Miscellaneous Myths: The Cowherd And The Weaver Girl

Published on Jul 30, 2021
A romantic tale of love, heartbreak, and more importantly, SPACE! And believe it or not, this one's actually seasonal!

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  • can you do a video on the seven deadly sins?!

  • On a not quite related note, just read a discussion on the connection between mythology and the society it reflects and let's just say it's not pretty. The basic premise was that this couple was separated because the girl's family want her back and they can only meet once every year on this specific day. To everyone else outside of this relationship, the girl just disappeared one day and her husband claims that her family took her. So one of the theories was that for whatever reasons, men of that time hid their wives' disappearance from the rest of society by claiming that their in-laws were at fault. This happening in a time when women had no autonomy and divorce is very much a taboo suggests that the whole deal is a lot darker underneath. And yes, I don't believe in fairy tales anymore.

  • you fougt a magpie???

  • I love the little touches in these myth videos. Like how "Kiss from a Rose" just keeps showing up in love stories.

  • She's not kidding 'bout Magpies.

  • what's the name of the music at 2:48?

  • I remember this story from Jadyen Smith and Jackie Chan's movie

  • Oh man... After that story ending like that, the song you sing in the outro brought a genuine tear to my eye.

  • "Vega is kinda a superstar (pun absolutely intended)" yet one more reason I love OSP Also, anyone know if the 7 goddesses who descend to go swimming were perhaps connected to the Pleiades (or whatever the Japanese/Korean people called the Pleiades)?

  • Ok but how badass do you think it feels to just be able to slash space in half with anything you can get your hands on, like a hair pin?

  • I must say, I always have a hard time reading the text in the credits because for that, I need to interrupt your beautiful singing which really makes my day sometimes. :)

  • I heard of this from the webtoon Where Tangents Meet by the author of Sirens Lament.

  • Footnote to a footnote: You ran some text at the end on the Japanese variant on the myth, which is the Tanabata festival. When Studio Ghibli and director Hiromasa Yonebayashi did their Japan-located version of the British novel "When Marnie Was There", it was moved from Anglia to the northern island of Hokkaido which seems to be a lot like Anglia, which is one reason Japanese have always LOVED "When Marnie Was There". Tanabata is the one day your biggest wish comes true, which seems like the legend was tailor-made for this adaptation of "Marnie"...

  • Suddenly I´m starting to understand that new manhwa that came out "The cowherd and the fairy " a little bit better...

  • Can we get a whole segment just dedicated to red's covers of things? I love her voice

  • Gosh, I havent heard this story since elementary!

  • Interesting how in this variant "mortal who sees a goddess bathing" goes a lot better for the mortal, unlike with, say, Artemis and Actaeon. Also interesting that this story beat popped up in Greece, as well as China, and beyond~

  • I'm not sure if there is enough source material on this, but I would absolutely love a video on Artemis myths!

  • So no one is gonna mention the lil' kids who only get to see mama once an year . Anyone ?

  • To be honest Greek mythology isn't bad but Japanese history and mythology, including yokai that's always going to be a heck of a lot better than anywhere else you're going to find and I'm not just saying that because I'm a big fan of Japanese culture and anime Japan, actually has been on the sidelines for a really long time and hasn't really gotten much noticed up until 5 or 6 years ago, I guess we owe lot of that to anime and some USdosrs that share the beautiful culture of Japan all over, not to mention the anime VR youtubers who will remain nameless, of both America and Japan though those VR girls can take a turn towards weirdsville pretty quickly just saying, thank you guys blue and red you guys are awesome! 😎 PS I swear when you were singing that song what's love got to do it sounded a lot better then the actual music it was just so gentle and kind and calming actually wish you could have finished it I've never heard anyone with that sound like that with a kind, gentle singing voice before ❤️

  • Hey, the Jewish Golem of Prague would be a great misc. myth to do, or the Kabbalah/story of the Kabbalah would be cool. Out of your comfort zone a bit, but terribly interesting, and part of one of the oldest continuously practiced religions of all time

  • Could you do a video on Cassandra please???? :)

  • Oyasumi PunPun was somewhat on this myth

  • I kinda wanna see a Hephaestus video

  • I remember this in one episode of ranma 1/2

  • MV rất hay, i like it 😦😓😉

  • Talk about a Deus Ox Machina amiright?

  • I absolutely love her singing and guitar at the end.

  • i just finished watching every single miscellaneous myths video to ever exist

  • Could you do a video about the Ibonia epic, or a Dreaming story?

  • This might be the first time I’ve ever watched a miscellaneous myth video that I knew the myth story already I would like to thank my dad for reading me traditional Chinese myths for bedtime stories

  • As an Australian we don’t mess with magpies. Those are vicious things. Seriously don’t metaphorically f**k with them!

  • Where do we find Red’s music 😔 I always wanna listen to it

  • Our story begins a little vegauly

  • I’m involved in a Strictly Ballroom musical right now and did not expect to hear Time After Time here.

  • Imagine living somewhere where you can see stars, lucky Red

  • southern hemisphere gang

  • How the hell do you get "Genie" from "Zhi Nü?" Seriously? Your pronunciations are only somewhat off usually, but come on. The closest it would be to English is like "jer nooh," with a u like in French or German.

  • qixi was yesterday

  • Yeah, you really don't want to pick a fight with a magpie. They're the corvid equivalent of honey badgers and colour-coded the same way. XD And yes, Talking-Ox-Who-Was-There-The-Whole-Time is now my favorite mythical character too. 👍

  • So wait...A cowboy...fell in love with a woman from the moon...something something sci-fi/western romance plot?

  • honestly i’d pay for like an album of red’s covers they always have such a nice vibe to them

  • Would you consider talking about the Ring Of Nibelung ?

  • The Eurasian magpies are smart as f*** but tiny however the Australian magpie is large, vocal and have a human bodycount.

  • Personally I'd love to see the story of Fafnir and Siegfried you know the original actual telling not the often modernized version that bastardized Siegfrieds character of feral wild child to the Berserk rip off everyone thinks of.

  • Just learned it was the Qixi Festival today from the Google doodle, so that's pretty neat.

    • Yep just saw the same thing and had the same realization

  • Happy Qixi Festival everyone! 🧵🐮

  • I am kinda hoping Red eventually covers the Morrigan. I think it would make for an interesting video

  • The real friend was the Talking Ox we had all along.

  • Remind me to never pick a fight with a magpie; they're stronger than they look Alright Australians! Time to tell Red about magpie swooping season!

  • How cool that our girl Red is now an amateur stargazer. I love this story about the Cowherd and the Weaver, a classic "the human world and the immortal realm shall never mix, but they still find a way to be together (however limited)" kind of story.

  • I love Red and all she does and I love finally knowing the track I love in her videos is called "Flight of the Silverbird"

  • Pleassseee do one on Dracula there’s so much there

  • Vega is the 5th brightest star in the night sky and Deneb is about 3300 light years away from sun. Altair is 17 light years away and spins so fast when you look at thru a telescope it more oval and circle. Plus there was a comet visible in the night sky last summer.

  • ok all of you osp subscribers going to make a challenge, go outside and find a constellation and make it your own.

  • The beginning kinda felt like that one .try about Artemis and her hunters where she turns that guy into a deer i think 😂

  • That last story made me sad.

  • I really want full length versions of the Red songs at the end of these - can we have some Red sings videos?

  • This is adorable, also I want these two (and maybe the ox who was there all along don't even worry about it) to be on alllll the merch please and thankyou

  • Does anyone knows a channel that has a someone singing, like the end of this video?

  • Please make a singing channel Red, I want to listen to your full covers uwu

  • And now we can't even see the space river. Or at least I can't with my city's level of light pollution.

  • There is a Philippine version of this

  • Idea! What about the tale of Der Freischütz? Magic bullets, deals with the devil. Oh! Deals with the devil could even be a Troupe Talk, since that's a super common troupe.

  • I was talking to my grandma about the Tanabata festival on one of our walks, and she was never someone who was interested in myths and such, but described it as being something so hopeful and beautiful, and that it’s just a celebration of hope and love, and like with the drawing you did of the reunion of the lovers, you could really just see that

  • Were the seven sisters at all related to the Pleiades? And my personal favorite constellation is Cassiopia. How about you?

  • himena aika

  • One more reason i gotta get into astronomy.

  • Red gives me those "big sister who plays guitar"

  • The Ox really feels like the Jade Emperor low-key trying to help support his kids lmao

  • Am I the only one confused by the fact that neither Red nor Blue is actually particularly Sarcastic?

  • I wonder if she does the lunar beast in Chinese mythology

  • Can confirm, Magpies will fuck you up

  • Actually, the story changed a lot over time. The Weaver Girl and the Cowherd was first mentioned during the Zhou dynasty (1100BC-256BC) in a poem that complains that the people are treated unfairly comparing to the ruling class: "維天有漢,監亦有光。跂彼織女,終日七襄。雖則七襄,不成報章。睆彼牽牛,不以服箱。" Translation: There is a beauty silver river in the sky, one that reflects light like a mirror. There is the beautiful Weaver Girl star, that moves seven times a day. Although she moves seven times a day, I never see her accomplished weaving anything. There is also the cowherd star around, I never see him transfer any goods. So basically, during this time, the Weaver Girl and the Cowherd are both heavenly entities, but have no connections together except that they are near the silver river (milky way), people use them as metaphors to the aristocrats that seems to have a job but never accomplished anything while the hard work are done by the common people. In the Han dynasty (202 BC-220 AD), the concept of the Weaver Girl and the Cowherd meeting once a year through a bridge of magpie started to form: “七夕烏鵲填河成橋渡織女” Translation: In the Seventh Night, Ravens and Magpies forms a bridge on the silver river for the Weaver Girl’s crossing. During the three-kingdom period (220-280) the Weaver Girl and the Cowherd became a couple: “牽牛為夫,織女為婦。織女牽牛之星各處河鼓之旁” Translation: The cowherd is the husband, the Weaver Girl is the wife, the two star are located on the separated side of the silver river. In the Liang dynasty (502-557), we see the first story regarding the two stars: “天河之東有織女,天帝之子也。年年機杼勞役,織成雲錦天衣,容貌不暇整。帝憐其獨處,許嫁河西牽牛郎,嫁後遂廢機杼。天帝怒,責另歸東西,但使一年一度相會。” Translation: On the East of the river there is the Weaver Girl, daughter of the heavenly emperor. Every year she worked hard to weave the clouds in to the heavenly robe and did not care of herself. The heavenly emperor pity her and so married her to the Cowherd West of the river. After marriage she abandoned her weaving. The heavenly emperor was angry so he commands the couple to go back to the separate side of the river and only let them meet once a year. It was really late in the Ming dynasty (1368-1644) that the whole stealing the cloth while bathing become a part of the story, and that was combining the Weaver Girl story with the feather robe legend from the Jin dynasty(265-420): “豫章新喻縣男子,見田中有六七女,皆衣毛衣,不知是鳥。匍匐往得其一女所解毛衣,取藏之,即往就諸鳥。諸鳥各飛去,一鳥獨不得去。男子取以為婦。生三女。其母后使女問父,知衣在積稻下,得之,衣而飛去,後復以迎三女,女亦得飛去。” Translation: In Xinyu there was a man, when he was farming, he saw around 6 or 7 girls all wearing feather robes, and doesn’t know they are birds, he sneaks up on hide one of the robes that one of the girls took up and then went to confront the birds. All the birds flied off except one, which he took for his wife. She bore him three daughters. One day the mother made the daughters ask their father where he hid her rode, and discover that it was under a pile of hay. She flied away after she recovers her robe and later came for her daughters. They filed away as well. I see from the replies of a Japanese person that in Japan they are familiar with the originally Liang dynasty version of the story, and personally I know in Japan they have the feather robe legend (羽衣伝説) as well. So I would say Japan’s version of the story is more of the original version of the story in this case.

  • Wow! Usually it's the father that forbids his daughter to marry. The Mother must be one big bitch!

  • Your singing improved drastically tbh, good job Red!!!1

  • What is it with the wifes of the main god in myths being an absolute jerk to everyone talking to their family...

  • Hey I wonder if red will ever do a miscellaneous myths on Zeus or Poseidon

  • "So this story begins... a little vega"

  • I very much appreciate Red!

  • Hey when are we going to see the end of Sun wukong's tale?

  • I learned about this legend because of Kamen Rider Den-O!

  • i know about this myth from where tangents meet on webtoon lol

  • Everyone has their own hobbies. For Eobard Thawne, it’s screwing with Time Travel. For Red, it’s astrology.

    • "Vega and Altair? It was me Barry! I made the silver river!"

  • Also magpies are assholes. Like there is blatently some sort of correlation between intelligence and desire to mess with other living things. As funny as it was I watched one go back and forth between our back garden fences for an hour. Each time waiting for our cat to slowly sneak up and then it chittered and flew to the other side, it could have joined it's friends on our roof but no it was hanging around just to screw with our cat. Don't get me wrong funny as hell but a bit assholish

  • The biggest thing I learned from this video is that Altair from Assassin's creed is named after a constellation shaped like an eagle. I thought it was just a cool-sounding name they made up!

  • 2:07 - "Now our story begins... a little vaguely." Shouldn't it be... VEGA-ly?

  • I love your singing

  • "He saw me naked so now we must marry" by that logic all midwives/doctors marry the newborns they help deliver

  • Fun fact, there was a recent episode of Kamen Rider that featured a monster based on orihime!

  • I prefer the Japanese version of the myth because it's usually celebrated on my birthday, lol

  • 1:13 mad respect to the first person to photograph the sun

  • This kinda has the same structure as most animal bride stories, doesn't it?

  • I was hoping we get to hear more Pride 🏳️‍🌈 Mythologies?

  • My cat is named Altair

  • Can yall do a video on tricksters? Not a specific one just tricksters as a part of myth and folklore.

  • Fun fact about magpies: In Danish they're called "skade", which translates to "damage" or "injury". Don't mess with magpies.

  • ""Remind me to never pick a fight with a magpie as thoses little scampa are stronger than they look"" Edit: animal crossing brought me here. Ops

  • I would love to see a video on the Australian dream time!

  • Why is it every high rank god acts petty in every folklore story?!