Marvel Studios' Loki | Official Trailer | Disney+

Published on Apr 5, 2021
Loki’s time has come. Watch the brand-new trailer for "Loki," and start streaming the Marvel Studios Original Series June 11 on Disney+.
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  • Im so excited

  • So "the Falcon and the Winter Solider" ends today And I will have to wait painfully

  • All I can say is that it looks epic and it needs to come out NOW.


  • It already feels like they've taken the pizzaz and danger that made Loki a thrill to watch in the first place. Why is he so PG now? Where's the sense of danger about him? Eh, i'll hold back and wait.

  • Thanos: No resurrections this time. Loki: 🤣🤣🤣 Okay


  • What’s really crazy is i went looking for that scene when Loki took the space tone to get here In avengers 1 and it’s literally not in the movie they so , they shot that scene over for endgame 💀🤦🏿‍♂️

  • This a series?

  • Seems not that much interesting

  • Loki tamil dub 🤔💭

  • Fighting director sucked in captain america and the winter soldier bruh super dumb actions scenes

  • Lady Loki conform

  • This is amazing

  • Who's here after the last episode of the falcon and the winter soldier

  • I don’t know if it’s the same for anyone else but I prefer Loki 😊 over Thor

  • Who's here after Falcon and Ws finale?

  • This is movie or series? 🧐

  • Did anyone seen "Natasha"...?? 2:06

    • It is not Natasha it is Lady Loki bruh

  • The commission?

  • Big Control vibes

  • Marvel❤❤

  • who here after the last episode of Falcon & The Winter Soldier? This series is about to be lit .. i think we're waiting 2 weeks.

  • Someone give this man a haircut!!

  • Is it just me or does the chicken he's sitting with look exactly like Natasha

  • Hes umm attractive 😏

  • ''I'm 10 steps ahead of you, and you haven't even figured out what game we are playing yet'' it reminds me of Prometheus 😂

  • Basically thats the loki from endgame,if you dont know the past loki took the stone and went to his world

  • Odin: Are you god of stabbing?

  • With short hair, so interesting 😍

  • 0:27 every argument I’ve ever had


  • amazing!


  • Thanos: No resurrections this time. Kevin Feige: And I took that personally

  • Is it available in hindi???❤️❤️❤️

  • 2:00 LOL 😂😂🤣😂😂😂

  • i love seeing Loki upset. :-)

  • 0:40 “please sign to verify this is everything you ever said” 0:47 “sign this too”

  • I expect Owen Wilson to say something like: "I have been told I'm an actor in one of these universes. Can you imagine?" - pause - "Wow".

  • Where were these "time police" guys in Endgame? The time travel didn't tip them off?

  • "I'd never do it again" Loki

  • How he's still alive? Loki dead in end game movie?

    • Actually, Loki died in MARVEL Studios' Avengers: Infinity War. That said, did you forgot how Loki is (so-called) still alive in MS' Avengers: Endgame?

    • Alternate timeline

  • trailer in entirety - excellent, fantastic, I am very excited loki's new hairdo - EXCELLENT FANTASTIC I AM VERY EXCITED

  • I watched this so many times.. The music and atmosphere gets me tbh..

  • tenet 2.0

  • The os vingadores 5 : secret wars

  • Os vingadores ultimato

  • Wanda Vision 123

  • Captain america : secret empire official trailer ( 2021 ) hd

  • O falcão e o soldado invernal

  • Agora

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  • Di tudo

  • Isso

  • Disney

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  • Vas por favor ra mim

  • Loki 2021

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  • Oi tudo bem vocês Boa noite é Eu que si fala o filmes

  • This trailer really needed the Brazil theme.

  • Loki: I am a God Mobius: A puny one Loki: Will I never live that down?

  • You know Loki is the most beloved villain of all time when his series trailer gets more views than Black Widow movie

  • Physics wallah se koi hai yaha unke playlist se mila😂

  • This is what I want to see

  • Umm Nats? @2:06

  • What is this? DragonBall Z? The Good Place? Legends of Tomorrow?

  • Can't wait.

  • Good movie

  • Tom Hiddleston is the best actor for loki

  • We want a clip of when loki falling for 30 mins

  • I hope Disney never acquires WB cause then it would own DC too. Shitty af Marvel. They made Venom family friendly as well. Venom was supposed to be R rated

  • Well, he can be trusted 😂😂😂

  • I think loki is the most lovely villain in the MCU

  • This was posted 2 weeks ago and my tom/loki heart cant help but to visit this everyday.. loki its been a long time

  • Loki fandom: did loki really died? Marvel: Yesn't

  • We want loki series in tamil dub

  • We want loki series in tamil dub

  • We want loki series in tamil dub

  • We want loki series in tamil dub

  • we want loki series in tamil dub

  • Bhai hindi main bhi aayegi kya

  • Man this looks good

  • You might disagree with me but this is the best trailer produced by marvel ever!!!

  • So... Tomorrow, we have The Falcon & Winter Soldier's last episode and we will have to wait until june 11 to watch Loki... The waiting is killing me

  • Loki literally got us in first 02:17 minutes

  • Why is Loki doing a Joker at 2:09

  • Ok so lightning McQueen and Loki are teaming up with each other

    • Fun Fact, Lightning McQueen already been in the MARVEL Cinematic Universe/Earth-199999. Daniel Bruhl (Helmut Zemo) is LMcQ in the German version of Cars.

  • So it’s “catch me if you can” meets marvel

  • Am I the only one excited to see the Loki as a super hero 🙄🙄

  • Awesome.

  • It's that natasya ?

  • Ok so Loki has to face the Time Keepers because of the distortions he caused. What about what Captain America did? I hope they answer this.

  • 2:06 no one acknowledged that black widow is just chilling with Loki here

    • First correction millions of people saw it and its not black widow

    • Idiot

    • It's Lady Loki

    • Lady loki

  • Need it in hindi

  • Why is nobody talking about 2:06 🥲

    • Nobody is talking about it because IT'S NOT NATASHA

  • What the hell! Isn't loki die?