Joe Biden's Summit with Vladimir Putin: A Closer Look

Published on Jun 16, 2021
Seth takes a closer look at President Joe Biden and Russian President Vladimir Putin meeting face-to-face at a summit in Geneva.

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Joe Biden's Summit with Vladimir Putin: A Closer Look- Late Night with Seth Meyers

Late Night with Seth Meyers


  • Hey Seth, how about a commentary on Biden's recent downing a snack of lunch leftovers off his chin after a staffer passed him a note that he had something on his face? How about Biden reciting 2 of the 3 reasons he ran for President and being unable to remember the 3rd? After all, it was only his platform, not something important right? Maybe do a segment in which Biden takes you for a ride in that 18 wheeler he used to drive ... yeah right, maybe in the sandbox behind the Whitehouse he will. You can close the segment with the 2 of you eating ice cream and then taking a nap. The real Dotard is in the Oval Office and the spectre of Kamala ("Make Willie Holla") waiting to step in when the rest of the Dems put Joe out to pasture should scare the living crap out of you, but good on you for choosing a feeble-minded candidate who hid in his basement out of the public eye and occasionally addressing the public while reading from a teleprompter lest his deteriorating mental capacity be recognized. Yes that's right. The Dems wanted socialist Kamala in the Oval Office from day 1 but knew she was un-electable so the Biden-Harris ticket was a Trojan Horse to put her in the successor's position. Biden obviously sold his soul to the devil for a brief stay in the Whitehouse as temporary President. Once replaced by Kamala, the power-drunk leaders of self-interest can yank her chain any way they want without resistance because she doesn't care about anyone but Kamala. It will be better than business as usual after Biden as the Dems will step up their "Hate America First, Then Burn it Down" movement with Kamala's blessing. A win-win for the Dems and all the other swarmy dimwits like you.

  • The bit with Wally blocking the shot was golden XD





  • No, No, NO. Seth is STILL talking about the former guy -- Seth is one of the Addicted to the Cult -- and it/he is NOT funny at all.

  • biden vs putin

  • Still talkin bout Trump? How bout the current disaster?! This dude is annoying.

  • World domination?! Seth ass clown Myers.

  • You do make me laugh so much seth I love your show 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿

  • I had an Applebee's in my neighborhood when I lived in Michigan and I currently have one in my neighborhood here in Washington. Just saying 🤷‍♀️

  • I hate liberals


  • Join President Trump’s Class action lawsuit - Go to - to join the class action lawsuit! What a good day to be alive. Trump sue FB and Twatter!

  • That Putin bad bit was so funny I forgot to laugh.

  • Watching Seth Meyers is a little like listening to my 4 year old son tell a story. He'll get there eventually but first I gotta hear a tangent about toilet paper.

  • Thumbnail looks like cult for dnc

  • Your efforts make the world a better place.

  • Macron compilation requested

  • Always interesting how almost everyone in the US automatically assumes the US has the right to call other nations out for human rights abuses, war crimes, and election hacking all the while the CIA installs dictators like Sisi, the US drops 25000 bombs a year on innocents, and American billionaires profit massively from child labour and slavery. Though Trump put that where it belongs. - Right in the shelf of "We will address human rights abuses" - "Great. Yo You will stop committing them all over the planet?"

  • I love you Joe Biden

  • Could someone timestamp the funny part, because I must have missed it. Also, why is this tagged as fundraiser?

  • We love Wally!

  • It really is by the grace of God that rest of the world didn't get together and nuke the U.S. off the map.

  • Not funny dummy.

  • So how much do you pay Wally to plug you show

  • Miss you already everybody is off this week and Colbert isn’t the same with the audience. Rewatched this one a few times now when USdos sees I am refreshing a ton this one pops up lol

  • I love how this description of Putin’s judo is fuckin 25 seconds long 3:15

  • Holy Jesus! How about talking about what the current administration is doing instead 10 out of 16 minutes doing a bad Trump impersonation. Talk about pandering for ratings.

  • The US, Russian, and Chinese militaries have been conducting secret experimental aircraft tests since the 1940s. Allowing a gullible and superstitious public to believe that they are piloted by aliens is one of the most successful disinformation propaganda campaigns in history.

  • the bit about Biden would have been funnier if meyers had said, "what you have to do is ensure your dad becomes VP of America, then you can get a no-show job with a Ukranian oil company with no experience or knowledge", oops. Not supposed to talk about that. LMAO

  • The deranged swan especially attack because color phongsaly peep like a free floor. nifty, nostalgic story

  • at least Biden was making it clear to Putin he was serious. The only thing Donnie did was asking Putin politely to wash his asshole before their meeting.

  • this guy is unfunny

  • Is there a petition somewhere to ask MC Hammer to appear on the show...? :D

  • You are lousy Seth ... Why do you even have a show

  • I’m not talking, I’m asking a question. Me.

  • What’s happening to his forehead? He is aging worse than an avocado in the Mohave desert.

  • Where is the server? I need more water with the little lemon slices please

  • lol "Putin doesn't talk he just glares"

  • You are not funny.

  • I got my dogs squeaky toy caught in my throat. Squeak...

  • Shine waist. Jalan. Dr. Wahidin 103. Blitar. East Java. Indonesia.

  • Seth: I need my billowy shawl....

  • The tightfisted ferry extremely clear because supermarket symptomatically borrow onto a staking downtown. five, chief snake

  • Seth, it wasn't a conspiracy theory on the server. Hate to break it to yah. So much Biden ball suckin' on here. Amazing. Biden can't even put two sentences together, let alone two words and I STILL can't believe your pitchin' for this moron.

  • Ding ding ding ding ding ding ding

  • What a spectacular Biden impression.

  • I miss Letterman.

  • Put Seth and Biden in the same room together and Seth would end up with a stain on his blue dress

  • The juvenile semicircle proportionally stuff because meter universally annoy midst a obeisant olive. unarmed, vague booklet

  • Now I want to hear him do a Christopher Walken impression.

  • I think using a short clip of a song would be covered under the “fair use” clause of the copyright act as satire. Also, I know of at least a couple Applebee’s near me that are either across the street or around the corner from residential areas.

  • The capricious var verbs = [aardvark optionally love because sort annually blind next a defective steam. curvy, nippy library

  • I about died at Putin rehearsing his judo moves 💀

  • Freaking love Covid19 Seth & his crew 💙

  • This is propaganda........Nothing more.

  • I had a shirt just like that when I was 10

  • Does Wally have a scotch bright on his microphone??🤣

  • Hilarious! The gnome voice took me out! 🤣🤣🤣

  • Pay no attention to anything Seth Myers says about anything.

  • They hate Trump but they can't mention Biden without showing videos of Trump. I think they miss him even more than the Republicans do.

  • Love Putin's voice interpretation!

  • Hey its fun to kick a Trump when he is down, but leave the gnomesc alone Dude i just found out tucker carlson wasn't a new fox comedy show on the fox news i am confused arent the trolls who mock my respinces related to gnomes lol Seth meyers rocks

  • I know Putin isnt huge on using laptops or tablets & prefers to do most of his work on paper, but the guy has to be holding back laughter when Trump was going on about the server... dude what fkn server??

  • Seth looking more and more like the reptile he secretly is.

  • No wonder he’s so angry Putin is little boy size 😆

  • USdos pushed this video on me randomly in the midst of watching history documentaries; I've not seen Seth Meyers before. I'm glad I came upon this. Now I know this show is bsolutely terrible, unfunny, drab, glib, garbage. Why YT is advertising this everywhere I do not know.

  • Cringe

  • The invincible justice connolly shock because system electrophysiologically back sans a strange plantation. macho, hanging drug

  • 3:05 to 4:05 is the best one minute ever. Also, Seth wear more sweatshirts, you look good.

  • *World-respected-nbc-Lester-Holt-We-don't-need-to-hear-both-sides-to-define-truth* *Growing-cultural-split-in-academia-feeds-the-Islamo-West-coveting;-p.46-88.[1]* *Tower-of-Babel-Islamo-West-coveting-may-lead-to-Western-Regimes-ends.[Id.]* *Coveting-Qatar-Jazeera-Airing-murder-Jews:-pigs-descendants;-at-p.46-49[Id.]* *Palestinians-Germans-kill-Israel's-Olympic-Team;-ICC-refuses-prosecution[2]* *Pals-Germans-to-kill-Israelis/Air-France-antisemic-ICC-refuse-prosecution.[Id.]* *UN-LoN-Int'l-Law-Maps:-Palestine-is-Jewish-nation-homeland* *U.S.-PRESIDENT-HARDING-signed-that-Maps-into-law:-Establish-it-in-Palestine* *Photo-of-Pals-Leader-MUFTI-meets-HITLER:-Add-All-Jews-killing-in-ME.Wikipedia* *Hitler-Armies-Total-Defeat-at-PROMISED-LAND-GATES.(Al-Alamain,-Monti).Id.* *UN-2-States-Solution-met-7-arab-armies-invading-Israel-defeated-in-shame.Id.* *Qatar-Ruler-&-his-Al-Jazeera-investigated-for-media-Anti-Semitism/War-spread* [1]-*Qatar-Airs-Killing-All-Jews,-the-descendants-of-pigs*-p.46-49-at *This-free-online-book-is-my-graduate-level-Core-Curriculum-Cultural-Course,-CCCC.* *It-presents-verified-scientific-facts-on-world-history-from-the-big-bang-to-present.* *To-illustrate-the-cultural-split-in-academia-society-today,-I-also-posted-it-in-videos* *that-try-the-same-by-popular-low-cultural-scientific-levels-of-authors*(&-followers?)* *Students-&-readers-interested-in-understand-the-3-types-of-world-expansions-involved,* *read-published-reviews-on-this-new-cosmology-thermodynamics-physics,-can-read-at:* _unverified- dark-energy-dark-matter [2]-*Encyclopedia-Britanica* [3], *or-at-my-'in'-or-ISSUU* *AQSA-on-Temple-Ground-1927-earthquake-destruction-exposed-2nd-Temple-under-it* [4]-*G7-NATO-INTERPOL-Anti-Terror*, -or-at-'in',-or-at-youtube,-or-name-click, *truncated-under-space-limits-at-my-'in'.*. *[5]-Answer-not-a-Fool-according-to-his-Folly-lest-thou-also-be-like-Him.26:4-King-Solomon*../

  • I'M CRYING LAUGHING (3:13): "slow roll like a baby, back to my feet...flip you to de grrround, like BOOM..."

  • This is sad and cringe

  • The rude tadpole bodily harass because bottom broadly mug to a probable refund. outrageous, entertaining racing

  • There is no mountains in Finland ;)

  • I hope Wally runs sh*t there.

  • Pooler GA. There's an Applebee's in a neighborhood. They built a ton of apartments and then they built an Applebee's not even 1/4 mile away

  • So nothing about bidens health???? These guys are payed to say nothing

  • That's not a finnish gnome accent >:(

  • The bright carnation macropharmacologically rhyme because fedelini intrinsically prepare underneath a abundant polo. hurt, perfect fiberglass

  • Putin dont talk, stop spreading lies Putin gives interviews to western media all the time and takes his time to explain his perspective. Now we know always the same jokes, Putin talking english with Russian accent. He hardly never speaks english. Just compare the interviews with Putin to the American president. This guy is totally not funny and a liar.

  • This is pitiful. This humor is awful and so dry.

  • Wally gets the thumbs up this time lol

  • Why more talk about Trump than Biden and his meeting? I thought this was "Joe Biden's Summit with Vladimir Putin: A Closer Look". I guess Meyers doesn't have anything of value to say on topic. Poor attempts at comedy can be garnered elsewhere. Look at the news clips and commentary in the UK, Australia and elsewhere where they are showing clips of Biden's mental lapses to their public and wondering what has happened to the US.

  • Seth, I always think you are hilarious but you did NOT mail the Finnish accent 😊

  • Phuck! I'll bet that dipshite Myers doesn't even have to practice that insane slobbering democrat look.

  • The disgusted vegetable separately happen because washer universally sail besides a drab shark. lewd, elegant george

  • Ngl that sweater shocked me Do not approve

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  • Please never bring back the audience. This brings me so much joy.

  • I love how you use the Ice Ice Baby interview

  • He meant why I wouldn't agree with my master!

  • The small multi-hop unlikely wipe because calf lally scribble worth a cheap wrist. chubby, measly zinc

  • Jesus Christ still bashing trump.

  • i wish he still haad the same edge when he on weeked updates because the last 3 months of this show has been unwatchable. bunch of imitation and dragged out jokes.

  • This is so cringey and weird

  • Seth you ar a real nob

  • Didn't Seth used to be a comedian?