Game Theory: Minecraft and The Power of The Dead

Published on May 1, 2021
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I've covered some of Minecraft's dark secrets when it comes to souls. Today, we are diving even further into the mystery that is the Nether and what powers it. Theorists, has Minecraft learned to harness the power of the dead? It's time to find out!
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Writers: Matthew Patrick
Editors: Pedro Freitas and Tyler Mascola
Assistant Editor: AlyssaBeCrazy
Sound Editor: Yosi Berman


  • Here's another theory: the Nether has bacteria that feed off of the heat, similar to bacteria located around thermal vents on the ocean floor. This bacteria provides the energy for the plant/fungi forests.

  • Give editors a raise.

  • When Matt was zooming into the soulsand, I thought he was gonna say that the lava was the power source because there’s so, so MUCH of it and also because he just talked about the Sun’s heat being used as an energy source

  • What if the souls are entities you kill in the overworld? would explain why there's so many

  • Yeah, it kinda bends the laws of physics to have a natural (not artificial) parallel interior world with no sun that lets you cover more distance in the overworld...

  • Moral: save trees

  • Dude, anybody else getting City of Ember vibes here

  • Did Matt never consider how much Energy the Seas of Molten Rock flooding the whole place could produce? has he not thought of how Volcanic stuff is full of minerals that can support life such as silicone based rock monsters (Ie: the literal slimes made of living molten rock, or the Striders who have their feet calcified into seemingly rock to survive Million degree, oh what is it? Something... Matt just can't put his finger on it though)

  • even a barren planet that inhabits life only in caves is circling a sun and recieves the most energy through Sun radiation. Where heat is, is quite likely also microbial life. The base for all life on earth to grow. So I think there is no need for the nether to sustain on souls.

  • What about radiation or heat energy Maybe they consume radiation like godzilla or know how to convert heat into energy

  • I have a theory of the blaze in Minecraft I think it’s origin has to do with the ancient race of builders maybe they combine soul sand and magma or used something else,I think they were made to protect the fortress in the nether,but there’s a problem with my theory they are found in a monster spawner,so did the builders used a monster egg and put in the monster spawner? I’m not sure but I’m happy to share this Theory with you matpat thank you for reading this

  • there could be another source of energy: heat. The nether is obviously boiling hot. Now, irl, there is one type of mushroom called the Radiotrophic fungus, wich gets its energy only from radiation. This kind of fungi grows in irradiated regions, such as the Chernobyl. (,of%20Low%20Earth%20orbit%20spacecraft). What if in the Minecraft universe, the mushrooms in the nether have adapted to a lifestyle based only on the energy gathered from the heat? Is that possible?

  • Mat I don't know if you could do a theory on this but I have a possible theory, the theory is that the wither is actually an ancient building experiment went wrong on one of there own Simmion (which is the name of the wither, I can't remember the actual spelling)

  • How about Thermal energy from Lava, and the lava is heated powered from heat from out of that bedrock layer

  • There is a giant ball of lava right in middle of nether and unlike earth its out there and gives heat and energy to world Gametheory:no it cant be that they use souls

  • But that is the only way bruh 7:58

  • whait, what about thermal energy?

  • Theory about Mario’s toes?

  • Game theory forgot about geothermal energy

  • Can we please get a Returnal theory????

  • I literally have a science test on food cycles 😂

  • If enderman did cultivate the nether, they wouldn’t have water for a very long time, so now they are allergic to it.

  • there was a law about energy... dont remeber the name of the law... but i do know that energy cant be lost... energy can only be converted... so even if we do have inefficient way of using calories, the energy technically isnt lost... sure its lost to us, but not the ecosystem... so a closed off ecosystem like the nether can work fine... so yeah... Correct me if im wrong... i like being smarter than i already am... and i dont like faulty information in my brain. (also, im not smart... no one is... we learn all life and still die dumb a.f.)

  • They could also be living off of the chemicals from the lava, that exists in real life too so it would only be logical.

  • that chest is the gif from the official minecraft website.

  • Desert temple roofs are the same shape as a 100% made beacon, that is all, maybe some lore

  • 6:59: Dats a mad Sunflower.

  • hey, your wrong on soul power alright you see when the player joins but when they die. they respawn But the souls don't come form players they come to form the mobs on the overworld like zombies and cows

  • How long could you survive being locked in your car and using the food you buy from the grocery shop

  • What bout geothermal energy? Lavas hot after all

  • Try Friday night funkin

  • MatPat if you haven't already can you do a theory about the guardians and elder guardians like in your enderman video about the ancient builders, you said that the naturally generated structures were made by the ancient builders, also if you didn't notice guardians seems to be made of prismarine and elder guardians seems to be made of an older version of prismarine and the "spikes" on guardians are orange, and looking at all orange blocks from this link the block that looks like the spikes on guardians are red sandstone for the elder guardians, the spikes seems to be made of lapis lazuli and in your dark builders theory about the illagers you said that lapis is known to be a magical stone, so the lapis is probably where they got they're mining fatigue power, it also kinda looks like blue ice but i dont think thats it, in the Minecraft wiki it says that Guardians move toward a powered conduit and all light sources, flocking around them. However, a guardian that approaches within 8 blocks of a conduit is damaged by 4♥♥ every 2 seconds. i dont know what this means, but im trying to figure out, it also says that they are pufferfish like mobs so that could be the tail, they are also hostile to squids, glow squids and axolotls, their spikes have a thorns related effect too i dont know why they attack squids and axolotls on sight but i think it have something to do with their "programming" yep that's right (well most likely wrong) my theory about the guardians is that they were made by the ancient builders and they were made with prismarine bricks, red sand, a thorns enchantment book in their core that powers when they reach out their spikes shoots lasers of small lightings beams that they got from lighting rods and the elder guardians were their biggest success and they attack squids , axolotls and unknown humans that they don't remember because they tried to take their treasure that they kept in buried treasure chests, (im 99.9% sure this made no sense and is incorrect)

  • Think MatPat's aware of RetroGamingNow?

  • Please make music theory

  • if you get above the ceiling theres mushrooms they could somehow transfer energy down

  • The soul Energy? It’s called Argent, get it right.

  • 6:15 n

  • i mean 3rd option for how the nether sustains itself, extremophile bacteria maybe form enough nutrients that the mushrooms can use.

  • Nice

  • Sun literally firing it's lazers at us lol.

  • What it the deal with custom portals and the fleet one, since if you write in a book in quil fleet there are 1,000s of ships why are they there, why are there even ships in the end, where are the elytra from?

  • Could do a theory about Piglins, like if the ancestors are trying to terraform the nether then they must’ve brought food, being pigs, but since the pigs had to eat Fungi it turned them into piglins


  • The bed exploding don’t make sense as the same thing happens in the end

  • do a friday night funkin theory about the lemon demon

  • If you look at soul sand's texture you can see souls. The same souls you see in a warden's chest... Thoughts?

  • Mat talking about getting energy there from the soul, and me sitting there just like, heat is energy...

  • What about glow stone

  • (Tone is /j) 6:33 JUST USE THE METRIC SYSTEMMM

  • Maybe the nether is just the geothermal bottom to a planet with a frozen top?

  • Matt sounds like my science teacher explaining consumers,decomposers,producers,etc.-

  • Invincible film theory

  • 14.1m subs amazing

  • 1:18 Dutch Minecrafters: *GEKOLONISEERD*

  • As a Doom Eternal player, the title had me thinking about Argent Energy from the game.

  • and then every minecraft player can break a tree its unlikely that a single person could break a tree not to mention multiple. there is like millions of people in minecraft that can break trees

  • Hey join the dream smp


  • Well... could have been called Grave Site...

  • who says calories exist in minecraft maybe thgey have a better system of getting energy

  • Can you make a theory about this why are six’s and Monos name number six=6 mono=1 is a new character 61 or 16?

  • Its just a Block game

  • Hey mat! I have a theory, but I really need some votes in the replys to tell the story.

  • "plants are the only thing that can harness energy from the sun" sunfire elves: soo...we are plants..... pd: hello to all TDP fans!!

  • If that's the case why would you turn on creative mode can you dig straight down to the nether?

  • Why didnt you talk about the soul speed enchantment? (it damages the boots over time while walking over soul sand, couldnt this be interesting too?)

  • My only issue with this is that guy who confirmed the nether wasnt underneath the overworld didnt design the nether. That alone is not nearly enough evidence to disprove all of the facts we know so far since og days. Like the 7 or so ones he brought out in the beginning. Add to that the fact that the game used to have a fog down near bedrock that mimicked the nethers fog. Im fine if the game devolopers NOW are trying to subtly change it to be a seperate dimension. But the original game was %100 built on the idea that we had an overworld, an underworld, and the end being a seperated dimension. But that wouldnt be mats fault of course. Thats on the game developers for changing direction without tying up loose ends. Maybe within a couple years we'll see an update where the nethers name and design resemble another dimension, and not just whats hiding below bedrock. For now though, the nether is beneath bedrock.

    • i coulda swore he said someone other than dinner bone. i seem to have been wrong about the original intentions as well after some digging. funny how our memories can be twisted sometimes. i could have sworn i had read notch talking about one day actualy putting the nether below the bedrock kinda like how terarria had it. but i cant find that post now so i have no grounds to stand on lol

  • As a Dutch person I was kinda proud when the Dutch anthem started playing in the beginning

  • Then is crying obsidian a soul block too because it cries and also the fact that you make a respawn anchor?

  • Here's a thought. Just because the nether is a different dimension doesn't mean it isn't the overworld's "underworld" since you can only seem to travel there from the overworld. So, if it is still the overworld's "underworld" then when people die in the overworld their souls go to the nether. On a similar thought, how do the denizens of the nether stay hydrated if there's no water in the nether?

  • My theory is that the lava is producing all the energy in the nether but I might be wrong. :/

  • MatPat out here giving a science lesson on energy.

  • Did you just stole someone's theory and make it your own? Tf

  • Weird time to bring this up, I know, but if the endermen are really our ancestors, did they retain the ability to respawn. I would assume so, because they spawn like we do.

  • I’m thinking that the fact that warped forests were once pumped with water shows that the nether was once the same as the overworld, but so many people died ( I don’t know how) that the nether overheated and turned into this monstrosity.

  • An interesting other theory could be that this is Dyson sphere around a dark star, brown dwarf or the such. The planetary accretion disc formed Quickly and cause a doughnut structure around the sun. The forming of this doughnut was initially solid until is gains momentum as a single structure heating it's core causing an expanding cave system through it's core, with oxygen leached from the stone in the same process. (Much like the formation of geodes. The energy through the star's radiation would provide all the energy required to support an ecosystem. If then the portal was opened, mushroom spores could have drifted into this dimension, and took over and evolved very quickly leading to what we see now. Ancient structures could be an ancient civilization that tried to tame this dimension until the temperature got too hot as the doughnut shrinks over millions of years due to being pulled closer, leaving water useless. This caused the abundant soul sand and soil from the corpses from a once striving economy (due to lots of gold in this dimension), the sould trapped in their decomposing bodies for millennia as (random earthly mythos needing to be on the land the gods own to get into the afterlife, Greek, Roman, Persian, Mya, even some native American), the pigs as their farmed food source over time evolved to piglins and striders. This nether world could thus be just a few shot centuries from total destruction. Only recently rediscovered, it would explain all the ruined portals on the over world, and due to the leaking of the netherrack may have been caused by the nether sun's radiation. But this is only a theory :D Got carried away there 😜

  • Make a channel music theory ❤️❤️

  • Just wondering... why is lava not an acceptable source of energy? I mean, thermal energy is still energy.

  • Hello, matpat. If you happen you see this,i have a theory. Theory 1:Why does steve and alex can survive the infection of the apocalypse, Why did only alex and steve survive? Because, both them have different circumstances.Steve, he is a "expirement" how that he was used as a Test subject for a cure/imunnity to the zombie apocalpyse, When it reached of where steve was, he was not infected instead he had taken damage,where he escaped. Alex's side:She was raised by villagers and she gained immunity to the infection/zombie apocalypse, That is why she is mostly coean in clothing and does not have any clothin damage.

  • Please do an enderdragon theory, I love this series

  • there is one man who can convince me of literally anything no matter how far fetched. mat..... im worried and appreciative.

  • Hei you forgot a beaut what is guardian In minecraft

  • If there's no sun, how does anyone see? I know there are light sources, but with no sunlight there would be no reason for native lifeforms to evolve eyesight or for lifeforms from the overworld to retain their eyesight. Shouldn't they all be blind like the creatures from The Descent?

  • I have a theory about the ruined nether Portals. The netherrack around kinda look like they are spread out like a virus not just Above but also below, i think the nether it Seeping in to the overworld! But that is just my theory

  • is lava a possible power source? it is heat enerygy i guess

  • Why can’t the lava be used as an energy source? And how did the nether sustain itself before explorers went there?

  • it's true that the nether isn't under the overworld. if you dig down the bedrock is in some kind of pattern (unlike the top of the nether) and also it will be right underneath an ore or stone or something (also unlike the nether) also. if you are in the overworld you break through the bedrock in creative mode. you will see that it's just an empty void...

  • Mat pat pls play Minecraft story mode Ivor I think his name is tells a lot about lore in the later episodes it talks about ancient builders

  • U now i love the nether and the music and the soul sand design

  • Dang matpat your a pretty fun-gi

  • 9:52 is that....

  • So if we all just became pros or just stopped playing Minecraft the nether would die?

  • You're forgetting about heat. Maybe the Fungus could use heat in a way to create a form of Energy...? Really long shot, but still! Maybe it's possible?

  • I mean souls are cool, but wouldn't the energy coming from the magma be an easier source of energy.

  • No one is gonna mention the gigantic bones in souls and valleys?

  • Isn’t the nether filled with lava oceans. And lava creates heat and heat creates energy. I believe I’m right about that. Am I not

  • when you don't have money to but merch 😢

  • 6:25 Still dont know why people dont use solar panels even with this info.

  • 7:18 - Matpat: Well when you think about it the nether is full of a much diffrent energy source... Me: Lava, like in thermal vent based eco systems, right? Matpat: ...souls... Me: ...what?

  • So...not lava then?