Humans Balloon SCP-5007 Bass Strait (SCP Animation)

Published on Jun 16, 2021
TheRubber brings you SCP Foundation KETER class object, SCP-5007 Animation.
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SCP 5007, also known as Bass Strait, is the collective designation of malicious, partially-humanoid entities that maintain a territory across the Bass Strait.

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  • fnf fans be like "BOB REFERENCE????????? OMG BOB MY BELOVED!!!!!!!!" *trouble plays at 100 times the volume

  • I wanna pop it

  • When I saw the Australia I died of laughter because I live in Australia

  • I kinda don't like the way he says SCPs with two of the same number. Double-_ does not fit into an SCP name imo. Just go with 5,007 or 50-07

  • All I can think about is how he wasn't affected the immense pressure down there

  • There has to be an internet rule for the SCP that if one can think of it, there is an scp of it. Yeah the tentacles and swimmer reminds me of the other internet rule. Too much anime.

    • Don't forget its inflated appearance

  • I rlly liked that D-class though;(

  • dababy submersible

  • In, Australia, you don't run from the SCP. The SCP runs from you.

  • Can we get some f’s in the comments for the D-class that pushed through that horrible experience.

  • 2:02 haha zoom go BRRRRR

  • Oh my goodness, it’s Conny Springer..

  • Tentacles are fun

  • 2:01 White sus...

  • od more silver john vidoes tur the best

  • sus

  • this is not an scp its a tenticle fetish


  • There must have been a Japanese High-school student in that vessel. Those poor souls. Obscene acts. Horror. Gigity.

  • Wow Im Surprise They Havent Went To Japan Yet

  • Take a shot every time he says "five double O seven"

  • damn so this is what happens to reddit mods when they get banned.

  • Spoopy

  • :( SCP foundation is cruel

  • 1:48 hey wait a minute i thought this was an scp video

  • Hey the rubber what number of scp are you

  • Welp now my lands have 9 most dangerous animals

  • 1:14 Oh wow, so they can fly with farts 🤣

  • I have been watching your videos for years 😋😃 and I haven’t been scared 🤫☄️🌈🌪🔥📱🖥

  • You forgot, after the SCP-5007-C incident, all personnel in Site 40 received an email from an unknown person, the subject was "I WANT TO SEE" and there was an image of a huge yellow eye and text that said "FOUND YOU". Everyone who saw the email was unconscious and yellow eyes grew on them, and then SCP-5007-C attacked the site and basically destroyed it completely. This is further evidence that SCP-5007-C is intelligent.

  • Good job to the nautilus for not dying on him. Nautilus best boi.

  • 1 pin would end this thinh

  • Tentacles doesn't exist it's only in hent- *The tentacle* :

  • 2:24 I swear they look like they’re smiling

  • Only Demon slayer fan can understand this

  • A fart jetpack


  • 2:22 Those scientists look like they're smiling way out of proportion.

  • this is made om my birth cay/ today

  • 2:20 i actually thought they where smiling but it was just the mic

  • So this is Wario's teacher for his waft 🤣 eww

  • I'm pretty sure I heard this from another video but I'm pretty sure that thing is a scarlet king child

  • 5007: ubducts humans and has tentacles Slender man: am I a joke to you

  • My first thought when I saw it "It's cute"

  • :v

  • Scp 4000 pt2!!!

  • "Which begin to swell" *Weebs: Interesting*

  • Cheecky smile bois 2:25

  • *p o p*

  • Great now I’m afraid of my own country

  • one of those witneses looks kinda sus ngl

  • 7:00 - 8:51 This part is different from the usual Rubber's narration. I felt a mix of excitement, unnerving, interest and others that I can't explain... neat!

  • jesus christ!

  • this thing will make me more terrify than australia's venomous snake and spider

  • Imagine you are out in the middle of nowhere and one of these pops up and starts doing the renegade

  • just launch nukes on that reef

  • 8:08 *I know where this is going*

  • What is that!?

  • D-Class survives. Team member waiting for him: " Truth is, the game was rigged from the start. "

  • Is this where the game based on?

  • i think what if scp 5007 shot by sniper in 100m ??? into her stomach or foot or arm

  • I love how calmly he describes teh huge tentacles capturing the submarine (or possibly attempting)

  • Um, a flashlight isn't natural light?

  • Was watching Hunter x Hunter w my kid and they sent some people basically on a suicide mission and I was like "Oh they must be D Class personnel," and my kid almost choked on her drink LOL

  • Looks like a boss from dark souls

  • Thx for that

  • H3ntai tentacles as a scp

  • 5:14 6 fingers?

  • 2:20 awww, look how happy they are

  • austrailia is where the devil keeps his pets

  • This one’s pretty fucked up


  • I mean kudos to the D-5007-98 for actually going along the journey down rip

  • obnamation

  • Octochchpus

  • Other Scp's: cool and weird powers This thing: flight via farts

  • Ngl I respect the D class

  • 1:15 it could fly by farting?

  • @2:25 the face look like :]

  • i have watched too much japanese cartoons to know where this is going

  • Amogus 2:00! SUS!

  • God this is awful, Poor guy

  • body horror? check, Open oceans? check, Eldritch abominations driving people to madnes? check...pretty much the nightmare all-star team for me...

  • 2:00 *Among Us Sus*

  • Oh my god! I live in Australia

  • Good thing the guy from up didn’t use these balloons.

  • where were all the SCP-4159 instances?

  • Why he got so many tentacles for, he need a hole, if you know what I mean 😏

  • The words long black tentical approaches the nautilus is verry fitting if you've ever read or watched 40 leagues under the sea

  • 1:47 I’ve seen that somewhere before 😳

  • The headset microphones look like smiley faces :D 2:20

  • 2:24 looks like they are smiling

  • dream?

  • discord mod

  • Eh, this one was dumb. The size ratio's were ridiculous as well.

  • Nothing I was worried about was those two girls house a fuse together and they started to swell

  • 1:48 is a bit sussy

  • Just your average Australian wildlife

  • Is that an among us Guy in the top right😂😂😂

  • I vacationed to austria one year ago and i havent saw this...