Minecraft's Most Mind-Blowing Inventions...

Published on Apr 5, 2021
Minecraft's Most Mind-blowing Inventions. Minecraft Players have always been pushing Minecraft to it's limit with INSANE inventions and today we look at the most craziest and mind-blowing ones.
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These Minecraft inventions can't even be built with a Redstone or a build tutorial, but some actually go way back in Minecraft's History. Dream should still use one of these to win his Minecraft Manhunt though.
Super Quarry, Mob Switch, Tunnel Bore, Bedrock Remover - Scicraft / Ilmango - usdos.info/list/HSI8erNrN6hs3sUK6oONLA
Auto AFK Bridge Builder, Raid Farm, How Did We Get Here - Rayworks - usdos.info
Footage of Scicraft, Wave Machine, Lava Bridge Builder - Mumbo Jumbo - usdos.info
Biggest Minecraft Door - Lord Jon25 - usdos.info/border/video/r52Fa4twspenbqc
Xbox 360 Kinect Real-Time - Nate Viniconis - usdos.info/border/video/3miheHek1rugn2g
Bomber Plane - Pi - usdos.info/border/video/35WkamSdvax-iqs
Redstone Calculator - Mattbatwings - usdos.info/border/video/232pnGBt3c6sbIU
Redstone Computer - legomasta99 - usdos.info/border/video/uZiDZaeqrZuba4E
EMP Lag Machine - Romtec - usdos.info/border/video/uJWHbaJtzdGchIE
More Footage - usdos.info/border/video/nmdqooR_0M6oZ5E
15x15 Door - ViscoseComb 24 - usdos.info/border/video/nKZ7on-b2tiZY4k


  • Mumbo Jumbo be like: *0_0*

  • Dude your an og you need to be at the top already

  • P I E

  • "and obsidian" shows bedrock

  • Wow that’s a lot of red stone

  • Rule34 and Minecraft has similarities "Endless possibilities"

  • But did you have automatic storing system. Pff


  • *Engineers and scientists workers in quarantine be like*

  • 1:55 yEah worst than murder xD

  • I think my sub button broke it’s already grey

  • Imagine Mumbo Jumbo seeing this video

  • Real life engineering is easy

  • I can't make any of these in my dreams 😂

  • I love the terraria music in the background

  • Eee

  • Why do i hear terraria music

  • there are a few machines that belong in "honorable mentions": -ender dragon farm / ender dragon one-shot system -TNT railgun (TNT cannons being built to the limit) -Machines that build machines -old machines that pushed boats without using redstone -massive smelter -Safe house to keep it all in

  • And then theres me, that cant even build a secret door 😃

  • Totally not watching this again, what? Nooo

  • Ok, the end got me lol

  • Imagine playing Minecraft for years and still don’t know how to use red stone 😂😅😄😊😐🙁☹️😢😭

  • The original creator of flying machine is fitmc🙌🏻

  • usdos.info/border/video/1ZuohnxtmrGYrI0

  • o ye

  • Nice one

  • Dude If Minecraft Remove The Bedrock Destroying Machine The Creator Of This Will Be So Mad Because They Made This In Survival And Its A Lot Of Hard Work Gone

  • Imagine killing and stealing some nerds diamonds and then that person goes and creats a lag machine to destroy your world. Like every movie villian plot ever.

  • Imagine using the super quarry and the bedrock breaking thing to completely and utterly destroy the whole world

  • Omg the sub button turned grey

  • So beautiful ❤️ videos

  • My favorite one is the subscribe button

  • I swear some nut case with too much money is gonna design some super weapon using Minecraft.

  • I invented 2x2 cell RAM in Minecraft PE :D

  • 0:18 Me: 2B2T

  • 10:41 my people

  • What's with the Terraria Music?

  • bruh what was the last one

  • "Make a sky bridge without moving a muscle" The finger still contains muscles.

  • 10:40 This one so insane

  • 5:05 The U.S. government would like your location.

  • Last one wasepic

  • Is the music at the end from a paper mario game?

  • 9:42 Pretty much?

  • i love the extra one at the end

  • the one at 7:25 actually a lag machine in 2b2t that can make it creator and anyone stand near it invincible because it removed hitbox.

  • This is why real life scientists are going extinct

  • Me who doesn't even know how the heck a Redstone Comparator works

  • Mumbo Jumbo: You know, it's pretty easy and simple to do-

  • Engineering but its in a childs game.

  • the last invention made me subscribe..

  • When an engineer play minecraft

  • Uhm huh

  • 10:40 Gen Z humor at its finest


    • terraria: overworld day theme

  • *Bomber Plane bombing over village* Village: 🙄🙄🙄 Hiroshima: *first time?*

  • very good

  • Umm.. I’m confused even though I’ve been playing Minecraft already for ten years lol

  • #frog

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  • Holy shit the last one blew my mind

  • You missed flying machine ocean drainer

  • have you noticed that godbridging is twice as fast as all of the bridging methods here?

  • 2:59 awwww cmon I’m a god bridge man none other like drag clicking o-o

  • 0:23 he just called obsidian bedrock

  • That's Phil Davis from Supernanny USA

  • I felt that when he said E

  • the last one is my fav

  • Imagine making those inventions and discovering that it didn't work after so much of hardwork😅

  • so low soed

  • I even don't know the use of redstone🤒

  • Holy shit my brain hurts now

  • Someone needs to make the sentienal castle (or something i havent finished doom yet) from doom eternal

  • 4:40 Terraria Music.

  • I am pretty sure that minecraft servers have lag machines every 10 blocks

  • ╾━╤デ╦︻

  • 10:38 the most useful invention

  • RIP PIG 2021-2021

  • I love the last part where is the sheep XDDDDDDD

  • Can it run Doom?

  • "Take that bedwars player, your godbridge is useless" God bridger: *What did i do to you?*

  • I like the last invention lol :D

  • Not to flex but, I can and will make that last contraption.

  • 10:40 Revolutionary

  • God loves you all

  • Him: literally builds a giant robot thing Me: builds a piston door

  • Who els noticed the terraria music in the background for the satisfying sand?

  • they are making redstone contraptions look hella simple like they took a day or less to make it 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • why did you have to include the raid farm it reminds me of how dan died ;-;

  • The last one was the best

  • Esse aí não conhece o famoso Viniccius13

  • 0:27 btw that’s bedrock

  • Terraria and minecraft are two different games Lol

  • Technology is getting better.

  • 0:19 so.... basically you join 2B2T

  • 5:04 ENEMY AC-130 ABOVE!!!!

  • Version for this invenction?

  • 8:01 this is the thing that ended DanTDM's hardcore

  • I do not believe that you did not add the immortality machine on 2b2t wtf this is one of the best inventions

  • The last was just beautiful