HELLUVA BOSS - The Harvest Moon Festival // S1: Episode 5

Published on Apr 30, 2021
Blitz sees a horse. Things sure do happen!
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WARNING: for horse!
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  • is it just me or is stolas like anyone else's favorite character!!!! also he's so weirdly adorable and fun!!!!! i just love him!!!!!

  • Is that Norman Reedus!?!?!?!?!

  • I laughed when the shark elbowed the shot out of him

  • Okay, but like, Striker's growling-hissing amazing.

  • Hey ik steven universe is over but can you try to add steven universe into one episode?

  • 16:59 yea hes probaly not here

  • "You thought I wanted to stand around with a bunch of hillbillies excited about corn n' shit with a thirsty owl on stage" c'est magnifique 😆.

  • Everyone absolutely nailed the shit out of this episode, the level of all your good work cannot be understated. Please, we need more, I can't live without Millie & Moxie's love 😭❤️

    • 16:00 *fan girl scream*

  • Bruh is that Norman

  • interesting

  • When is the next episode coming out

  • Question, where does Mox's horns start and his hair end? Some questions don't need answers but I've just GOTTA know the answer to this one.

  • Wait a minute is that Norman Reedus!? 😳

  • I’m blaming the 16:08 fuck up on Luna 😌

  • So when is the first episode of hazbin hotel coming out?

  • If it didn't have bad words in it, it would be funny comedy cartoon. I have a fanfiction idea for Helluva Boss about Millie and Moxxie having a Baby, but it's Moxxie who's having the Baby!

  • I heard games, what games, I’m in

  • Do I hear daryl dixon??

  • The significance of the horse can be found on Blitz's Instagram page. Yes, they All have an Instagram page.

  • 3:14 Is... is she referring to Blitzkrieg? What Hitler did during WW2?

  • I barley realized that moxie is voiced by the same actor who voiced invader zim

  • How is no one talking about how Norman Reedus voiced Striker? Like... a perfect fit.

  • I loved the outfits of everyone in this episode, especially blitzø

  • 16:00 **fan girl scream**

  • stella: MAKE IT HAPPEN!! stola's: wait you talkin to me?

  • Every/Any character that can get Moxxie to swear is a 10/10 for me.!

  • This vid is so funny I’m crying 😂

  • The fight was awesome! Loved the composition and everything! Awesome episode!

  • Can we get a episode 7 this is so good

  • omfg "WaR fUn!"


  • Striker's voice is killing me

  • How did he get adds

  • Best episode yet. Strikers ma favorite antagonist now.

  • OK THEORY TIME: In Stolas's song in ep2 he sings "When the 7 rings collide you can find me in the sky". Now i might be totally wrong here, but i think all the villians from previous episodes are from different rings (Robo fizz is from i think lust and Martha, now that she's dead, should be in greed). My theory is that Striker and Stella are gonna gather all the villians, and try to kill Stolas. They would also go after IMP, becouse of personal vendetta

  • 16:10 Hey Vivziepop, I think the scene where Striker grab the gun should be included.

  • we need another episode of hazbin hotel too you forgot about it or something

  • 3:57 look at blitzo and moxxie

  • pov: you recognised the voice of stolas's wife

  • So uhm, Norman Reedus is Striker...

  • Who do you think would win? Doom slayer vs radio demon

  • Striker: I failed to kill the target at the festival. Stella: (Looking at Stolas who's currently chowing down on a potato) No shit sherlock!

  • I can’t believe Norman Reedus actually voiced in this like, WOW! You guys have come a long way and now getting tv stars on the show as well!! I can’t wait to see what’s the next big thing for you guys! Keep up the fantastic work I love all your videos


  • 2:57 *Blitz's face is so freaking wholesome, I cantttt-*


  • 0:40 what happened to these two last night? Did Blitzo eat Stolas up last night or something? My dude literally coughed up a feather 😗🎵

  • “...But I caught that fucking bouquet and it was fucking worth it!” Translation: All that pain fighting over the bouquet was worth it, because it meant she was going to marry Moxie. I fucking *ADORE* these two.

  • why did i only just realise that norman reedus AKA daryl from the walking dead voices striker

  • i just realized that the staff microphone that the host uses is a replica or at least supposed to be one of allister's staff

  • Bo0Ooo0oOy FRiend

  • Eh, this isn't the best episode.

  • Me when I get a bad grade in something I'm really good at: 9:07

  • 17:24 i cant be the only one who found this really satisfying

  • ¿Less Frames?

  • 4:37 witch one Moxxie or her actual Dad?

    • @JAYSON CARRENDER they're already married so husband and wife

    • Moxie is the bf and millies the gf

  • The cinematic shots at the climatic scenes were amazing!! The show just keeps getting better and better! The only thing I still am nitpicky with is the timing. Some scenes I sometimes barely know what’s on screen, some just need to be slowed down by a few seconds, and while pacing is a thing yes, sometimes the pacing is just too quick. Other than that this was a great episode! I can’t wait to see more of what striker will be up to

  • God I fucking love how purely badass Blitzo is in this episode

  • who is your favorite character mine is moxxie

  • why do I get the feeling Blizz would be just fine with being in a relationship with millie and moxie

  • Ok ok off topic question what happens if I use a radio jammer next to Alastor

  • omg dead by daylight

  • He wants to take out overlords? Do you think Striker wants to kill Alastor?!!


  • No one talking about how Vivzie somehow managed to get Norman Reedus here?

  • 13:15 she sums up my reaction to when my partner does something stupid or forgets something important.

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  • "Blitz sees a horse. Things sure do happen! HELLUVA BOSS MERCH AVAILABLE ► sharkrobot.com/vivziepop​ WARNING: for horse!" Interested

  • I love that the shark came to Moxie at 9:07

  • I love how blitso looks when he says "yeah she's t DAUGHTER 2:54


  • Loves this video but moxie definitely has shown better aim

  • I need a Fucking full song that Striker Sang at the end

  • Okay but the smoothness and lighting in this episode is just wow okay wow

  • Ngl, Stalker/Striker is a damn good new villain character, i hope he still *Alive* for at least like 2 more episode, it such a waste to *Kill* a good character like him just for a story plot.

  • Oh this episode definitely inspired the r34 artist

  • what happened to the miniature

  • And now I want those "Hell Lord killer" guns to be a warpaint for TF2 weapons.

  • this is a good show, no doubt about that, but is it just me or the quality was a little low this time compared to the earlier episodes

    • Really? I think it's getting better, especialy this scene 17:24

  • Thank you for this wonderful series, it’s made me truly laugh which hasn’t happened in a long time. 🖤

    • I can’t believe there’s 7k people who dislike this series, what absolute losers lmao

  • 13:03 cutest moment here between Moxxie and Millie

  • i fucking knew it Striker is voiced by darl dixon

  • At 11:55 when Moxxie is fighting Striker is probably an important scene here because we see that Moxxie wants to fight for his life against Striker and he has absolutely nothing against him but yet Striker wants him dead

  • I named my Bird Moxxie


    • I feel ya, yea wtf, im never expect them to be into bdsm shit

  • How is no one talking about how they got NORMAN FUCKING REEDUS in for this ep?

  • I wanna listen what Octavia is listening :o


  • I fucking love that frickin art style

  • Ayo, I heard Norman Reedus was in this shit, wtf?!

  • Why was Striker low key hot??

  • That's was fucking amazing.

  • How tf did they get Norman Reedus to play Stryker

  • I noticed some of the more minor scenes of people walking or talking were less smooth than usual and more choppy but all the fights and intense moments had A LOT more effort put into them. Assuming you spent less time on minor scenes to focus on the better shit?

  • At 17:19, I think Octavia is listening: Pierce the Veil - King for a Day

  • 自分用 9:38

  • how many flint locks dose Blits have?

  • Me: *comes to video* the frist scene: Y E S