ELDEN RING is More Than Big Dark Souls

Published on Jun 16, 2021
Watch my Elden Ring Trailer Breakdown: usdos.info/border/video/4KCKp2x_ksmNf4k
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00:00 Introduction
00:50 Stamina Bar
01:18 Stealth
01:38 Jump Button
01:52 Horseback Combat
02:03 Spirit Summoning
03:31 Skills
04:33 Crafting
04:53 Difficulty
05:54 World Map
06:09 Legacy Dungeons
06:25 Open World Progression
07:15 Hub Area
07:23 Fast Travel vs Exploration
08:20 NPC Stories
08:58 Fragmentary Storytelling
09:16 The Contributions of GRRM
09:57 Online Co-op
10:32 Online Groups
11:18 Online PvP
11:43 Merchandise

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  • Seems like FromSoftware still haven't learned anything all these years about a forced pvp in their games, except Sekiro. Dark Souls: Toxic pvp, cheaters, griefers, "extremely good skilled players who just pee on you and your family", cunts. FromSoftware: Okay. Let's ban all the legit users instead and ignore the people who don't want forced pvp. Bloodborne: Same thing as dark souls with the only difference, you can kind of shut down the pvp if you want to. FromSoftware: Well, that was a mistake, the "shut down" part. We will "fix" it on the next game. Sekiro: No pvp, no online interaction. FromSoftware: Hehe, oops, we meant to put ONLY pvp. Next time. Elden Ring: 100% it's going to have a more tailored pvp focused experience and possibly no actual or good co-op system. Packed with even more toxicity, hacking, assholes to grief you, etc. FromSoftware: Haha! Yes!!!! That's what people want! We did it! Guess I'll play this offline or something. I'm done with people.

  • this game comesd out 7 days after my birthday im sooo getting this

  • I have 2 ideas that I would like to see: 1 refers to a boss with a lot of hands, that if he has 5 weapons and each fight he chooses 3 randomly in 3 phases as a way to diversify the gameplay. 2 will there be a weapon a flute on which you can play creating attacks from sound, but if you are wounded, the melody stops and you start over and there are also charging attacks for which you need to change the melody in timing, as in musical guitar games

  • Oh boy! I can't wait to be ganked 3v1 again!

  • btw the elimination of "skill floor" is called divergent difficulty, its not a bad thing. sekiro doesnt have it, it has convergent difficulty which is dogshit game design by today's standard. convergent difficulty came from the old nes and arcade game game design philosophies that was long abandoned for their lack of engagement. sekiro was so bad of a game.

    • If you seriously believe there's only one approach or solution to any one challenge in Sekiro, then I'm fairly certain you haven't played it enough. Humor me and watch Ongball playing some Sekiro. Not only does he apply a virtually different approach in pretty much every one of his videos, but all the strategies shown are viable for players of all initial skill-levels simply by practicing, they are all hugely more efficient than the "just deflect" approach you likely think is the only "solution", and they're all flashy and incredibly fun to watch and try to do. More builds is not the only form of divergent design. Making a large subset of tools and arts, and several viable combinations of them (that work mechanically more different than most builds in Souls ever have), is very much divergent design, even if your main weapon is always a katana. Heck, even what we know of Elden Ring seems to be decanting more for Sekiro's form of design, where allowing you to match what you like to use, regardless of weapon type, makes more sense than hugely limiting what a single weapon can do. Additionally, there's no such thing as "elimination of skillfloor". That's not even what was discussed here. Only that the mechanical skill expected for first time players is lowered by allowing the buffer that comes with levels, since it's an RPG, as well as exploration rewarding with potential higher defense or offense. Neither of these are required for divergent design at all (and one of them is particular to RPGs, something Sekiro is not), they simply add to it by not depending on the player's initial skill level being higher, or the player developing it through practice. To this point, I also bring DeS to the table. Even though you can level up and get a large variety of weapons and armor, these only lower the skillfloor minimally, and the mechanical or traversal related challenges only become slightly less difficult. By your standard, DeS is also divergent in its design, but its skillfloor is simply higher than that of DaS for a few things, even though some of the challenges have only one or two viable approaches regardless of build. Most of DeS is still designed around the player imprinting their own overall methods and preferences. Sekiro is as well, it simply expects a higher mechanical skill level with very few buffers, but it instead offers a larger set of skills, tools and items which can all be combined at any time (instead of having to respec to make an entirely different build) and used differently to also imprint a personal style that's viable and fairly distinct from that of other players. I don't mean to offend, but you sound like someone that hasn't really studied anything about game design and is just talking smack cause you didn't like Sekiro. I hope this isn't the case, but I can't help but think this way when you fail to realize the sheer amount of skill combinations that Sekiro can do in comparison to any one build in Souls. Again makes me think you didn't really play Sekiro all that much or at all. And to be perfectly honest, none of the game designers I personally know would talk about a game they explicitly don't know well, or that they haven't really played because it didn't appeal to them. In their words "is just unprofessional". None of the things you said about Sekiro hold true under scrutiny by anyone that's dedicated their time to not just beating it or completing it, but to properly try and improve on the depth of its combat. Once more, it just informs me that you probably barely scratched the surface of Sekiro's combat and overall design because you didn't liked it.

  • I have a feeling they will make this game much easier than dark souls in order to make it more accessible.

    • Miyazaki said it'll be easier

  • Part of me Hope's that they will have the dark souls armor and weapons of legacy such as the knights of gwyn armor and weapons as well as much of the dark souls specific armor. They could rename it and/or redo the inscription.

  • I hope that having a lot of npc summons will be less of a punishment, for example if you enter a boss room with 3 summons the boss will have significantly more health making the 3rd phantom a hindrance.

  • I think the horse will be one of those spirits u can chose like pot guy, myazaki said something like they wolul be in ur build, maybe its just an atack mechanic for some bosses

  • My biggest question is this: Where is Patches?

  • Will it be a create-a-character or create-a-horrible-mutant?

    • Hopefully both again

  • Needing to mark the map yourself is one of my favourite parts of all this so far. I want to explore the world myself, without guidance, and I'm glad Fromsoft is making that a major part of the game. Map markers telling you where to go aren't exactly something I'm a fan of

  • Watch me pulling off that backstep skill from the old wolf curved sword with smough's great hammer

  • Nice that last gen folks can play this but this title seems very next gen compared to others hope the game is 100% in vision / complete. Limitations could potentially damage it

    • The gane was build for previous gen. Current gen version is just going to be the equivalent of mid-high settings for graphics, running at stable 60 fps in 4K. There's really no reason to assume previous gen versions will hold it back in any way whatsoever, as this seems to be just a minor step up from Sekiro's graphical fidelity. Is not really a current gen game.

  • Ymfah better give us the "skip the coming months and get to January" guide XD

  • More detail, New stuff = a lot of new glitch to discover

  • ANOTHER Dark Souls? sigh

    • @sir bearington the third They were all great to be honest, but given the huge wait it would be nice to see something new

    • @D J ya i understand but i feel like none of those besides sekiro has failed to disappoint fans unlike cods back to back failures

    • @sir bearington the third Demon Souls, Dark Souls x 3, Bloodborne and Sekiro. Now a 7th remake? The series is turning into call of duty.

    • what you got against souls?

  • you had me sold at pot boi summoning.

  • 5:30 Just wanna point out that I never put points on my attack at Sekiro - and the last boss fight was 10 times harder than it should've been on my first playthrough... so you actually level up and customize your character in that game as well ... but not as freely as in the other games

  • So no plot you just hack and slash

  • Oh now we get 6 zones, I've only been waiting 10 years for this 😜

  • I just cannot wait for this game

  • The most difficult part of Elden Ring is containing my hype

  • You wield a black cube to summon....

  • SOULed me when you said dedicated jump button, truly the most evil and punishing part of the whole franchise.


  • I really like how they focus on their specialty rather than try to appeal to some other people/try something new with there being no towns, from soft really pulls off the “end of the world” type game really well and I can’t wait for it

  • Subscribed to you because you DESERVE more!!!! Keep it up mate you are exceptional in your explanations

  • What console should i get for this?

  • so basically the pot will be my best friend till the end of time got ya


  • So that's where RR Martin comes in to play.. All NPC's are protagonists integral to story and lore within the game. Like GoT, every character is a main character. I'd imagine all NPC's can live, or die depending on how well you play and your choices.

  • So they def took some ideas from monster hunter

  • Same old graphics Same old hair Same old mobs Same old locations Same old "tackle bosses in any order you like" Same old combat Same old animations Same old multiplayer Different grass I think this is the one!

    • Nah its all new

  • Oh my god this is fucking amazing

  • I just hope I won't be backed in to a corner of playing certain builds. DS3 was a bit like that and it annoyed me.

  • The only thing I’m worried about is missing out on content because of how it might be hidden or unclear with no map markers or guiding directive. I remember playing DS1 for the first time and ended up going to the four kings way before I was ready and I thought I was softlocked back then. I would hate to be a dunce and miss out on optional things, but I also don’t want to spoil everything for myself and wait till someone else figures out how to do everything. Ultimately, I think there should be at least some way to figure out which ways to go and not go for story progression and optional content without diving into the end area boss accidentally.

  • i'm really confused with what you said 6 open worlds ? so basically like you go through a portal thing or something and then you in the next open world ?

    • I think he meant there are 6 main areas

  • What about poise tho?

  • I really hope that werewolf is an obtainable ability

  • It would be funny if the tarnished were unable to attack an invader while on horseback so would have to dismount and fight properly. Or run lol

    • I think i saw something saying you can't use your horses for pvp

  • I am so glad I saw this video! I was about to buy demon souls, but now I got to wait for a game that will suit me much better than demon souls, thanks VaatiVidya!!!

    • @Firezz_ 27 but eden ring doesn't come out till January

    • @pervert too expensive

    • Why not play both?

  • But will we die a lot?

  • Wow. According to Vaati, none of the skills where a huge success. Sekiro would like to have a word with you, my friend.

  • Siegward of Catarina is waiting for you elden ring

  • Sekiro had about the most grinding for materials that I can tolerate. "search the world for that one plant" is some skyrim crud :/ Loved Sekiro immensely I played it 8 times in a row on release...if I have to dig for mushrooms or something it'll really be detrimental to how the game flows (excessive material gathering and crafting and inventory management of all the crud is fine for some but one of the reasons these games are so appealing to me is because they don't draw my adhd-riddled attention in 40 different directions all the time always, which is stressful) hope its not really like that

  • Will I have to look on the internet to know what things mean? Or will the game tell me?

  • Wonder if stealth is going to have its own attribute you can level up.

  • Pot Boy Gang

  • FOR THE RAT KIN............... OOOOOOOOOOOOoooooooooooooo... You said Elden Ring...

  • maybe the spirits are part of the magic builds. To me their color and animation seem linked to magic

  • yeah sure the pots are amazing but can we get dragon buddies

  • i can already see vids like summon only elden ring

  • If we can use these spirits to aid us, can we please have that wolf warrior to aid he looks awesome!

  • I see a small hint of elder scrolls with this such as the customization,dungeons the exploration the side quests. And on a sidenote I really like the fact that the side quests won’t be displayed you have to mark them manually I think that makes it more difficult and more hands-on I guess.

  • I'm getting dragons dogma type vibes with that team summon idea.

  • I Really wanna see the cloacked female character that appears in the trailer, she likely going to be our level up NPC companion

  • I don't know about adding more customization and "crafting", after all, you can do more with less. Despite the souls-like games being my favorite, I'm worried they'll be tarnished by the trend of a game being overhyped with unnecessary features/promises, causing unrealistic expectations, and eventually resulting in disappointment and an unfinished product. Even in the case of cyberpunk, I thought it was a great game despite public opinion but it demonstrated how it's becoming harder and harder to please consumers while developers having the motivation to release a finished product when they'll buy it anyway. I'll probably still get and love it, but I've lost a lot of faith in gaming.

    • If you like cyberpunk and think people are too harsh on it that's a bad take

    • They have said there will be a bunch new features but the only big one that could fuck up is the promise of the open world. Adding crafting which is mostly for hp regen type items can't really go wrong. What cyberpunk promised was on a whole other level

    • How does more customization sound bad for a Fromsoft game? Players have always strived to diversify as much as possible and it’s the standout point for Dks3 I get the concern about crafting and how that can be tacked on, but I think it fits the genre closer than it would others. Plus im really hoping this game does a lot to stand apart from the Soulsborne identity; I don’t want just a big dark souls

  • sorry but you cant rely on items in sekiro? xDDD i finaly got it and am nearly at the end alot of the bosses are broken becuase items, tbh i wish i never got it as im kinda worried for elden ring now :/ what should be an enjoable mini boss is a grueling boring task of killing 6 guys with guns guarding him and this is repeated , unlimited ammo bazooka boss?, again.. guarded by guys with guns. i mean they should have just gave the player a gun at this point. games amazing but fuck me alot of annoying , boring and stupid things in it.

  • There will be romance, please, I've been waiting for it since Dark Souls 1.

  • 7:50 lol someone didn't play Hard+ on Ghosts of Tsushima.

  • Elden Ring is no joke looking like my dream Zelda game.

  • How is something more convenient than ever before when it comes to something that hasn’t existed before

  • Sekiro is DS for people with actual skill and strategy

    • That's a smug thing to say

    • Not really. I can beast all over Sekiro, but I still struggle against Soul of Cinder. One is not the other but for X, Y and Z. They're both just different experiences, with different strengths, and requiring slightly different skillsets.

  • I just want to play it!

  • bigger, not more than big. Great video tho!

    • @Don Lobo yes you are right, at least when it comes with more than what it implies but elder ring is a bigger game, more mechanics, items, monsters and a bigger space, overall a bigger game in all of its ways, not a big burger in "combo" with big fries, ice-cream and cola. Just the game, not the game with a card game, with a physical map, book and amiibo or toy, maybe then it is more than big, then it would not only be the game but also a whole "combo" that's bigger... Maybe the limited or special edition will be more than big lobo.

    • "The big burger combo is more than (just) the big burger, because it comes with fries and a shake." Exchanging "more than the big burger" for "bigger burger" completely changes the sentence and implies that the burger in the combo is bigger than the big burger, which is not necessarily the case nor the point of the sentence. The point of the phrase is to indicate that it adds more than just a big versión of the other thing, not that it's just bigger than the other thing.

  • I hope they won't make this game overly complicated with that skills. Please don't do that.

  • There should be recognizable badass main character like witcher and sekiro!!🤔

    • Custom characters are better. Wolf was boring.

  • I’m so glad my Dads condom broke just so that I could experience this game.

  • This is the only videogame I'm looking forward to. Soulsborne has become a religion. And I'm one of it's many followers. Thank you everyone at From Soft, Miyazaki, and Bandai for giving gamers these beautiful and fantastic worlds to escape to from reality. The deepeset of the deep, the darkest of the dark. That brings us together.

  • Elden Ring finally catching up to where Nioh was with skills back in 2017.

  • "O let us be married! too long we have tarried But what shall we do for a ring?" They sailed away, for a year and a day, To the land where the Bongtree grows And there in a wood a Piggywig stood With a ring at the end of his nose, his nose, his nose, With a ring at the end of his nose. "Dear Pig, are you willing to sell for one shilling Your ring?" Said the Piggy, "I will." So they took it away, and were married next day By the Turkey who lives on the hill. They dined on mince, and slices of quince, Which they ate with a runcible spoon

  • I don't like the whole summon evil spirits....

    • @pervert I won't skank.

    • Then don't summon them problem solved

  • Elden Ring BETTER fix the terrible hitboxes and godforsaken Camera of sekiro. It's hard to believe they were able to release such a Half Baked piece of crap and largely hide the fact that it was a giant Financial flop because it has some of the worst hitboxes and camera GIMP in modern gaming history. Sekiro was hard for all the wrong reasons and I wouldn't touch Elden ring with a ten-foot pole 💩 *FROMFAIL*

  • I'm really happy that open world games are actually embracing being open world now. I mean look at a game series like Far Cry, decent games with open worlds, but you still have to follow a strict linear story path. And at that point... Its like why isn't this just level based? Now all that open world does is bloat travel and game time. Open world games gameplay should be open, just like the sandbox.

  • Bosses can be tackled in ANY order?? *BREATH OF THE WILD MUSIC INTENSIFIES*

  • Well I'd hope so.

  • Prepare to cry: rr martin

  • Need russian subtitles

  • I want a damn eternal ring sequel i hope this at least references it as that games ring system had potential

  • This weapon art isnt for this weapon. Yeah because its copy pasted from ds3

  • its bigger dark souls.

  • Plagiarist.

    • Not many people know he's a plagerist. He also fakes his voice inflections. Its annoying

  • If I can’t make a giant dad build I’m gonna prolong the age of fire

  • "That's not our specialty" Ah cool well then let's just never attempt to get better at it then. Solid plan.

    • It's the same as Nintendo stating ultra realism and high end tech is not their strength. Is a design choice. Take an entire year of development time to train your devs and artist on something they have little to no experience doing, taking development time and budget away from the rest of the content, reducing the scope of the game and overall amount and quality of content. Or focus on your team's strengths and delivering a full experience, compromising on villages and dynamic NPC interactions. Seriously mate. Take 5 minutes and go read a little on how the industry works. Is not as simple as "we need to learn somehow... So why not try it now?" when you're trying to make several millions of dollars out of a product made by 80 people, where industry giants have teams well over 300 people and can just split the team and send half of it to train while the rest are on top of the project.

  • I mean yes the game is going to be amazing... but big props to the layout of this video, the transitions flowed really nicely and not once did I feel like we were jumping from section to section.

  • 11:28 Probably because they don't want invaders to make you chase them throughout the map. . . Lmao i can see certain "individuals" use that as means to troll the host.

  • Big Dark Souls sounds like something conspiracy theorists blame bad hitboxes on

  • Question on elden ring. Fan service solaire armor attainable? Solaire cameo?

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  • From software mechanics with George RR Martin story? This is going to be amazing

  • I can already ear "game journalists" crying

  • I sure as hell hope that stealth is the only part of Sekiro they're bringing over. I was surprised at how much I hated that game. First FromSoftware game I dumped before finishing.

    • Ooof. Couldn't get good enough to finish it aye? Your loss. Won't take any counterargument, Sekiro was genius.

  • Shouldn't have watched this. It made me to excited for the game

  • Go as blind as possible to the game? if so... how to resist to not watch your videos? ohhhh god

  • Honestly it's not really surprising that Elden Ring is apparently a culmination of all of the Souls and Souls-like games that have come before it, plus new elements like a big open world. Everyone seems to forget FromSoft's first hit series that didn't quite break into the mainstream - Armored Core. Each AC game built on the last mechanically in some way, and added onto it in an incremental building up of features. By the time of ACV and Verdict Day, the systems were all quite expansive. Elden Ring continues with this incremental development philosophy. There is no need to create a new form of dodge rolling for it specifically, because the dodge rolling system of prior souls games already works. They can expand weapon arts into skills, because they've had a couple games to test them out. They can include stealth elements because they worked on that in Sekiro. They understand what people like about their souls formula, so they can put that formula into an expansive open world and see how that works out. They will try to include more important NPCs this time around, even though they won't go full RPG with them. But that doesn't mean that in 10 years, when we're playing the 5th game after ER, that gigantic open worlds with complex cities full of NPCs won't be something FromSoft doesn't do. Because they're just taking a start with those elements here.

  • Omg so hyped 😍

  • Subtitles transcribed pot boi as vaati, hmmm...

  • Im so excited to make magical swordsman. And to sneak around. This game excites me so much!

  • But...but I want it to be big Dark Souls. Don't mix the formula up too much please. Give me more amazing DS/BB/Sekiro goodness please.