Brewstew - Just Because

Published on Jun 15, 2021
Do you really need another excuse as a kid

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  • “I have a spaceship as a 9 year old” “you don’t why did you say that” “just because”

  • Really? I'm in high school and that's still my logic.

  • Why did you commit arson Just because

  • His name went from randy to Ricky back to randy

  • I faked being dead with my dad but usually he knows its fake, sometimes he'll even lightly kick me

  • i liked this video just because

  • Pretend this comment is funny

  • whyd you kill your dog well just beacsaue

  • Please get a mic

  • I hope Michael is watching these videos and seeing his childhood from your perspective

  • my mom was a nurse so when i did it, it was all in vein

  • My cousin used to tell me his friend had a golden toilet seat Just because

  • 1:00 is that Ricky from the kindergarten video?

  • Imagine micheal’s future grandkids showing him these videos

  • just bcause

  • why did you smash the PS4 and the TV? just because

  • I do

  • Your childhood is SO much better than mine and I freaking love it. Keep up the good work Brewstew!

  • Oskaissi

  • I don’t want you to be mad at me

  • Hey Micheal why did you yeet your soda at your brother? Well, Just Because

  • hi i watch all ur tick-tocks

  • Hi it’s me fake son! My paintroller and me a dating and dad still gives me 10 across the a**

  • Ok so what i did was id get some candy that turned into phome and I chew them make it turn into phome and would lay on the ground flopping everywhere with the phome candy dripping from my mouth it was hilarious

  • I've always done tht to my family at holiday get togethers😂

  • Miss Why Did Commit Arson On A Whole City?" "Just Because" "Your Free To Go!"

  • I’ve played dead on the couch

  • May you have quintuplets. Why? Well just because that's why.

  • What the fuk I am fuk damnit

  • For all you dumb kids idk if u guys are 12 you guys always comment on his videos “this guys childhood was epic” anyone born the year me and Brewster was born had a very similar childhood, we actually played outside and had adventures and stories for days, like I can imagine Brewstew still got stories for days he won’t run outta content any times soon u guys had the internet and played on tablets

  • All right all right all right all right all right all right all right all right

  • My new favorite word!! “inconfuckingspicuous”!! Awesome!!

  • I'm still A kid

  • Why did you nuck China Just becasue

  • It’s no time

  • I did

  • I like that the first word Al the time is Alright

  • I do it all the time but I wait till she actually calls the ambulance and I hear their sirens and then I jump out and like surprise I'm not Dead

  • “Why did you bomb 30 hospitals, massacre 10 orphanages and sink the titanic?” “Oh idk just because?”

  • i did that to my mom and she said get yo ass up

  • Lmao! A class mate of mine ACTUALLY WAS Stone Cold's nephew!!!! Lol. And no, I didn't get a post it note. Lol

  • Dam bro that's crazy 🤯

  • Cops: Why did you kill all those children and stuff them in costumes? William Afton: Just because-

  • Brestew.i owe an apology to michea_ you know what f_ck micheal he lost my toy in the tree me . Laughing in the corner

  • He says a lot of bad words I Wonder Why USdos haven't demonetized him yet

  • When I was 8 I told my friends my dad was John Cena. Lol 😆

  • Haha

  • you know what u deserve 2 mil my man keep up the good work!

  • Brew: fuck Michel

  • I hate you

  • just because, a bad excuse when u got black Caribbean parents

  • I couldn’t say just because , because if I did my dad would scream at saying that’s not an answer

  • i thought that was chocolate so i ate it

  • My sister use to play dead and when I ignored her she would say "Ayo wtf! I could have been dead!"

  • Dude


  • why does billy sound like craig from south park

  • I told all my friends it was my birthday and they brought me presents till this day they never knew it wasn't..just because

  • I did it but I done it in the bed and I couldn't do it for a long time because I was dieing of laugh

  • Yo i wish i can meat you in real life

  • I killed multiple children Why? Just because

  • I played dead lol

  • Because.

  • That was a good video.

  • Hup just because

  • Show me a picture of your dad because I want to see him and don’t be looking at this comment like oh him girl that’s my mom‘s profile we just wanted to see it

  • Oh fuck! ):

  • “Sir why did you commit 7 acts of vehicular manslaughter” “Just because”

  • I don’t know any male who didn’t pretend to be dead ☠️ lol

  • No one: Random guy: Why did you make this video. Tyler:Just because

  • Nooooooooooooooooplease god no

  • 😂

  • Micheal watching this video probably bein like eh the ice cream sandwich was still good

  • I once convinced a kid that dragons exist and had him order one through some bs website. Why? Just because 🤷‍♂️

  • If somebody murdered my child I would need to get some weapons and I might need to do some stuff and when you was trying to hide that you broke a glass frame your face looked like you was hideing a body


  • Michael is a weard kid

  • i did blade dead as a kid

  • “Why did u die” Just because

  • What was your last ever experience with Michael

  • Why did you piss in the president's desk Just because


  • Why did you fake a sickness Every "quirky" girl ever: Just because

  • NERD

  • :why did you commit 7 warcrimes and 2nd degree manslaughter *just because*

  • Imma show you my family My mom and dad are crazy they fight each other everyday they stole shit before went to jail My aunt is divorced having the f*cking time of her life her kids are by themselves doing idk shit My mom uncle is broke as a joke his daughter has bugs in her hair all the damn time My mom has a lot of sisters and two brothers And she gave up one of my brothers when she Was a teenager my mom couldn't give birth in time to my other brother so he's dead sadly we could have been good buds My other brother is going to the Marines I got a dad who is only trouble but gives me cash just because he use to be in a gang his family is from the hood and Gangstar as hell But my mom is Mexican so is her family so you know she knows how to toss a damn shoe at someone My other uncle is a goddamn famous nark idk what the hell he's doing but he's been on the news and we choose to ignore it so we don't get riot's at our home 2 of my family members have been in the war 3 if u count my brother My mom and dad have lived in a war before There is multiple people who want to kill my dad my mom's mom died my dad's mom died and that's it folks I don't know anymore then that but that's my family :)

  • How small is Randy's brain

  • why did I blow up a tree "Just Because"

  • I had a friend in 6th grade who tripped on a case and pretended he was dead i wasn't there but when I was making my Way back to the classroom I saw him being carried out by a school resource officer and they All thought he had a concussion the next day he told me he just didn't want to be in school.

  • And I dump bis bike handles in yhe shi- zzzzzzzz

  • Who is is late 30’s early 40’s and can literally relate to all these damn videos.

  • Uhh (deadname) can you tell me why you bent a first graders finger?... In my head:(because she drew over a heart I put on a poster for a cheer team) What I actually said :just because:

  • this is the second video i watched after the doctor episode.....i'm hooked. subbed

  • i faked death all the time

  • 3:56 is hilarious and 4:05

  • Hi

  • Micheal is probably watching these videos not knowing they’re about him

  • It’s been so long can you put post videos

  • Man f the just because, I'm not gonna let my child give the parrot red kool-aid "just because"

  • Why you realise bill Cosby? Just because