonight M Tell that to Inuyasha goring Blake. We had tame deaths in general next to the brutal ones. Yoda vs K Mickey, Wally West vs Archie Sonic Blake's abilities immediately alter when dust is given. Her semblance turns into attacks or traps. Nothing important changes for Mikasa with guns or swords. The animation is just for fun so a character picking up their gear for drama is fine. 11:42.

    • @Jahmarley Ambo I meant why did Weiss has such a less violent death compared to mikasa and tifa. Violence doesn't matter but u can notice how rwby characters have fights that result in less violent deaths and repercussions than their opponents.

    • @Tonight M Does it have to be a violent death? No it doesn't. The death is like the least important thing

    • @SirKillalot98 how come blake can have all of her magic abilities and all her weapons in the beginning but mikasa can't have anti personnel gear and thunder spears in the beginning?

    • @Tonight M Mikasa's later equipment isn't significantly better than the old stuff. She had guns but it was clear that Thunder Spears are the only thing that can hurt Blake. Magic in RWBY is something only maidens and the first generation mortals have. Also it is just an animation for fun. Not adhering to everything 17:41

  • Likes Yang. 👀

  • idk if you guys will see this but could you do superman v omni-man ?

  • Jin Mori and Son Goku vs saitama GO??

  • no anti-personnal gear?

  • Let's face it, the lightning dodger will always beat the bullet dodger.

  • Bear with me now, Xmen Vs Avengers: Jean Grey vs Wanda Maximoff

  • So Yang barges into Tifa's bar by beating up someone checking her ID and refuses to leave after being refused service. Weiss gets into a fight with Mitsuru for no apparent reason. And Blake decides to fight someone trying to save her life to the death. So what has Death Battle taught me? The RWBY team are a bunch of bastards.

  • Really weird match-up, I hope you use Mikasa again against someone else without supernatural abilities.

  • Well that's just fantastic. Now people have more of a reason to hate Blake. Mikasa was just doin her duty, gave her a warning about monsters approaching, But Noooooooo, Blake WhAnT To rEaD her FiLTh 🤣

  • Blake : Using magic Mikasa: Wait that's illegal?

  • I've got an idea for a death battle to aliens. Piccolo from Dragon Ball universe versus The Martian Manhunter from DC universe

  • I dislike the low frame rate of the fight

  • Should have used Levi it would have been more fair

  • Where the hell are Mikasa's pistols? She has em in the anime for in invasion.

    • Eh even the fodder of RWBY are casual bullet timers so guns would change nothing about the results.

    • Wouldn't change much since Blake is a lightning timer

  • Ladybug could do better v:

  • Red X From Teen Titan VS Ghost From Iron Man Armored Adventures

  • Mikasa replacing her swords mid-combat reminds me of Lara Croft swiftly reloading her guns.

  • Just wait till EREN finds her

  • Superman vs Omniman!

  • Gipsy avenger vs Godzilla

  • LEAVE A LIKE IF YOU WANNA SEE DRACULA VS SALEM. (Death Battle, I hope you're paying attention)

  • i came for the fight only, didn’t care about their backgrounds... all i saw was two females fighting each other with the help of swords, guns & grappling hook 🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔

  • Can we get hisoka vs orochimaru battle of the creepers

  • Nice animation

  • Do monkey D luffy

  • I agree that Blake is stronger but I’m leaving a dislike just Bc I ain’t want to see mikasa die

  • I mean... I love Mikasa waaaaay more than Blake... but I knew she'd lose, RWBY characters WAAAAY outmatch AOT. AOT is soooo good but their resources are limited, it keeps you on the edge of your seat... It's like an invisible clock.

    • @Jonathan Juarez That said, it was fun to watch.

    • Plus In terms of powers AOT is more grounded in reality vs RWBY where characters can move at Mach speeds as casually as jogging in real life.

  • You guys should do Superman vs Omni Man. That would be SICK

  • Omniman vs superman?

  • Leave it to death battle to make good videos with dumbass matchups

  • This is bull$&@!, you guys aren’t using Mikasa’s most up to date version where she uses guns and blades

    • That wouldn't really make a difference as the stat Gap is too large.

  • Omni-man Vs Homelander

  • Wish blake was this useful in the show :(

  • Omni Man Vs. Superman would be 🔥🔥🔥🔥

  • If Blake got her arm cut off, she would immediately go into shock. That's not the kind of thing characters just get up and walk off even going by the canon in RWBY.

  • JFK vs Lee Harvey Oswald.

  • deku vs gon o-o

  • Wonder what would happen if there was one that was Homelander V. Omniman V. Superman...

    • What would happen would be that Superman would show his psychopathic and murderous rip-offs why he is the original.

    • Gorilla Gromm vs DK

  • Po vs Iron Fist... Really?

  • Po vs. Iron Fist?! I think I am gonna go ahead and put my money on Po AKA The Kung-Fu Panda!

  • This doesn't seem fair at all fam saw the winner a mile away

  • Mikasa no puede detener balas con su espada xD

  • im not mad at the result, that's just the nature of this show, sometimes you lose. I'm just mad Rwby still exists.

  • *Omni-man (Invincible) vs Homelander (the Boys)*

  • DYSPO (dragon ball super) VS NEW 52 FLASH

  • Omni Man Vs. Superman

    • @Jonathan Juarez yeah but Omni man literally destroyed and entire civilization all before dinner, and acted like it wasn’t anything

    • Omni man is a planet buster while Superman at bare minimum is solar system level, Supes wins hard.

    • Superman

  • I laughed my ass off when i saw under blakes likes there was Yang

  • This is a big stretch to me that this ending would actually happen between those fighters .but no I do not know the whites clothes girl anime that good

  • It would've been funny if Blake killed Mika and said "Now that's an explosion"

  • Blake. Period 🤷🏾‍♂️

  • I think this wasn't a good match when I seen the thumbnail. You got somebody else or non-human with superpowers versus somebody who is completely human. As kick ass as Mikasa is this wasn't a good match.

    • I don't think Mikasa is Completely human. Lifting 19000lb train tracks, reacting to bullets or survived being crushed in a titan's hand. Blake still won, but there were plenty of arguments for Mikasa.

  • Superman vs omniman

  • Gorilla Gromm vs DK

  • I'll Unsubscribe

    • Why are u saying that like they’re gonna care?

  • Why can you just pick asuna

  • I just love deathbattle music in the background its just so badass.

  • She has always a brute strength

  • Mikasa doesnt have a magic

  • Death battle if you want a fight for a sword to sword you should pick a fight with asuna and blake not mikasa

  • Luck from black clover vs bakugo from my hero academia Luck vs denki from my hero as well Licht from black clover vs laxus from fairytail Endeavour from my hero acedemia vs yami from black clover Just some ideas might be some stomps or good ones.

    • Black Clover wins in pretty much all these Matchups

  • I feel as if the powers of the Ackerman clan is understated in this episode.