Magnus Carlsen ranks Hou Yifan

Published on May 5, 2021
Reigning World Chess Champion Magnus Carlsen rates 4-time Women's World Champion Hou Yifan on Genius, Entertainment, Influence and Sanity!

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  • What is the name of this music?

  • not too much genius KEKW

  • He should have given her the following score 6 9 6 9

  • A 6 may sound harsh but sounds very honest, especially when comparing her with the best chess players in the world and all time.

    • Judit gets an 8 imagine what other girls get ... A 4 probably so 6 is pretty good cuz magnus is 2800

  • "but I am from the USA, and how dare you rate a non USA chess player higher than a USA chess player?" "this rating is offending me" cancer culture ^^ ps. and yeah, fischer was great player, , but he lost his mind , and he was prepering for years to face opponents while no active playing, so he could study them, while they could not study him.. right? so genius he could take a 10/10 for scheming though

  • Well at least Magnus thinks somebody is less of a genius than Fischer. Yifan gets a 6 and Fischer a 7--less on the genius scale than Kramnik, Anand and Karpov... and Kasparov gets a 10. LOL! Magnus might be a great chess player but is blind to his own bias and poor judgement--maybe even a little jealousy, who knows!!?-- when it comes to Fischer.

  • Sexist prick

  • Hou Yifan reached the top 100 even though she isn't even a full time player, she became a professor at 26 , I mean that's just crazy. If she committed 100% to chess I bet she would be strong enough at least for the top 10 if not for the WC title.

    • Stop it, hou herself does not care, chess is just a hobby for her

    • She could probably have reached 2700+. But top 10 and challenge for the WC? Most likely not.

    • Lots of people have reached higher rating than Yifan without being full time players. And Hou herself has disagreed with your hot take on her ceiling.

    • Yu might say it in hindsight ,but in actual the improvement needed to even go from being 2668 to even 2700 and then to reach about 2765( current no.10) is way harder than clearing a two or 3 year exam ( as you play many draws opponents way lower rated than you and it gets very hard to gain elo), if she devoted full time maybe she could have gotten close to top 30 but top 10 is a bit to much of a stretch

    • Calm down...

  • Hou Yifan had a very colorless personality when she first hit the international chess scene when she was around 13 years old. Now her personality is warm, courteous and congenial. I agree that if you're going to give anyone a "10" on the sanity scale, she would be one of those to receive it.

  • Meh 2650 rating... Polgar or any super GM >>>>>>>>>>

  • Please rank Mikhail Tal

  • maybe magnus carlsen refuses to acknowledge wesley so as a world champion because doing so (lol) would acknowledge magnus carlsen's 4-0 LOSS IN THE WORLD CHAMPIONSHIP FINALS. TROLOLOLOL i dare magnus carlsen to rank wesley so. i also wanna see how wesley so ranks bobby fischer. maybe it's correct to rate fischer genius 7/10, but fischer talent is at least 11/10? IMNSHO, carlsen's only defense for the 7/10 is to say genius is different from talent. Greatest player of all time: maybe not bobby fischer Greatest player currently: magnus carlsen Most talented player of all time: BOBBY FISCHER Most talented player currently: WESLEY SO > The quality of the games isn't very high because we make such fundamental mistakes in the opening. We don't understand it nearly enough and I think that would increase a lot if we were given a classical time control there. PLEASE. --- note: WESLEY SO IS A WORLD CHAMPION. see agadmator videos eg iKok7cq5d-g

    • @J Bruce Feynman Niccolo P. “Nic” Bentulan Wesley So is a Chess960 world champion. He is not THE world champion, which usually refers to the classical championship match.

    • @J Bruce Feynman Niccolo P. “Nic” Bentulan bruh, wesley so was the chess960 world champion. Are you out of your mind? Magnus is the world chess champion overall. He literally is the top ranked player in the world.

    • @Schindlabua correction: -10 on the sanity scale

    • @Tejas Sabnis A FIDE master with ALS (Sander Severino) said: 'If a Filipino like Wesley So can be world champion, I think another Filipino can.' Aha so wesley so's a world champion. nice. nice.

    • @Godfry Opa A FIDE master with ALS (Sander Severino) said: 'If a Filipino like Wesley So can be world champion, I think another Filipino can.' Aha so wesley so's a world champion. nice. nice.

  • Magnus keeping it real. He hasn't heard about cancel culture yet. Probably just the US that's caught up in that mess.

    • @Mark Kealy "Best female player ever - no question." Interviewer: "...Why qualify it?" And then he said something that's true - which is she would be about 700 in the world in men's tennis. Serena herself wouldn't even argue against that.

    • @Might B Fire no, he said "if she played the mens circuit she'd be like 700 in the world" without prompting, which was widely regarded as a d*ck move

    • @HaveGotToGitGud For sure, definitely agree. When McEnroe said Serena was the best "female" player off all time he got the shit kicked out of him months because he added the word female. Magnus did the same and will live to see another day.

    • He gave Fischer and Judit a 7 in genius. It wouldn’t make sense to give Hou Yifan a higher rating.

  • why no magnus carlsen ranks wesley so? still bitter from losing 4-0 in the world championship finals? > The quality of the games isn't very high because we make such fundamental mistakes in the opening. We don't understand it nearly enough and I think that would increase a lot if we were given a classical time control there. Please. --- note: WESLEY SO IS A WORLD CHAMPION. see agadmator videos eg iKok7cq5d-g

    • @J Bruce Feynman Niccolo P. “Nic” Bentulan if you include Chess 960, then reasonably you need to include Blitz & Rapid too. That's another 7 (3 blitz, 4 rapid) titles for Magnus plus WC titles for LQL, Dubov and others. Just admit it. 960, while a great variant, isn't what people refer to when they say chess, and unless you specifically say 960 no one in their right mind would think of the 960 champion as the chess world champion. The same goes for blitz and rapid, obviously. So is the 960 WC, sure. But Magnus's list wasn't about 960. It was about classical chess. Polgar and Yifan were included for balance, nothing else. 960 isn't classical chess.

    • @David Weinehall A FIDE master with ALS (Sander Severino) said: 'If a Filipino like Wesley So can be world champion, I think another Filipino can.' Aha so wesley so's a world champion. nice. nice.

    • @David Weinehall you didn't explain why polgar and hou yifan aren't in your list explicitly interesting. technically polgar and hou yifan are not chess world champions but women's chess world champions. in the same way i could argue 1 - wesley so is not a chess world champion but a chess960 chess world champion and then 2 - it should count the way women's chess counts. look at the agadmator video (iKok7cq5d-g timestamp 11:40). i didn't even consider wesley so a world chess champion actually. i considered wesley so a world champion, w/c is what wesley so is. however, agadmator says wesley so is a 'world chess champion' P.S. 1 - go, scrabble and RPS? seriously? if chess960 is so different from chess, then how come all the chess960 world championship 2019 participants are chess players? lol. show me a single participant there that played mainly chess960, instead of chess, for a living. 2 - i would mention chessboxing, but afaik, WCBO is not related to FIDE. the 2019 world championship that wesley so won however is a FIDE thing. 3 - do you know any FIDE go? FIDE scrabble? Fide RPS? trololololololol 4 - even if you wanted to bring in chess variants, do you know any FIDE crazyhouse? FIDE bughouse? 5 - you make a good point about blitz and rapid though. i figure carlsen oughta review those.

    • @J Bruce Feynman Niccolo P. “Nic” Bentulan Magnus's player reviews were about world champions of chess, not blitz chess, not rapid chess, not chess 960, not Go, not Scrabble, not Rock/Paper/Scissors.

    • @David Weinehall hey i've got a list for you. chess960/chess9LX world champions 1 - Nov2019-present Wesley So I don't know about you, but I don't see Magnus Carlsen in that list.

  • To any normal person, she's 10 on genius. But if you ask the greatest player of all time to rate someone 200 points lower than himself, his response will naturally sound a little harsh.

    • @Idris Devon yea, I've been using instaflixxer for months myself :)

    • @Idris Devon definitely, I've been using instaflixxer for months myself =)

    • You probably dont give a shit but if you guys are bored like me during the covid times then you can watch pretty much all of the new series on instaflixxer. Have been streaming with my girlfriend for the last couple of months :)

    • @kwak lol

    • chess players are not specially geniuses, they just practice a lot chess and recognize patterns in that game

  • he should do ivanchuk

  • For the genius part, he said almost the same thing for Judit Polgar, that he doesn't see too much genius in these women, but they're the two best women in history chesswise. Seems a bit strange to me

    • @jonsirules x The thing is that what is shown in this video is an opinion rather than a precise and objective judgement. It is a perception, so the opinions might diverge. According to several sources, in order to join a specific highschool, Fischer had to do the Stanford-Binet IQ test, he apparently had more than 180. So in terms of cognitive abilities, or how he was "naturally talented" (according to him he did very well on spatial reasoning which is obviously useful in chess), he barely could have a higher gift. But the fact that we have this image of a monomaniac young player that used to study all the time. However, we could also argue that Kasparov or Karpov also did study a lot since their younger ages. At the end of the day, you mention the important word, it's a matter of perception.

    • @Pedro True she did retire in 2014, but was only a part-time player between 2004 and 2010 when her main priority was her family. The fact that she could almost give up playing chess for five years and then regain a 2700+ rating upon her return is quite amazing.

    • Rightly or wrongly Magnus is judging all of the players in this series on perceived Natural Ability vs Work Ethic. In his opinion Hou, Judit & Fischer achieved most of their success due to the amount of work they put in during their formative years rather than use their natural talent like Tal and Kasparov. I realise that Hou has had serious academic studies since she was twelve, but that doesn't affect the perception on how her talent was formed.

    • perhaps carlsen should give a different rating for them like as 'female chess players' as opposed to 'chess players'

    • @Miinh Polgar did play women only tournaments (Women Olympiads 1990) and she retired in 2014.

  • Who put “Sanity” into this? Isn't that a bit insulting? Maybe put in eccentricity or some other term - sanity is too strong too harsh ?

    • Other people aren't lil bittches like you, so they don't mind. Weak-minded people like you will find it "insulting", but luckily others don't care about it too much.

    • Sanity has been in for literally every other person he's rated. There is nothing harsh about it. Stop being so soft and offended at nothing

    • @Axel's DDO Channel victor korchnoi igual, tambien se dice del gran akiba rubinstein.

    • There is a long history of top world chess players losing their sanity. Bobby Fischer being the most notorious example.

    • Some world champions tend to lose their sanity. Prime examples are Bobby Fischer and Paul Morphy.

  • The ability to spread these out is almost as impressive as the players he's rating haha.

  • What? A 10 for sanity? I remember a temper tantrum a few years back about some "gender issues"..

    • @oraz Ok thanks, then a 10 is correct.

    • It was the opposite, they where giving her special matchups and she didn't want it. She also didn't blame men for less women in chess. So it's the opposite of feminism, I like that.

  • I give Yifan 8 for genius, 5 for influence and 9 for sanity.

    • Carlsen only gave himself 8 for genius. Yifan is the same level of genius as any male player rated ~2650 elo.

    • @Alessandro Finocchi Given that blip I would give her a 9 as well. I do like it when people such as Hou Yifan, Judit Polgar and Luke McShane put something else at the centre of their professional life. With Judit it was her family, with Hou it is her studies & academic career and with Luke it is a career in the city of London. While to be a top chess player it seems you need to be a full-time professional, but these three have proved that you can be a successful chess player whilst having other priorities in your life.

    • @Alessandro Finocchi Even though I fully believe there was no manipulation of pairings and she was wrong, it was such a bizarre set of coincidences that her freak outs were pretty understandable.

    • @Alessandro Finocchi I dont think any top chess players can be a 10 in sanity lol. J cause they all have like 170+ IQ’s. It’s a good thing I think not a criticism

    • Why the 9 in sanity? Apart from the protest of being paired with "too many women instead of men" in a tournament, which... was not great. Did she have another episode that justifies a 9 instead of a 10? I'm not defending her, just want to know.

  • I'm starting to enjoy this Make it a series

  • When someone asked you why do you think men are better in chess just tell them there is a thing called woman's world chess champion🙄

    • That’s because sexists like you love to tell women they’re inferior every chance they get. It’s all about creating a positive and encouraging environment, no fucking wonder women only consist 5% of professional chess players or something lol.

    • @J Bruce Feynman Niccolo P. “Nic” Bentulan Ah I misunderstood what you were saying. It is a bit of a weird one - men have an advantage in the sense of likelihood to be exposed to the game but that doesn't give an advantage to a male who is exposes over a female who was also exposed to it. Unless they are entirely self taught of course. I think it is a weird case of chess usually being passed down generationally. For example my grandfather started to show me chess when I was young but he unfortunately passed not long after. Since there was nobody else in my family who played chess, and my love for the game not yet developed enough to play in a club or anything, I stopped playing entirely and didn't pick it up again until I was an adult. This is the same kind of lack of generational passing down of knowledge but in a more nuanced way.

    • @Ryan Salt well then the point of my comment is kinda WHY in the 1st place we have 10,000 vs 100. it's probability of A given B: yeah it's not difficult to compute probability of A given B. i'm talking about the computation of probability of B. eg (i'll just come right out and say it) because of our patriarchal society and lack of feminism to counter our formerly extreme patriarchal society, we have only 100 women vs 10,000 men. so of course there's no natural dis/advantage. but there is a non-natural dis/advantage: patriarchy, lack of feminism, etc. it's not a contradiction to or lack of understanding of what you said. it's like a supplement, assuming it's correct. anything wrong here?

    • @J Bruce Feynman Niccolo P. “Nic” Bentulan Men have the advantage of number of players. If you have 10,000 men and 100 women playing then 1 of those men is far more likely to be the best. It isn't a difficult concept to grasp.

    • @Ryan Salt right so like the idea is that there are non-'natural' advantages men have right? or maybe just that women have non-'natural' disadvantages. sad.

  • Sanity? Come on Chess24, what is he supposed to say, 'oh yea she's a bit off her rocker, so maybe like a 4?' I mean really, this is just a disrespectful question.

    • It's not a disrespectful question. Stop trying to parade around on your stupid moral high horse

    • Obviously the question is there due to Fischers insanity and due to the fact that plenty of chess players have some sort of disabilities when it comes to socializing and social skills. Chess is a game of "nerds" in good and bad and you can notice it just by visiting a live chess tournament. Most players are relatively normal no doubt but if chess players as whole are compared to general public there is much more antisocial behavior and lack of social skills.

    • It's for everyone. He gave a sanity rating to everyone. He gave 4 to fischer.

  • I don't think we will ever see it but I'd love to see how strong Hou Yifan is and how she compares with the field if she focuses entirely on chess. It's freakish how she balances chess with her studies yet can still rock up and win top GM women's tournaments with supposedly very little prep!

    • top GM women's tournaments are not that much of a challenge for her I think. Aleksandra Goryachkina will probably soon challenge her dominance but other than her it seems that Yifan is top dawg in female chess and also doing quite well in the mixed section. She is also quite funny which is a huge plus for the spectators.

  • I think any prodigy who has a succesfull career in chess is already a genius

    • I think here from genius he meant finding new and great ideas in various positions in their game.

    • @Peter Polak Someone rated 2000 after studying less than 500 hours of chess is not a mere mortal my friend

    • @Anish Mall Not at all true. Someone rated 2000 could easily get a 10/10 if he spent less than 500 hours playing and studying chess, because no one out of the guys presented here would even come close to the ratio of hours spend playing vs their ranking. When Magnus reached 2000 in his teens, he definitively already had tousands of hours behind him.

    • I wonder if he is comparing chess geniuses to geniuses from other fields of life. If he is comparing himself and other chess geniuses with polymaths like Leonardo da Vinci or with someone like Einstein then I guess 8 is a fair estimation. But probably all male chess world champions could be considered chess geniuses

    • Yes but when it's Carlsen rating genius, scores are bound to go down, he'd probably give us mortals a negative rating in terms of chess genius

  • World champion reacts on world champion *perfectly balanced as all things should be*

    • @J Bruce Feynman Niccolo P. “Nic” Bentulan What are you even talking about

    • why no magnus carlsen ranks wesley so? still bitter from losing 4-0 in the world championship finals? > The quality of the games isn't very high because we make such fundamental mistakes in the opening. We don't understand it nearly enough and I think that would increase a lot if we were given a classical time control there. Please.

  • Can you do this with other players? Top 10 for example

  • first one

  • i don’t really get why sanity is one of the factors judged. it’s pretty pointless

    • This category was probably made just for Bobby Fischer

    • I think it may be to differentiate between players who were totally absorbed by chess to the point where nothing else mattered (such as Fischer or Korchnoi) and those that are well rounded people with interests outside chess as this also dictates how they behaved at and around the chess board.

    • @Chase His presentation was rough, but a lot of what he said was actually completely on point. I would enjoy conversations with him much more than 99% of the population.

    • @Angel Asenov i never knew that, thanks for letting me know

    • I'm curious what score I don't care man will get

  • This guy is a machine. About both playing chess and finding entertaining content.