Marjorie Taylor Greene Apologizes for Holocaust Comparison

Published on Jun 16, 2021
Seth Meyers' monologue from Tuesday, June 15.

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Marjorie Taylor Greene Apologizes for Holocaust Comparison - Late Night with Seth Meyers

Late Night with Seth Meyers


  • 😹 MTG has resting crazy face. lmbao

  • You are terrible Seth, just terrible...I get more laughs watching your sisters comedy show, Rachel Maddow..

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  • So the Florida of Australia is hosting the Olympics... this should be Interesting.

  • "Social distancing" does not equal "parade".

  • She had nothing to apologize about, people need to stop kissing PC ass and just say what they mean, big f'n deal !!!

  • There's nothing funny anymore about this show. No humor not even sarcasm just displeasure delivered with a fake and sour smile.

    • But we still come for the butthurt. Thank you for sustaining us.

  • Hahaha hyena Harris is a embarrassing

  • I would have never apologized..and I would have said I didn't stutter .you heard me correct the first time

  • Having a parade for front line workers, such as nurses/doctors, during a pandemic, seems a little counter productive...

  • More Sea Captain

  • 🚬🥃So, D*ckhead's gonna honor frontline workers by concentrating New Yorkers, on a parade route, while the Delta variant is raging like a HURRICANE🌀off America's shores? 😡 ARREST THAT MAN!

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  • I can't imagine how painful it must've been for Greene to even acknowledge the Holocaust existed

  • As always great material! Very comically informative!

  • Ha ha! Cheeky start! X I’m 64 this weekend and adore you I put you on in the morning so I start my day laughing love from me in england xxx

  • The cuckoo marjorie apologizing is nothing but a joke. Smh

  • fox is equivalent to russian state tv

  • Greene must have wen to re-education camp to save her career,NIck Cannon went and now he is getting a day time show.

  • Yes! Yes! On the fox news

  • You're 👏♥️

  • A visit to the lazer-museum could help too.....

  • Doubt that Greene has any understanding of what was the Holocaust and the cause of it.

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  • You can’t just say something insulting and diminish the suffering of the Holocaust and then expect one trip to a museum and pissweak mea culpa and then think everything is sweet. I do believe even bigoted and ignorant people can change but it takes time and education and introspection. Also, I find it incredulous any person in the world isn’t aware of the enormity of the Holocaust, especially a 40-something woman, so just excuse me if I reserve my judgement about MTG’s sincerity. If I’m wrong I will make a pilgrimage to crazy antivaxxer jewish space laser conspiracy believing woman museum and make an apology.

  • I've been wondering why all the women on Fox are blonde. Not naturally blonde, just blonde.

  • People like Greene are just mouth pieces of bad faith. They don't have any ideas or values. They just take positions against things to stir up support from the ignorant masses. We need the republicans to start taking responsibility for these people and clean up their act. Are their any republicans out there with a shred of integrity left?

  • I like that honest crowd

  • You know who really loves parades, first responders who are trying to get to calls in New York 👉👉

  • "The world's longest roller-coaster is still bennifer." What are the height limits for this one?

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  • I would not accept the apology from some with the mouth like that she lies all the time make an example of her and the others

  • Now all we need is an apology from Meyers for his garbage show.

  • Crazy lady: "I'm telling you, the Jews have a space laser in orbit!"

  • Majorie Trailer Queen will say anything for clout.

  • I honestly believe we should cut her some slack. Plenty of people don't go to museums and honestly haven't seen the pictures. Remember, this is what happens when Republicans control education

  • How was there not some version of "That's what she said" after that clip @ 1:20

  • I understand the want of people to gather and Thank the workers, but they deserve the money!! Celebrate without $$ and give that $$ to them!! I'm pretty sure that they would love the $$, and the rest without any more cases!

  • I don't believe she meant her apology. If she did she should Resign and retreat back to her home.

  • What does she know about the Holocaust? She’s lucky she’s walking on 2 legs,and not eating grass!🤦🏻🤦🏻

  • Oh, MTG now believes the Holocaust is real and was worse than being asked to wear a mask, does she? Mazel tov. How's she coming on the Jewish space laser thing?


  • "I'm sorry. I'm not an anti-Semite or a racist. I hate everybody that isn't like me! It's the RePUGliKLAN way!" ~ Marjorie Taylor Spleen

  • I’d wish I was 30 years younger Id like taking MTG in a woman’s boxing 🥊 match ...

  • What happens when you give simpletons some power.

  • Maybe Musk can stay on Mars

  • Fox v NYT... and "different realities"... one's 'the bad', and another is 'the ugly'... as for 'the good', that would be nowhere near Obama or Tr***. (Both men and their cohorts, march to the tune of Wall Street.)

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  • I know blonds have brown hair…but they shave that

  • I’m not doing well…I need a second inoculation…plus a there’s there

  • I'd like to see Marjorie Taylor Greene debate AOC just to smell their two brains burning.

  • Seth, please bring back proper segues.

  • I compare mask wearing mandates more to wearing menstruation pads over ones mouth and nose. Definitely a visible identifier. Weren't visible identifiers used during leading up to and during the holocaust?

  • Let's make a rule that the greene queen, Turtle Man, and the ORANGE VIRUS have to wear masks, not for their health, but just so we do NOT have to see their FUGLY faces.

  • "We're hope you are all doing well" I think you meant "we" not "we're"

  • Sensational pronunciation of Brisbane - no need for an angry email to "Corrections" this week... so far...

  • Thanks for saying DOING WELL. Finally someone who says it correctly.

  • It's pronounced Brizzy

  • Oh goodie, Elon is leaving town. Hope he takes his pretend ‘Tesla’ with him.

  • 30ft deep is a vertical linear measurement and would only be helpful to find the volume. Finding area would require only length by width measurements.

  • MTG still compares Democrats to Nazi Germany, she didn't learn anything. She still says socialism is comparable to Nazis, even though Nazi's killed the socialists first. She doesn't even acknowledge why comparing masks to Nazi Germany is bad. She clearly hasn't learned anything.

  • Is he aware of what happened with Philadelphia had a parade during the 1918 pandemic.

  • This stupid woman knew what she was saying. Another dope trying to be relevant ugh there’s so many of them

  • Then MTG calls for the firing of Dr Fauci just to make sure everyone forgets her insulting and offensive remarks. This woman is the nastiest, most unpleasant human being on earth, she is a complete monster. Who would vote for her?

  • If you ever find yourself in life apologizing for the holocaust, you’re the Nazi.

  • Who the hell is Trump gonna get to ghost write a book now!? Tommy Flanagan?!

  • Too bad the surplus cookies isn't from people suddenly realizing Girl Scout cookies are actually terrible

  • Ummm.... doctors don't give shots, nurses do. Geez Seth come on.

  • A House in San Francisco cost about $8 million

  • 30’ deep ball pits, eh? BAZINGA.

  • Disney owns the Muppets, that's not mixing anything...

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  • Seth's Susan Collins voice sounds like dialed down Donald Trump. Also, that picture of MTG looks like a crazed Neanderthal, with apologies to Neanderthals.

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  • MJT is laughing inside, another free press good or bad

  • "Oh right the learning." Craig Kilborn would do this monologue better. Get Craig on the phone, please!

  • Elon Musk property location San Francisco? U mean Hillsborough Ca. 😅 Just want to say that cuz im from the bay area

  • She needs to go visit Newtown. Seriously.

  • Fun fact: People who watch fox news are actually less informed than people who don't watch any news. _(For real, not making that up.)_

  • Honor front line workers with livable wages

  • Seth just too let you know CARIBBEAN WOMEN LOVE ❤️ YOU 💯💯💯💯just saying Respect ✊🏼 with you I laugh 😆 I pee 👀🤫🤫

  • I love you and your humor. Keep doing exactly what you do.

  • Seth, thanks so much for not telling anyone that GQP Greene is from 🤭, the state I live in!

  • Elon Musk wants to be the Emperor of Mars. He does nothing for the sake of humanity.

  • Now, we are all waiting for an apology for the space Lazer.

  • She-man Marjorie Greene is BEGGING for money, even though they are Jewish?

  • Based on this monologue, Seth needs a vacation.

  • Kamal shows her claws. Ouch !

  • A day late and a dollar shy 😝👎👎👎👎

  • So if Brisbane has the Olympics in 2032 will they be held in December?

  • The world was caught up in it. all the countries like the USA who even before the war refused Jewish immigration. the USA and England developed the pseudoscientific philosophy of 'eugenics' which we later introduced it to the Nazis who took negative eugenics to the greatest extreme, beginning with children (The T4 Project). The USA had legalized imprisonment and sterilization of 'outcasts' in the 1920s, and forbade mixed-race marriages, encouraging whites to breed in order to outpopulate groups with 'outcast' inferior genes in our country. Forced sterilization wasn't outlawed in the USA until the 1970s. Racism is still alive and well in the USA and preached by far-right religious leaders.

  • Can we stop calling MTG "republican congresswoman" , and just cut to the point with "republican troll"?

  • Weak

  • If you are talking about the depth of the ball pit also you aren't talking about square footage anymore it would be cubed footage.

  • At 2:16 I don't get the joke-all those women have brown hair...

  • Your brother did terrible on that 70s show

  • Can't wait til Elon Musk goes to Mars and never comes back.

  • 🤨 They need to pay these workers what they’re worth instead of wasting money on a parade !!🤦🏽‍♀️