FULL MATCH - Undertaker vs. Triple H - Hell in a Cell Match: WrestleMania XXVIII

Published on Oct 19, 2020
It’s “The End of an Era” as The Phenom battles The Game inside Hell in a Cell, with Shawn Michaels serving as special guest referee: Courtesy of WWE Network.
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  • Streak is not over Wrestlemania 28

  • we all know, taker works better with smaller gys and he does them great, out of all the bigger guys, this is his best

  • Real Sportsmanship by three of em.. History Will never repeat but with this men

  • They m3ssed up killing takers streak

  • respect!

  • So good

  • Wow! Who wrote this match? This was awesome! 👌🏿

  • The very last Attitude/Ruthless Aggression Era match.

  • Which dates i no understanding

  • Undertaker went beast mode after he scared triple H

  • I do not know. Can someone say me if it is fake or real

  • 41:55

  • يويلك من عقلك😪

  • :v

  • It must be odd to be the main attraction back in the day... to a special ref..

  • Easily my favorite match out of all wrestlemania. 3 great individuals, been so long in the bussiness, clearly know what to do to rile the crowd up. Been way over their prime, but showing off such stamina. Man... clearly they do this with all their heart and soul. Both sides refusing to lose, signifying a man's tenacity. Its just incredible

  • Были времена...Сейчас таких бойцов днём с огнём не найдёшь...

  • 20-0 The Undertaker!

  • The Undertaker 20-0

  • The Phenom Vs The Game!

  • The Undertaker Vs Triple H!

  • I,m🇪🇬

  • 2021????

  • This is like Edward Newgate vs Gol D Roger.

  • Ah eskiler ah zaman geçmiş yaşlandılar artık

  • 19:35 fake 🤣🤣🤣He use hands ..

  • أنا بشجع درو ماكنتاير مين معايا يحط لأيك بالتعليق والفيديو

  • Here's an idea for a new wrestler. He's (seemingly) abstentminded, almost doesn't care that his opponent is there, maybe barely aware. He needn't be all that impressive physically. Yet higher powers are with him: almost as if accidentally he wins just about all his matches. Imagine him mumbling to himself, looking about him, looking upward. One wonders: what's he doing exactly? Is he brainstorming? Is he communicating with spirits? There's something extremely elegant and artistic about most of his wins and his style. He is technically innovative, but not a show off; he really doesn't care for anything or anybody. Most of all: he comes across as unpredictable, spontaneous. Some wins are damned funny "accidents", not always smooth and elegant. While in the ring, he seems far away, hardly ever even looking at his opponent. I can just see him now: while his opponent makes his signature move, he dodges him - not intending to do so, but (maybe) in response to some spirit he's communicating with. Or this: after his opponent slams into something hard in the attempt to "nail" this artist, the artist may place his foot on his unconscious body. But he isn't even aware that it's a "pin". It might as well be a rock on which his foot is resting. He seems to be contemplating something which has nothing to do with the match. Maybe after that, something like the following: he shows a strange painting or alien letters - not to the audience, but to some invisible forces. In the course of a match, while his opponent is down and suffering, or struggling to get up, this artist/writer may write something down on a sheet of paper. As if some inspired idea had just occurred to him. So he's not preparing another move to damage his adversary even more, nor taunting him in the slightest. Rather, he's involved in some creative project, it seems. One may imagine him striking the other down, not because it's a match, but because he feels he's been rudely interrupted. (Bear in mind that this sort of thing just happens sometimes; clearly he must show engagement with his opponent too.) Another thing: while he doesn't wear gaudy or eye-catching attire, he wears something entirely different for each match. It's simple - yet different each time. This enforces the image of spontaneity. On his way to the ring, it might seem that he's a little lost or not sure where he is or where he's going. This part, however, must have subtle variations now and again. On a general note, although he's capable of strange acrobatics, he's often a minimalist: it's the opponent's own machinations which tend to defeat the latter.

  • For me, the Undertaker's best image was the one he had in the 90s. He wore a tall hat and grey gloves, moved slowly, like a zombie, his face partly obscured on his way to the ring. The man was barely fazed by any kicks or punches. Paul Bearer with the urn enhanced the Undertaker's presence well. The later image of the motorcycle stud/gangster was the least effective.

  • the question I haven't been able to find the answer to after all these years... This match, or THE match between André The Giant and Hulk Hogan?

  • I have been watching wwe since it was wwf, never got teary eyed, damn.

  • Ilove john cina

  • 16:32

  • Match starts at 11:39 your welcome

  • Sensational this game xxxx

  • Screw Brock lesnar and Roman reigns!!!!! The only one who should’ve ended the streak was either Sting or John Cena

  • En el minuto 3210 gana triple h

  • El fracaso como luchador de tripleh. Undertaker una gloria de la lucha y acompañados de shawn michaels otra gran leyenda

  • Meu nome é Cosme eu sou muito seu fã vocé é dimas


  • then they disrespected this by giving the streak to brock for views

  • greatest match of all time, i can bet my last dimme on that.

  • Taker slobbered on HHH - so nasty

  • if it wasn’t wrestlemania, that finish with the dx combination would’ve been amazing to keep the feud going

  • NO NO NO

  • 혓바닥 내밀고 지랄하는거 니미

  • Long hair , cowboy hat is missing

  • Covid

  • To this day I am still mad they let Brock lesnar break the undertaker's streak. There was only one match they should let the undertaker's streak broken it was here against Triple H.

  • Ppo0

  • I was there. Loved it and don't regret the decision.

  • 32:05 HOW DID HE KICKED OUT 36:30 Theoretically, Triple h ended the streak. Watch hbk's hand Edit: 36:30 okay he kicked out by .1 of an inch

  • bghjg8

  • hhdieute

  • Playing music while the cell came down ruined it. Should've been lowered in silence.

  • Finally a match where the comments arent deleted


  • The best undertaker

  • What a legendary moment.

  • It’s an end of an era And the lie detector test revealed that was a lie

  • Very intense match.better than any wwe match today.

  • 34:28 bro Undertaker is drooling on Triple H's arm

  • Aquí encuentras el primer comentario en español ekis de (づ。◕‿‿◕。)づ

  • اندتيكار 😍😍♥♥♥♥♥♥😘😻😻😻😻😻

  • I’m just rewatching these memories I watched at a 11 year old. One of the best matches I’ve watched as a kid.

  • This is a best match in the world

  • man after this match wwe got lame

  • انا بعد اعتزال اندرتيكر اعتزلت انا كمان الفرجة علي المصارعة زعلت جدا الصراحة لما اعتزل

  • Bellissimo che spettacolo

  • The ending with those 3 legends was epic. We will never see anything like that again.

    • HBK, The Undertaker and The King Of Kings 👌😎🤘

  • 0:42 insert special effects

  • I have to say HHH has one of the best entrance

  • 33:30 The Undertaker back from Grave.. OMG

  • A full year of buildup for the Rock & John Cena match, & These 3 men absolutely stole the show. Rightfully so. The best match in wrestling history in my books.

  • all this just to end the streak to brock lesnar... roman should of been the first

  • This extraordinary respect shown by these men brings tears to my eyes just love these 3 men

  • send him to Hell Taker

  • why does this guy have to make such a dramatic entry I am talking about Triple H

  • Man I can’t lie this will always be my number #1 Wrestlemania’s of all times

  • ربي يسعدك ويسعد المسلمين يفرج همك وهم المسلمين ان شاء الله رب العالمين

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  • What a God damn match

  • make me sad

  • gmujlhly

  • Mantap kali musuh baikan

  • Taker should have retired after this match

  • The good old days.. thank god for youtube man

  • This match made me cry... Back then I cried and immediately realised that that's gonna be the end of an era...! HHH also became a part time wrestler after this match and Undertaker became only WM appearance after this. ❤️

  • a

  • Wrestlemania 20 - 0

  • tantos golpes con puño cerrado y ni un solo parpado ojo mejilla hinchada pura actuacion esta mierda jajajajajajjajajajajajajajajajajajjajajajajajajaj

  • Kik u huffurururueuryyruururrur 7 7r

  • I remember begging to see this match. It crazy my kids will never know the greatest wrestling era of all time.

  • This match is the best in history

  • Ok I watched this match and I could’ve sworn I remembered pyro during hbk entrance…..but they did sound like gun shots so many they just muted it

  • Very good fc 🇱🇦🇱🇦🇱🇦🇱🇦🇱🇦

  • 34:32 that looks like something that we're not supposed to watch

  • Be careful what u wish for.. Beautiful match

  • This whole sequence was just perfect. Triple H and Underraker, HBK as the ref, the cage lowering music and fog, the match itself.

  • They are trying to survive in hell in a cage, wow