Ian Nepomniachtchi on winning the Candidates & playing Magnus Carlsen

Published on May 3, 2021
Russian chess no. 1 Ian Nepomniachtchi talked to Kaja Snare, David Howell \u0026 Jovanka Houska about winning the FIDE Candidates Tournament and his upcoming World Chess Championship match against Magnus Carlsen.

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  • Rather be Champion of Russia than some Bjorn who's Champion of Norswegia

    • Huh?

  • Alguien sabe q hay debajo de la cola de Nepo ?

  • First six games might decide the match.

  • Sound quality for Ian could be improved.

  • usdos.info/border/video/sIaYnYuKq7WkiqM

  • That blonde girl is alright lookin =)

  • Here's the prediction The next world champion Is...

  • I don't care who wins I just want less draws this time

  • Perhaps we'll be treated to a World Championship match where the contestants actually try to win a game.

  • Ian had some incredibly brilliant moves on his way to winning the candidates tournament. Magnus has an incredibly tough challenger to deal with.

  • Congrats once again Ian! What a clash of chess titans ahead! Awesome. Thanks.

  • November 2021: Nepo vs Carlsen. Let's go!

    • @Pedro Henrique The match will be played live.

    • @William Jones Chess sure, but i was asking If Magnus and Ian will be facing each other in loco or online 🥰

    • @Pedro Henrique Yes. I am sure we can see this on lots of chess platforms such as lichess, chess24,...

    • This event will happen online as well?

  • Nepo’s big problem is the 14 game format...And his overall health and stamina.

    • @nonacesool yeah i dont thinks Magnus would be too happy going into the tiebreaks

    • @Jack Strawb but magnus this time has more an advantage on classicals over rapids than he had vs caruana

    • Let's hope someone actually tries to win a game at the classical time control. Prize is 1.2 million to the winner, 800k to the loser, but 1.1m v 900k if the match is not won prior to the tiebreak after 14 games. A mere 100k "penalty" for not winning during the 14 game match doesn't make sense, particularly as it rewards the weaker player with 100k if he can limp into the tiebreak.

  • Will we have a man-bunned world champion??

  • Ian is just incomprehensible to Kaja. KEKW

  • I like the way that Nepomniatchchi responded to the last question: "Professional players play to become champions. Right now, it's Magnus, but if it was anyone else, that would be who I challenge". I like that attitude, it shows a certain dispassionate professionalism. And emphasizes that his rivalry against his buddy Magnus is purely professional and not personal :)

    • My man just gave a literature report on Ian’s behavior

  • Ian sees the World Championship as a professional goal and not a personal besting with Magnus. He really is not intimidated and I think this is one of the best reasons why he is the most interesting opponent for Magnus on the WC stage.

  • After winning the tournament, I think Ian just has been watching all of Magnus games -even his bullet games.

  • Ian Nepomniachtchi the happy warrior.

  • 7.5 - 6.5 that's the world chess championship score in 2021 November. Who won Carlsen or Ian?

    • I am pretty sure that will be the score but odds are with magnus

  • Ich bekenne: ich bin ein Nepo-Fan. Ich weiß gar nicht genau, warum. Wahrscheinlich liegt es an seiner Frisur und seiner Unberechenbarkeit. Jedenfalls drücke ich ihm die Daumen bei seinem Match gegen Magnus.

    • Hans Bilal !! HANS BİLAL 😡😡

    • @Its_ Muu İch mag döner zwei euro. İch bin lerne deutsch. Wie denkst du bin ich ?

    • Ich kann mich nicht entscheiden ob ich Magnus oder Nepo mehr mag

  • So humble

  • But ok...

  • shame he is going to get clapped...

    • @Mido Shaw right lmao

    • "Even Naka had to admit it." LMFAO!

    • @Secret Wars - Michael Jordan vids channel Karjakin was the minister of defence back then

    • @Top Kek He didn't clap Karjakin and Karjakin was weaker than Nepo. Karjakin was world number #8 and 100 ELO below Carlsen in 2016 and he needed rapid tiebreaks to beat him

    • @Top Kek Im just stating the obvious. You just don't want to appreciate what I said cuz you simply root for Magnus.

  • 05:40 “himself”. I want to see the world burn

  • 2:30 haha dig at Anish... savage Ian

  • Ian has increased his prepration time after winning candidates,to beat carlsen,😊❤️🔥

    • @Harshit narayan You do know that if you draw, you are only giving the WC more points to secure his place. Ian has to take a more aggressive yet less reckless approach to beat Magnus. He has that attitude and behavior on the board and will certainly help him have a high chance of beating Magnus along with the kind of preparation and studying he does.

    • Well to remind you Fabiano prepares the best and magnus drew him,and nepo's preparation isn't gonna hamper much,only the aggresive approach of clock is gonna help him tho.

    • @ChillOnce people never get out of there countries of course

    • @BHAVESH SINGH yeah indian boi. Neighbor for 2 years ha

    • Well, it is not really surprising that he would, is it?

  • Modern Grandmaster: T-shirt, top-knot, gamer chair. And I love it :)