Friday Night Funkin' Mod Showcase: Wii Funkin' (Vs. Matt) [2.0 UPDATE]

Published on Apr 20, 2021
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THIS MOD IS CRAZYYYYY!!! Who knew it would have harder songs than before and even recharts lmaoooo. I wonder if there's gonna be a wiik 3 for Matt in the future, but only time will tell lol
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0:00 Intro
0:35 Light-It-Up (w/ Dialogue)
2:11 Ruckus (w/ Dialogue)
5:21 Target-Practice (w/ Dialogue)
8:14 Victory Screen Wiik 1
8:28 Sporting (w/ Dialogue)
11:26 Boxing-Match (w/ Dialogue)
15:00 Victory Screen Wiik 2
15:07 Outro
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  • 13:04 1 2 3 4

  • Amogus

  • imagine this with 6 arrows likethe vs shaggy

  • Eveyone gangsta till Matt opens up the Speed Force with the power of song

  • Hardest mod, change my mind

  • Yo ngl, i already beat this mod.. with 163 miss in boxing match, its to hard

  • Matt: *trying to win against boyfriend on 2nd song he win so he calls bf shit* Bf: *doesn’t even care and keeps going to make him loose his job* Me: *what the fawk?* The fans: **intense throwing poms at haters xd** *also why is bf when he misses he is holding a wii controller*

  • Matt sus the remove his head then remove leg now put glass on his torso

  • No man re turbio

  • Fun fact : if bf try corrupt Matt he won’t get corrupted cause he finish duilingo lesson he said uno dos tres cuatro

  • What’s the music at the beginning in the menu??

  • I need to see a fnf mod but with poofesure's miis

  • alright, let's start with a warm up, show me what you got!

  • Nice bot

  • I honestly thought I had to press the actual a and b keys

  • A m o n g u s

  • He found among us

  • Sus

  • best part about boxing match is when it ends

    • best part is when vs matt mod ends

    • best part about the matt mod is when it ends

  • No meu 2 braços

  • Gente acredita que eu fiz uma tatuagem de Godzilla i Kong

  • Does anyone know what the intro music is?

  • Wait red sus

  • yo chill my guy no need to worry you go fast like lightning maqueen

  • You play is very interesting

  • Amogus

  • 1:29 very sus

  • by the power of a-s-d-left-right-up and a few broken fingers i have beaten wiik 2 on hard mode jk my fingers are alive barely

  • *When BF and GF are in quarantine* *Plays Wii while GF joins the server*

  • 12:44 i love this part

  • Matt chacase 2.0 wii sports edition.

  • Top 10 rappers Eminem was afraid to diss

  • Matt = ballistic

  • 11:47 This song fire💥💥

  • A im look among us in the background

  • 13:04 "uno dos tres cuatro, tres tres eu eu eu, ou ou ou, erou uno dis" - Matt

  • 1:30 LIU 4:39 R 7:57 TP 9:29 S 12:43 BM

  • Matt, cool spookeez reference

  • Is this the fastest song mod ever?

  • @emre blink ab bu sence fnf botmu

  • "Matt is done wiith your shit"

  • You do it?

  • Cool

  • But mii haven't legs :(

  • HI

  • Claim ur "you saw amogus on background" here

  • Put this in 2x is epic the mod is very hard

  • bf sounds like he is trying to sing M.I.L.F/Mom But Faster and harder In boxing match

  • MATT TIER LIST: THE MATTS: Sketchy drawing Matt Matt's icon original Matt fnf Matt 2.0 matt icon S TIER: original matt and matts icon Original matt: The og. He is the best and most memest Matt, therefore he's the greatest. Matts icon: Looks like a very smug boy. I love his style. B TIER: sketchy drawing matt: A very smug boy as well. He has no color, which is why he is downwards. C TIER: 2.0 matt icon: more mad than usual. I dont like it. LITERALLY GARBAGE TIER: FNF Matt: The worst Matt, and the most dumbest. In Wiik 1, Target Practice was a spam chart. And, Boyfriend was there for training. And Wiik 2 Matt said he humiliated him. Uhh... its training. You idiot. Wiik 2 makes it so much worse. The charts are so spammed and everything. Look. They gonna make a Matt 3.0 and make 4 notes on everything. I predict it. And no new input. Sporting and Boxing Match dont even sound good. Fnf matt stole the first part of Fresh, and is a disgrace to the Original Matt. I can describe Fnf matt in so many ways. Spammed, idiotic, dumb, stupid, overcharted, and that is only 6% of What's so wrong about FNF Matt. This is the worst Matt, and the worst Fnf mod. Sorry creator

  • 2:02 amogus

  • Fun fact: Friday night funkin is coming on mobile

  • When the background is sus!😳

  • Pobres dedos :(

  • Does anyone notice the among us guy in the background behind boy friend

  • Yeah, girlfriend move her neck all day long but his neck didn't break wow what a logic if real human do it his neck will be broke

  • sus.

  • When is wiik 3 coming out

  • Sus in the background

  • For a brief second, boyfriend sounds like the dbz opening at 3:39

  • hola amor

  • Literally only the first song was good

  • “What in the absolute funk is wrong with you?” “Eat mii 🥜”

  • 11:46

  • 13:03 un, dos, tres, cuatro!

  • Matt mod tries to much to be hard that it makes selever's chart (a joke chart) look like bopeeboo on easy mode

  • All the matt songs bop tho.

  • I think it’s the end of boyfriend 11:50

  • Matt starting Rukus be like: potatoes in the sky

  • Are we just going to ignore the amogus guy in the background?

  • I LOVE the new background of the bf playing Wii fit

  • *POOT De POOT* *P O T A T O W A T E R S L I D E*

  • 8:51 2× speed😂

  • 12:43


  • Boyfriend: *e a t m i i n u t s * Matt: what is wrong with you?

    • I left you a like, so you dont feel stupid about your comment

  • Matt is so so hard

  • 4:38 warning matt is hacking 3:32

  • 12:43

  • 3:32

  • 1:29

  • 8:05 bot or ULTRA training!You are a pro!

  • Amogus in the background

  • *e a t m i i n u t s*

  • 6:39 matpat explaining the fnf lore :

  • Why do i see dream and among us?!?!

  • Matt is matt until he speaks beep boop

  • What's the music at the beginning?

  • Sporting is the best song in my opinion

  • 12:44 is love

  • I catch a glimpse of the amongus and a warrior from Castle Crashers

  • Matt learned the enchanting table language by singing target practice

  • 13:29 Almost sounds like Spookez

  • E a t m i i n u t s

  • Fun fact in a audience is a among us character and pico n’me

  • nuaV'J

  • I feel like it was going well at the start, but nearing the end in Wiik2, it just leaned more for difficulty instead of enjoyable and actually good music...

  • The mod was easy

  • 1 2 3 4

  • Light it up is so fire

  • I love boyfriend playing wii fit