I Busted YOUR Minecraft Myths..

Published on Jun 16, 2021
I Busted YOUR Minecraft Myths..

in this video i will breaking YOUR minecraft myths, i gathered some of the most interesting myths i could find that you guys commented and am breaking those minecraft myths in this video.

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  • Goats dont cant go in powdered snow but they will mump over it

  • Only fake ones comes from haters or liars

  • well it isnt mlg if you land on a calodroun full of waater as you will still take damage it is only possible with water bucket to mlg and enderman donot take damage when in calodroun full of water LOL

  • Myth: You can put lava under water using a cauldron.

  • alt+f4 fur fri daimonzz!!11!!1!

  • You actually can’t mlg water cauldron, you still take fall damage when you land in one.

  • if you place a block before ur feeds u wont get damage from any explosion

  • Now Tommyinit can get his disc

  • 1:12 you’ve heard call them god apples, you’ve heard notch apples, but have you heard, philza apple?

  • Myth: you can enchant a golden apple with an enchanting table and lapis Myth 2: an evoked turns a blue sheep red

  • The first myth isnt a myth its just a feture....


  • Myth: if you go into creative and use a wood pick axe called notch it will break bedrock

  • Btw jeb Is a horrible word In Croatian-jebe-jebi.... Breh that is for rep. Anyone who films it btw

  • How does like a lot of people not know that you can place water in the nether using a cauldron? Its been in the game for like a long time now.

  • myth: to be able to smelt the block of raw iron , you have to be in creative

  • try using black concrete block and target make dark target block

  • That one with hitting someone stops fall damage works in bedrock, not java

  • MYTH: giving a trident boi nautilus shell itll replace it and drop the trident full durability while hes now golding the shell

  • The moment you realize that cauldrons don't stop fall damage

  • Actually, for the if hit you will live one that works on BEDROCK because I have done this before with an Ender might, I fell and the Ender might hit me. Just saying that it's true, but on MC bedrock

  • Infact do one thing... Use the mod to create level 100 tnt and blst it

  • The one where you hit somebody when they fall is actually proven to be true, just try on bedrock.

  • Myth: i’m almost certain about this but anyway, you cannot mlg in a cauldron, you will take damage even if there is water inside

  • Plot twist: he did this all in one breath

  • By far the best series plz more on these…

  • Pls takr my myth If u actuall want water in neather go find the cave vine which glow in dark put water next to it and then break it with silk touch vines when u break it the water disseaper and u get it in your inventory now u can just break the vines in neather and the water comes out

  • You can break bedrock place a cauldron and put two powder snow and it breaks the bedrock

  • You can’t mlg with a cauldron lol

  • Myth:you a gay!!!

  • 8:34 the thumbnail your welcome Spoiler below if you want to know now It does not work

  • Myth: u can put lava in the water by placing a cauldron and put the lava in it.

  • The goat won’t work bc there are no colors for the goat so how can it show all of them?

  • myth you can clutch by using snow in the bucket

  • Some of the busted myths actually work in education edition.

  • Bedrock has a super high blast resistance Of 18 million which is 18 million tnt

  • These videos are so cool

  • Pretty sure everyone knew the last one (besides you) lol but great vid

  • u said mlg cauldren but thats not possible

  • Cauldrons don't break your fall...

  • Figured out that stone thing by accident

  • if you get a mod that lets you brake bedrock you can brake bedrock

  • You can make a portal just like the Nether one, using Amethyst blocks, Amethyst geodes and flint! It'll send you to a new dimension!

  • You can mlg clutch in the nether with a powdered snow bucket!

  • Can someone tell this man cauldrons with water in it cannot absorb fall damage?

  • 🇮🇳➡️🇨🇦

  • Instead of hitting try a lingering potion

  • If a charged creeper kills a stray in bedrock it drops a either skull

  • I have been mining lapis with stone so I don’t waste my iron or diamond pick i learned that like a year ago when I was mining

  • *among us*

  • Wait a min Mau is my city name

  • Myth: If You Name a Sword §k then Anything Eg - §kQRWAETSYDRUYGHUi the name will turn into cursed text

  • 5:53 Not on bedrock

  • 2:50 the jeb_ pickaxe has to be netherite

  • Is it just me, or are some of these just common knowledge

  • Myth:Spyglass and Optifne zoom can be combined to zoom better

  • if u place a endrod at ur entrance or where u place the door u can enter at the endrod but the mobs can't

  • husk turn into zombie when they stay under water

  • If creerper sturuck by a trunder it be come chager creerper

  • 9:20 myth busted you can't mlg with a water cauldron it will do fall damage

  • 4:44 this one is confirmed it's just hard

  • @dream 9:00 try this MLG !!

  • 9:01 bro tht thing is not a myth all normal players of mc knew tht is real bfore watching this video

  • you will take fall damage when the water is in the cauldron

  • Myth buckets of axolotl can be used as a fuel source in a furnace

  • the myths are just things you probably wouldn’t try

  • Type exitedze in inventory and tap green book and type it there

  • myth: you can use a axolotl as fuel for a Furness

  • Myth: if you land on very edge of a block, you won't take fall damage

  • Mau:u can't break bedrock me:YES U CAN IT JUST HAS THE HIGHEST BLAST RESISTANCE OF 1800000

  • UwU

  • A non enchanted gold pickaxe is faster than a non enchanted diamond pickaxe

  • you are fall from high place you skip you not die

  • If You name an axalotol jeb_ he will turn rainbow

  • 3:27 it work if u take any damage other than fall damage the fall damege gets reset

  • We aldready know you cannbreak lapis with stone pick it was added way back in pocket eddition

  • Goats avoid snow

  • Can you craft a crafting table XD

  • This is for those lazy people out there

  • Mau: we all know this Me: * not knowing 11/12 of the things he is saying*

  • Yea I knew that you can mine lapiz with a stone pickaxe

  • But you get more than 9 nugget with fortune 3


  • Can you repair a diamond pic axe with a diamond??

    • Of course? works with any tool

  • Myth: You can name axelote without name tag by naming the the bucket of axelote in anvil

  • 2:48 you technically can, it will just take hours to be able to XD

  • Myth , if you have fire aspekt on your sword you can make tnt explode

  • Myth, you can use a lava bucket as fuel in a furnacr

  • You could always break lapis with a stone pick

  • You can give jeb_ on oxalot

  • Minecraft mechanics: exist Everyone: ITS A MYTH!!!!

  • Myth:you can mine an enchanting table with a stone pickaxe

  • you will still take fall damage if you fall into a cauldron filled with water

  • 6:02 RIP Sheep

  • 7:14 the cats always lamd on their feet thing makes cats not take fall damage but if the cat was up side down it should take fall damge b u t n o

  • Myth: Subscribe him for more fun videos❤️

  • 6:35 well your friends will probably put that on your head with a daspancer

  • With Myth No8 goats can fall through powder snow but if you place them near powder snow they will avoid it

  • If you place golden apples on a camp fire they will become enchanted