Goldberg: “Always going to hate Roman Reigns,” facing Drew McIntyre | RYAN SATIN 1-ON-1 | WWE ON FOX

Published on Jan 28, 2021
Goldberg joins Ryan Satin to talk about his never-ending hate for Roman Reigns, his WrestleMania match against Braun Strowman and facing Drew McIntyre at the Royal Rumble plus much more in this exclusive 1-on-1
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  • First!

  • I thought the fiend was undefeated until he wrestled Goldberg..who beat him before that?

  • Goldberg is special whether how much you hate him❤️

  • Honestly it's kind of sad that WWE basically ruined Goldberg's reputation. Goldberg is someone that should be respected, not resented. They shouldn't have brought him back after his HOF induction.

  • Goldberg is A LEGEND.I don t understand people who say He doesn t deserve...If He is still in GREAT SHAPE and Vince offers Him TONS ON MONEY..WHY NOT?IT S RIDICOLOUS

  • Goldberg is best

  • If Goldberg can go to the WWE so can I

  • I really needed that to understand where Goldberg comes from and why he does what he does. Really looking forward to The match now on Sunday.

  • Bringing in goldberg shows that wwe does not have any better stars than him that can draw money like goldberg or Lesnar or taker

  • I love goldberg he tells it like it is

  • Goldberg tells it like it is goldberg is the best

  • I honestly cannot wait for Goldberg v McIntyre. Its probably the most i have looked forward to a non Rumble Match at the PPV. Like just listening to Goldberg here, you can tell he just gets the business in a way that a lot don't anymore. I could care less about watching a 20 minute match with flips and zero psychology and storytelling in a match that means nothing. Drew vs Goldberg actually feels like a big time match where anyone can win and I love the fact that it will be a hard hitting short affair. Goldberg's Match v Brock at Survivor Series 2016 is easily one of the greatest matches of all time, certainly of Survivor Series anyways, like that was such an awesome moment. I cannot wait for Sunday :)

    • also the survivor series match was one of the most shocking and biggest pops in years.

    • also the wrestlemania 33 match wrestlers like ddp and stone cold have said that it was the best 5 minute match they have ever seen and they made up from the previous mania

  • Goldberg hates, HATES Georgia Tech😂


  • ' I haven't injured that many people' - Goldberg, 2021

  • So much truth and facts, smarks are going to be really mad !

  • Roman reigns vs Goldberg winner take all At wrestlemania

  • @54 that age can still go the younger generation better recognized son!

  • how much wrestling does this mark watch?!

  • Hey goldberg I'm next

  • Yes who's next

  • I see he got his neck back though...try not to run into any polls...

  • Goldberg is an extremely well spoken and intelligent man when he's allowed to speak truthfully and on the fly. I like this Goldberg when he's allowed to be real

  • Roman Reigns gonna replied Goldberg's comment.... For sure.

  • How many just fast forward the video to hear Goldberg talking about Roman reigns?? 😂

  • Ryan Satin looking more and more like Damien Sandow everytime I see him.

  • This man is the lion heart wrestler strongest wrestler in the world

  • How much I want Goldberg vs Roman Reigns.

    • wwe could tell a good story about the rivalry between them going back to the football days.

  • Speak facts Goldberg fi they were doing their jobs vince wouldn’t call you I don’t trust any of this young talent besides bray Wyatt big e Seth roman as a heel randy I don’t care for what these guys are doing besides the tag team street profits

  • Kewl

  • Couldn't care less Billy.

  • Bill Old-berg 👴🏻

    • @Malacoda I’m not wrestling either

    • @Cedric Gant You aren't getting any younger either.

    • @Malacoda I’m not wrestling for the WWE title.

    • Let's see how forgiving time is to you.

  • Ryan looking like Damian sandow 😂😂

  • Roman reigns, you 're next

  • He still got it, don't care what the haters say...The new guys should focus on getting better for the main event and being as exciting as he STILL is.. Instead of complaining

    • His last couple of matches, well kinda proves he doesn’t have “it”, botching most of his moves because of his inability to wrestle like he use to 🤷‍♂️

  • Roman vs goldberg is next

    • @Billal Bundu ya agree...but watching goldberg is always a treat

    • Hopefully not, nobody wants to see that.

    • Yeah!!!!

    • Boring boring boring 💤 😴

  • Anyone focus more on the moving border rather than the interview? Waiting for it to change direction Haha. team drew all day, if he doesn't win I don't know what to say.

    • @ADAM VICKERY Yeah I keep looking at it too.

  • Brock lesnar vs Goldberg that will be good match

  • Throwing him softballs.. ask him about that garbage taker match, explain that cool guy

    • He already addressed that in other inter

    • Ryan is a WWE shill he doesn't ask hard hitting questions that will upset the company.

    • @wayne scoggins He got a concussion during the match. What else is there to say?

  • Bill Goldberg is the man in wrestling

  • I'm early let me think of a joke

  • Can’t deny Bill is jacked for his age tho

    • @King Zay lol he is a hall of fame and they can get titles because they own the entire spotlight of WWE. Plus your opinion about Goldberg winning the title didnt aged well

    • Doesn’t matter wwe needs to stop giving him random title matches he didn’t earn

  • Love you Goldberg but we just can't have you win that strap again.

  • First

  • First