Brewstew - YO-YO'S In The 90's

Published on Jul 29, 2021
Back in the glory days of the 90s, where yo-yo's were a means of protection.

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  • 4:07 u deadass said fuck you Jacob after you did it

  • Love the vids. Keep it coming brother!!!

  • Shit I did it wrong the first time - Alright ! I was 8 when I went to Universal Studios first and only time ever , and that badass yoyo-er was out there double fisting the shit and then my moms alcoholic bf threw my yoyo out the window that I just got from that store. But her bfs dead now and I dont give a fuck about yo-yos now. Guess that’s winning. Theeee end

  • Hi

  • 0:16 Oof

  • Gladiator style yo-yo fights would be really entertaining

  • Why does Tyler look like one of those side character army guys in a Transformers movie

  • I had a yo yo and I'm pretty sure it had like plutonium in it cause that thing glowed like crazy even in broad daylight

  • This is probably my 2nd favorite Brewstew video. Only the Airsoft one is funnier to me. lol

  • dambass

  • Is it a coincidence that my name is Jacob and I also threw up in class once

    • How old are you and did you have an classmate named Tyler

  • Pt 2

  • I heard dogfight and now I imagine 8 year olds crashing into the ground trying to fly an F16

  • Top paying jobs in the country: *Engineer* *Construction worker* *Lawyer* *Doctor* *Yo-yo teacher*

  • Damn, that hair line

  • Sweet n64 you have

  • Is this uncle Lou from happy hour saloon?

  • Makes a video about the 1990’s yo-up’s and doesn’t mention the Yo-Yo-Ball

  • I remember this....

  • I use to love my firestorm yomega

  • Yo-yo are gay fuck yo-yo

  • Damn it's cool

  • Wow this guy looks like one of my gym partners 😳💪

  • I love this guy he cracks me up

  • Thank you for bringing smiles to my dark days

  • A yo-yo and I was kicked in your same class any Daisy knows me

  • Hm it wasn't just my school. 6th grade for some reason everybody had a yo yo.

  • the cooler grandpa

  • tyler’s a dilf

  • God I remember the trend or the yoyo craze. You'd go to the mall and kiosks everywhere were selling them.

  • MY MAN!!!

  • Yoyos go down then up. If he made the yoyo go up then down he did something pretty amazing.

  • Fk

  • Brewstew is the only guy who can show his face occasionally and still gets asked to do a face reveal

  • Back in elementary our school had fun raises and there would be prizes depending on how much money you made of whatever you had to sell I got countless of those yomega yo yo’s 😂 i had that exact same red fireball one

  • 😤👌

  • My school goes through an endless cycle of rubix cubes. They become popular, everyone gets one, they slowly lose popularity, the next year, one kid decides to bring his cube and then boom

  • Animation never changed

  • I bet he’s getting all the bitches with his sweet rock the baby trick

  • Oh yeah and then the yoyo with the led's changed the game

  • More like yugioh duel monsters

  • Tyler looks much more like a Chad than how he illustrates himself.

  • Remember Yo-Yo Balls? That one smashed my balls.

  • Brewsteeeeeeeeeeeeeeeew!

  • Cool lol

  • I love this yyoo!!!!

  • Guys. I had a Yomega "the brain". With leds inside too. Shit died pretty fast tho. And I never figured out how to change the batteries. Then it started going awol and not sleeping like it should. Shortly after I retired it. DO SKATEBOARDS NEXT! OR FUCKING TECK DECK SHT. PAINTBALL? I know u got some stories

  • Fun Fact: YoYos are originally weapons

  • My name is Jacob :,)

  • It may be bad animation but the stories are better than any other channel

  • Dude you got buff from when you started. I almost didn't even recognize you at the end. Love the videos always keeps me entertained.

  • Kids missed out and got fidget spinners :(

  • I remember 5th grade! Had a butterfly fireball yo yo

  • I did not realize he looked like he could beat my ass 10 times over

  • 30 years later after a drunken Amazon purchase.Tyler FINALLY Rocked the Baby. Congratulations Tyler you served puke kid Jacob.

  • Y'know, Yo-Yos were banned at my elementary school for a while because of the exact reason at 0:33. originally everyone was content showing off their stupid tricks you could never really get right, but one day me and a few other kids decided "fuck this lame shit, lets hurt each other instead!"

  • When you had a yoyo with 4 "clutches" in it you were the playground king. Clutches were little metal balls lol

  • I can still toss and walk the dog on my old yoyo.

  • damn hes an animator but buff af

  • i diddent know how to yo-yo in till i was 8

  • Holy shit he built

  • Shit this made me wana go buy a yo-yo

  • It was the time bomb trick

  • This man brings back memory's i forgot about. I was born in 1990. Best decade ever.

  • Do me yo yo master!

  • that is hilarious i remember that same fad.

  • The odd ones out if he was drunk af sweared and made half assed jokes all the time

  • 10:39

  • After 22 years he finally did it

  • 4:00 Chad

  • man this brings me back. i think i still have one of those sweet yo yos in storage. i remember getting one for my birthday one year and between that and super nintendo i think i got 2 hours of sleep a night 😂

  • 6th grade for me, and seriously wtf why yoyo's 😂😂

  • Or if you were really cool you had one that lit up.

  • I member

  • You look and sound like a person who was in the army

  • Yeah, Fuck Jacob! lol

  • What happens to michal

  • "Shithole Yo-Yo's" $4.99

  • Damn u look buff

  • Dude, yo-mega or whatever had the mastermind and a bunch of other cool named nonsense yoyos. I remember vivdly living through this same playground moment. Haha

  • alright

  • Every of his intros start with alright

  • He can rest easy now knowing he beat the kid that throws up in class

  • This the funniest 🤣 youtube chanel

  • 4,444

  • jokes on him hes still know as the kid who threw up in class 3:44

  • Im still here 3 weeks later trying to figure out the rock the baby trick with the yoyo

  • Alright

  • Why was this me with magic ticks in middle school. After a few weeks of blowing people’s minds other kids happen to get into card tiricks 😅🤦🏻‍♂️

  • You look like your shipping out to afganistan in the morning

  • Yo-yo's are fidget spinners for boomers

  • 0:44 I am there


  • when he join the marines?

  • Hi

  • Is there a story for high school

  • Do your experience of 9/11

  • Tbh most story time animators are made for children but damm this is quality

  • Brewstew just looks like he just finished murdering Cubans in a first person shooter game

  • I love your videos so much that I have seen every video at least 10 times