First Egg Hatching to Chicks Fledging - 21 days in 21 mins - BlueTit nest box camera highlights 2021

Published on Jun 14, 2021
Things used to make these videos:

In box Camera - Green Feathers wired IP camera - Use discount code USdos10 for 10% off non-discounted Green Feathers products across their website

Nest box - Garden Nature side view box

Streaming software - OBS
FREE to download at

Editing software - Davinci Resolve 17
FREE to download at

External Camera - Sony A6400 with 18 -105mm F4 lens
Streaming hardware - Apple MacBook Pro 15" 2012 and 2018

Here's the follow-up montage video from the BlueTit nest box located in Loughborough, UK. It takes us from the first egg hatching to the chicks fledging and leaving the nest.

There is a 'PG-13' edit of this video showing what happens to the chicks that didn't make it. You can find that here:

If you haven't seen the Empty Nest to First Egg video you can find it here:

As you'll see, several of the chicks didn't survive to fledging. There was a cold snap during the nesting period which could have had a bearing on the matter. Rest assured that the bird feeders were (and still are) well stocked. Like minded people with bluetit nest boxes in the UK left comments saying many of their chicks also hadn't survived through to fledging this year either.
The chicks hatched over a four day period, usually this would only be a two day affair. The final chick to hatch on day 4 didn't stand much of a chance compared to its siblings which were already much larger after 2 or 3 days of being fed.

The sharper eyed amongst you might have noticed that there isn't a day 15 or 19 in the video. This was due to a recording failure and a computer meltdown. The camera and computer had been streaming 24/7 for two and a half months and started to fight back!

The parents continue to feed the chicks in and around the garden and the chicks have not returned to the nest box. This is absolutely normal.
The white fluff in the nest is Sheep's wool.

If you would like to see more then there are individual daily highlights available! Please look through this playlist -

Thanks lots for watching - hope you enjoyed it!


  • This video is part 2. Part one of the nest building can be found here -

    • 15:49 why you tapar this???

    • Thanks for sharing these beautiful videos. They are fascinating to watch. I love the idea of having a nest box myself but I know I'd get too upset if anything happened to the birds or their chicks. I know nature can be brutal, so I appreciated your censored footage.

    • @john chadwick Thanks!

    • @Hans Guijt have a look at the description

    • Can you tell us how you set this up? Which camera, software, etc.?

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  • The one bird: **heavy breathing as he tries to decide who to give the worm to** The other bird: "Look honey you just drop it and go, no thought neccessary"

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    • Look to the last video of the USdos channel, there is the explanation

  • Enemy Spotted : 16:25

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  • Remember that when u make a bird nest pl put something for ant and or else you will get nightmares about Bird used to make 'eat on my house ledge and the cat got one of 2 but one survive but due to injury they ripedbut the parent bird was their with their dead body even though I put the nest down to throw in the morning I saw the bird sitting with the dead body . And since then it's been 5 years stillno nest And the cat was mine

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  • I'd like to say something: first of all, we (humans) live in the best condition EVER, if a woman is pregnant, shes got doctors, hospitals and doctors that can take care of the new born etc. And imagine how difficult it would be for animals to survive, especially that there are so many other animals that could attack those babies and parent birds, imagine how scared they become when they see other animals near their home etc. Plus they bring the food to make sure that the chicks eat well and the mom baby sits, the dad brings home, they change turns etc. So its extremely sad when only 2 of them survived in the end, just imagine, even after all that, how lucky we are , we complain about the tiniest shits EVER, Like how someone is homophobic when they say they're not gay, like wtf.? Just be happy, live and stop complaining about ur friends having a gucci belt and not you

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