Magnus Carlsen Plays Speed Chess while Answering Questions

Published on May 9, 2021
World Chess Champion Magnus Carlsen plays a game of blitz chess against English Grandmaster David Howell while being disturbed by non-stop questions!

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  • I can't imagine magnus playing piano

  • I would just like to thank the editor who imbued this video with major crackhead energy

  • Next just have someone scream out names of Chess squares at random.

  • Illegal move

  • The video of the full interview is not available ?

  • The editing on this was also annoying.

  • damn that guy was pretty close

  • The wary forehead spectroscopically mourn because step-aunt expectedly look pro a erratic trial. kaput, hulking repair

  • If he lost he woulda been so pissed with that guy.

  • The questionnaire is like the devil the background . Plotting things to win

  • 1:56 he is so happy to annoy calrlsen 🤣🤣

  • 0:41 missed the opportunity to say chess

  • David got more disturbed than Magnus 😂

  • Probably almost s distracting for David as for Magnus. Speaking of David, he's still got it! Great game by him (what I could see of it, at least).

    • Oh for sure. He was almost a candidate for the candidates, Wang Hao edged him out at the last round, but he's definitely still up there as one of the best

  • I wish we can see the pgn for this game!

  • Go for the piano magnus, you'll find it really helps your chess 😉

  • Seeing chess with such a new wave of content and player these past years has been such a joy for me.

  • Bro... I wish you to play one game Chess online app (blue color logo) in that app .we can play online games And also with computer mode that computer mode...we can set level of game that set to expert points level Chuck Norris ( 2650 ) this is highest level so please make game video was just a mobile app ...please play in mobile and give video as like short or as like video

  • Breathing

  • 0:41 Chess

  • *Magnus plays speed chess while ignoring questions*

  • Great magnus Carlsen ❤️

  • No one gonna talk about how they motion tracked his hand at 0:35?

    • After Effects maybe ?

  • "What are you better at than all other chess players?" *Winning.*

  • 0:38 a Hikaru moment 😂

  • What's your favorite 80's song boo?.."Stop bothering meee!!!"😇🤣😂😁♟🏆⚔

  • Lol this editing is great!

  • 0:46 he should've said "that's a very good move"

  • "What are you better at than all other chess players?" Should've said "Winning"

  • That was really funny. "it was annoying" haha

  • As a Liverpool fan, i m happy

  • Salah!! Really magnus? Not messi not Ronaldo ...At least you could say Erling Haland your countryman.

    • Salah is brilliant, he's the best and the way he plays football is remarkable, so, why not 🇪🇬🇪🇬

  • بيسالة بيقولة مين افضل لاعب كرة قدم بالنسبة لك قالة صلاح 🇪🇬🦅 مصرى وافتخر

  • next: wesley so Plays Speed Chess960 while Answering Questions

  • Can we get the pgn of the game they played? It looked like Magnus promoted to a knight, that would be interesting to see.

  • If he hates his games then my games is El Diablo

  • Big bright goofy smile -Minus Carlsen's celebrity crush? The world chess champion clearly has a crush on a comedian.

  • Of course it was pretty difficult for magnus he is playing a top gm.

  • Beating a SUPER GM while answering questions, World Champion for you🔥🔥.

  • how many cameras are required to shoot this. This wasn't really filmed live was it. n'ermind

  • Q: Stockfish, what you have for dinner last night? Stockfish: A stack of GM's with a few IM's as a side dish.

  • I thought he was gonna reply to "what is your favourite place in the world?" with "First place"

  • magnus i live in south africa come again😥

  • Tell Magnus to come to south africa again. It is fun.

  • I was hoping for Anish to be his celebrity crush

  • What was his favorite movie??

  • Isn't the sport is of chess is about magnus only? Common guys .. There are great players in other sports like Roger, Lindan etc etc. We find other players also involved in activities like this. But in chess it's like only magnus and rest of the players were not existent. If chess wanna popularize then all the players should be involved and encouraged along with world champion👍

  • Most of the answers were just sigh's. 😂 Still loved this ❤

  • That was surprisingly difficult for him

    • that's because David is a good player too !

  • This is preparation for NOVEMBER

  • 10 years from now magnus is going to be an award winning pianist

  • This is great! Super high production value!

  • This was actually a great interview because it showed a lot of his personality, and I actually like it when they find little ways to annoy him. I think it makes him a better person.

  • I like how they kept the bloopers in the video! :)

  • danya does hyperbullet while talking to chat it’s insane

    • Lmaoooo

    • You can't premove OTB plus there's a GM playing on The other side with More rating than danya.

    • There is a difference between reading a question and hearing a question dude!

    • Yo they won’t survive questions playing OTB for sure! On Internet you can Premove not OTB. If they could they would easily be 2700 blitz

    • Andrew Tang talks to his phone while playing ultrabullet, it’s crazier

  • 0:34 he is lying. Everyone has a crush.

  • nice post i like my smile now

  • This interview is missing the chilli

  • Magnus: Occasionally answering questions while playing chess Me: Occasionally forgetting to breath while playing chess

  • could anyone tell me which set of chess pieces are being used in this game? they are absolutely beautiful!!

    • @radbanaria You're very welcome !

    • @Klaus K thank you very much! :)

    • Staunton No. 5 Tournament Chess Pieces

  • While not answering questions

  • We just gonna sit here and pretend homeboy didn't underpromote to a knight to win the game?

  • Brain rape. :)

  • 2:03 Ah yes, b3 to b3. It's a legitimate move indeed. Offering a free move to the opponent.

    • Yeah I had a watch back and I realized he was in check but funny to see it edited almost like he was moving it.

    • He just realised he's in check

  • Lmao never seen Magnus this stressed

  • 0:41 he should have said ‘chess’

    • Come on , he knows chess is not that simple to say just chess thats why he said its a good question because there are alot of complex things , thast why he said he is better universal player that means he is good at multiple things in chess but according to me i think his positional (aka engine ) play is way better than others.

    • that's his obvious answer but would be too arrogant

  • What are you better at than all other chess players? Chess.

  • Magnus breathes while breathing

  • That Final Countdown joke really got me lmao

  • This should be titled "Magnus Carlsen Plays Speed Chess while NOT Answering Questions"

    • I came here to upvote this comment.

  • Magnus celebrity crush is botez

  • If David would't have thrown his hand up in frustrstion in the last moves he would have myb won on time

  • The motion tracking is pretty jarring.

  • "What are you better at than all other chess players?" Well... he's better at chess.

    • @Jai nah, "best" just means better than everyone else. If Magnus is better than everyone else, he's the best.

    • @dominic amoe lol I'm sure he understands that it's just a funny way to answer the question

    • @potato You're weak.

    • @Jai If A is better than B at chess, then A is more likely to win, not A will definitely win.

    • 'magnus carlsen is better at chess' is not the same as 'magnus carlsen is more talented at chess'. if chess960 is a better measure of talent, then wesley so is our most talented player currently. of course, this now begs the question as to whether chess960 measures chess talent better than chess

  • potato dish was for dinner

  • should be he cant move until he answers the question lol

  • This was hilarious lol

  • next up: Magnus Carlsen vs Elon Musk while discussing the usefulness of Doge

  • South Africans attendance register :

  • My celebrity crush is Magnus Carlsen. He's my go-gay-for.

  • Speaking of Sasha, I'm still giggeling over him returning with a cup of tea, with Anish in a dead lost position... It's one of the best things I've seen in my entire life...

  • Commentators are clowns for saying he didn't answer the questions at all when he actually answered every single one of them except for the favourite 80's song

  • I was waiting for "hows the palms"

  • 👍🏾💯

  • Interviewer: what's your favorite 80's song Magnus: stop bothering me me: Magnus that song was made in 2018 Patrick Catani is the artist

  • Multi Tasking has become a new level

  • At this point its just "Annoying Magnus Carlsen part VII" 😂

  • Next video: magnus poops while playing classical

    • Carlsen's rook lines are open

    • @Gerard Aah yeah. John Lennon's original idea

    • I would watch

    • @T BXL imagine all the people it's easy if you try would we smell bad? there's your climate solution


  • The Magnus effect! Just a cool dude, makes everything cooler. :)

  • Where the Egyptian he said Salah 🇮🇶❤🇪🇬

  • First couple of questions Magnus really channeled that Grischuk energy.

    • Sasha has 19 kids to wear him out though

    • Nice to see the kid having fun.

  • Did Howell move the pawn backward? I missed that one.

    • He accidentely moved it a bit too far but only wanted it to move one square

  • 1:56 GOLDEN

    • The evil smirk is so gold. He should've ask more questions hahaha

    • Was he saying the name of the song or actually saying to not bother? Lol im confused

  • "What did you have for dinner yesterday?" Good question

  • Ayy whateverr

  • Ayy third to comment

  • Ayy second to comment

  • Ayy first to comment

    • @Ekeoma Osondu LETS GOOOOO!!!

    • @Authority ikr thx so much😂🤣

    • Thats a great achievement, congratz!