Mitch McConnell Shamelessly Says “The Era of Bipartisanship Is Over”: A Closer Look

Published on Jun 10, 2021
Seth takes a closer look at Senate GOP leader Mitch McConnell declaring an end to bipartisanship as President Biden continues fruitless talks with Republicans.

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Mitch McConnell Shamelessly Says "the Era of Bipartisanship Is Over": A Closer Look- Late Night with Seth Meyers

Late Night with Seth Meyers


  • He's an imp, he's a from India..!

  • Seth was having a lot of fun that day 😂

  • Mitch is still alive...? F*ck me

  • From a DC animated movie Superman: "What if I moved the earth?" Batman: "If we had a week, I would explain why that's a TERRIBLE idea." ALSO a old Superfriends episode had Green Lantern move the earth (12 year old me going WHAT?!) and it was proved to ramp up the world's temperature DANGEROUSLY high! triple digits EVERYWHERE. Even a Superfriends episode said this is stupid!

  • At 1:45 when he says this dude used to be a democrat he's talking about Joe Manchin right ? Yeah I remember when he used to be a democrat as well.

  • He's watched too many Flash Gordon episodes.

  • The 'era of bipartisanship' never existed in the first place. Don't kid yourselves, the GOP is out to either destroy or enslave the majority of US citizens. It's blatant and scary to watch from another country.

  • The people of Tangentia would like to off Seth Myers an honorary citizenship.

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  • It might be useful to broadcast videos of Kennedy to his constituents featuring his more refined persona. They'll love that.

  • The wall, as built, has 6-inch slots in it, perfect for passing all manner of contraband. It also allows Mexican imps and pixies to pass unrestrained.

  • Not surprized by mitch still supports kissing trump's butt as usual what a coward has nothing to say about democratic went sit on your face and do nothing yourselve

  • You shouldn't report on bullshit that is only meant as a distraction from the fascist agenda, You should comment on the fascist agenda, straight-up.

  • Bi-partisanship has been dead for 30 years. Who are you kidding Mitch? America is broken beyond repair.

  • Moscow Mitch McConnell is a hater of democracy and the lover of authoritarianism. In other words, he's an un-American fascist, and a racist, because he's against HR1. Once, before he became a Trump sycophant, he actually was for the continuation of the 1965 Voting Rights Act. Then Trump came along, and his chance to get on Trump's Russian grift!

  • This guy is Really thinks this president who needs clue cards to talk to you or to do a speech or Handler to tell him where the bathroom is because he’ll get lost. What is this world come to?

  • The era of bipartisanship is over- when did it start?

  • Boy oh boy, I hope McConnell's penultimate goal to lie about, and to propandize Presiden Biden's goals is equally as effective as his laser focused goal and its dog-whistling to the fascist. Obama 2009-2017 DJTurd, 2017-2021. Hey Sen McConnell, Rep K McCarthy, amd of course we can't forget #TheLeaningTowerOfPeeTapes, the last bit is a dead giveaway of your ineptitude at governance. Do you see it? I do.

  • If the joke is about Louie Gommert (or how ever you spell that fucking name), it's not worthwhile hearing the joke or having to look at the Original Trump.


  • lies

  • Wealthy Globalists like George Soros and the Rothchilds are evil and want to control the world and want to take all your rights away like your right to own guns and your right to free speach. Globalists are responsible for election fraud and the virus.Globalist also control the Democrats, Mainstream media, sports, Hollywood and social media. Globalists are responsible for election fraud and the virus. Globalists removed Trump because Trump wants the people of the world to have the power and freedom. Go to the website for the truth. They have daily reports

  • The classism of mocking poor southerners with the accent is doing your cause no favors.

  • 🤣🤣🤣

  • Mitch McConnell needs to be removed from power immediately. The only thing he's done for America's in enrich himself.

  • Yes, let's change the moon and earth's orbit. Sounds like a solid plan to address Climate Change. /SMH

  • I think this is always the reason why when taking Americans for jobs we should never check which party they support but their education in other things other than only politics

  • The era of #GOP majority leadership is done.

  • You don't have to be a moron to be a GOP member, but it will increase your chances of GOP leadership

  • I hope But den heard him. Because he needs to take the gloves off . Do your job,

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  • I honestly don't understand people that don't like the late night shows, people just don't like enjoying things.

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  • Fact: gohmert graduated from college, received a law degree and became a JUDGE in texas. Its so scary

  • I love the faces. "Oh, it would have been the same?"

  • #SethMeyers open a CBD & ThC dispensary

    • Pay for you can't touch this and much more get Seth Rogen to present your grand opening

  • I literally get butt clicked to this ship show multiple times a day and I would ban it if I could. I hate this guy and Trevor fing Noah.

  • GOP FAILURES: POWER GRID, PANCAKED BUILDINGS, AND DRUNKS STORMING THE CAPITOL In a GOP-led world, expect people to die from power grid failures, pancaked buildings, and domestic terrorists because THEIR FOLLOWERS DENY ENGINEERING, SCIENCE, JOURNALISM AND EDUCATION! CURRENT EVENTS AND FAILURES The FLA surfside condo collapse is still under investigation but well-founded hypotheses have already been reported, including the possibility of contributing factors, such as sea level rise, erosion of foundations, sink holes, etc. What is not speculative is the newly discovered report indicating the FLA condo was inspected by an engineering firm and “immediate” corrective and investigative actions were recommended for the failed building structure as far back as Oct, 2018. Coupled with the inherent (previously documented) design flaws and lack of regulatory oversight of the Texas power grid, these recent events combine to create a powerful narrative for the nation, as they consider putting Alt-Right extremists back in office in 2022 and 2024. Patently ignored by GOP-led groups and institutions, Highly educated, trained Engineers reported scientific evidence and deficient regulations, as well as structural and design failures that led to the collapse of the Texas power grid and Florida’s pancaked building collapse. ***If you do not understand these reports, you cannot comment on these critiques. Period. You are disqualified from any commentary.*** Example: Engineers, architects reflect the science, engineering and education required to identify and correct structural failures identified and documented that are occurring in the FLA condo building dating back to 2018. 2018 WARNINGS OF WATER DAMAGE DUE TO HURRICANES AND FLOODING The 2018 report for the FLA Surfside condo building clearly documents precautions needed to prevent this catastrophe, and was written by properly educated engineers, based upon scientific facts, and researched by structural and materials engineering experts, and warned of the impending catastrophe. Report Link: 2021: THE WHOLE REMAINING (ATTACHED) BUILDING COMPLEX MUST BE EVACUATED AND SCHEDULED FOR DEMOLITION. In the next year or so, the site will be razed. Plus, current speculation for the failed Surfside building includes a wide-range of likely causes, yet all remain conjecture until we hear more reports from well educatd, trained engineers can rely on scientific data, and their devotion to lengthy training and industry experience (that’s why they are referred to as “scientific and engineering experts”). Again, when the experts have made their reports, only then can the scientific community need apply, and those who are educated and savvy enough to know better need comment. What caused this murderous failure? Speculation continues to be more horrific than the next, as the total structural failure at the Champlain Towers South Condo in Surfside is what we can expert from a GOP-led plan for infrastructure and over-site. We do not yet know what caused the horrific failure on Thursday at the Champlain Towers South Condo in Surfside but we know insufficient follow through and untimely response for the 2017 inspections, as well as likely under funded, routine snd long term care, overdue maintenance have all played their roles, as is so often the case in when greedy developers and landowners fail to meet legal, morale property management responsibilities. As sink holes are well-known , well understood, yet, they remain highly undetectable, even though the (current and future) threat of sea level rise, the foundational requirements of beach front property in low-lying high rises has ALWAYS been and valid concern. Is it climate change, or nearby construction of another high-rise? Or is it “major structural damage” caused by improper pool deck and rain drainage which, accumulatively, over many years of exposure can severely impact the integrity of the building. It is likely to be several contributing factors which average people have no clue about the “how” or the “why”. Since most people don’t even (physically, geographically, … spiritually) know the “Where”, in this exposed part of Miami, hence their comments are immediately irrelevant. What is relevant? The following report from an experienced, trained engineer based upon expert knowledge of materials and construction science, and building methods specific to that geography. FURTHER PROOF OF NEGLIGENCE AND DANGER - April, 2021 REPORT: HOA FAILED TO INVOKE ACTIONS - ACTIONS HAD BEEN STRONGLY RECOMMENDED IN PRIOR 2018 REPORT Jun 29, 2021 - SURFSIDE, Fla.-The president of the Champlain South Towers condo association told residents in April their building was in desperate disrepair and urged them to pay the $15 million in assessments needed to fix structural problems, in a letter reviewed by The Wall Street Journal. The condo building collapsed into a pile of rubble Thursday, leaving at least 11 people dead and 150 unaccounted for, officials said. On Monday, rescue workers tunneled into the debris left by the fallen building, searching for survivors, for the fifth day. The condo board president, Jean Wodnicki wrote that the concrete damage to the building would “multiply exponentially over the years, and indeed the observable damage such as in the garage has gotten significantly worse over the years.” 04/09/21 UPDATE: ACTION OVERDUE The purpose of the letter, dated April 9, 2021, was to explain to residents the worthiness of the construction projects for the 40-year-old building ahead of the following week’s meeting about a $15 Million Special Assessment for the Owners. Actions which were very delayed and delinquent, given the 2018 report.

  • There has never been a party so successful that goes so far out of their way to kill off their own voterbase, than the republican party. . . well, appart from that roman emperor that catapulted snakes at roman citizen while he was doing speeches. . . which does explain why they are so desperate to have people gather in large crowds.

  • Republicans end bipartisanship. Democrats create laws for everyone but the GOP only cares about racist rural folk (whites only)

  • Still don't understand his second wife resighned. Yet he didn't.Poor poor ancient man .He wants a funeral like Mcains?

  • How many acres will mconnel get in china?

  • I truly say tax religion.

  • Can’t wait until the end of the era of obstructionist Mitch McConnell! The day will come!

  • Ahhhh the robot in decrepit GQP Senator form, Kennedy. We remember that you have no original thoughts, Example: “These gotcha books don’t really interest me that much.” A "gotcha" book that consisted of recorded conversations where the calls were initiated by donald. lol Only a dum dum would continue to interview that clueless waste of space.

  • Reminds me of old man look at my life i'm alot like you. The diiffrence is he put his wife with chinese shipping .

  • I love audience-less Seth! This is so much better! I hope it never changes! Also, when is Cicada Cicada coming to Broadway? 🤔

  • Stupid unteachable people deserve Republicons.

  • Wow, John Kennedy keeps projecting. sheesh

  • Awl thet extra foam is makin' th' earth's orbit git awl wobbly.

  • Wasn’t that George Jones that was referred to as “the ole possum”?

  • Wait, is he the same dumbass that stated something about too many people on one side of an island tipping it?? Is that how it went? With all the gazzillion lies from Agent Orange, I cannot keep anything straight anymore...

  • I don't believe that Congressman GOMER even knows what "SARCASM" even is. I think that he's really just that stupid. 🙃

  • Dude is so hard to watch with the impressions and pauses…. Both not his forte

  • Moscow Mitch was removed from the Army in 1967 for sodomy, though they covered it with an iris irritation, that could have been readily corrected.

  • Mitch should know, straight from the horse's mouth! Give him hay so he can fertilize the graves of his gun control policies!

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  • Can the forest service do something about the moon's orbit... i though i knew the ignorance of the less-educated but here i am, unable to believe what i saw and heard. And to even think further that posing this question out in the open (where everybody can witness) did not get him the pressure to resign is even more mindblowing. FFS, america, do something about this and invest in education.

  • Seth move to Russia

  • Yeah lets change the stupid are these people

  • imagine if the technology exists

  • Side note, I think this guy is oranger than trump, I didn't think that was possible

  • Carnival barker

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  • (Facepalm) That line of Gohmert is just oppressively stupid.

  • How can you bipartisanship with someone who wants to change the orbit of Earth? How did Louie Gohmert get elected?

  • Was the Guy talking about climate change...really serious...Dear Lord

  • “A closer Loki” sounds like the perfect ending scene I want to bring to my sleep 😏🌹😏

  • What has that congressmen been smoking ?Change earth's orbit!?This from GQP!

  • I get my most accurate news from Seth.

  • Always gota have a "fundraiser" to try to convince everybody that you're a good person. Good job, dork.

  • I say the Dems should go actual hard left ND give the GOP exactly what they fear

  • I think it's great that Seth Meyers keeps mentioning Loki trying to be hip and current. His voice sounds like herpes given the power of speech.


  • Wally deserves a pay cut.

  • It takes 2 to engage in bipartisanship. Stating "bipartisanship is dead" is the exact same as saying "WE are the ONLY reason bipartisanship is dead!"

  • Didn't Seth compare Sen. Kennedy with that guy from Green Acres? They do sound alike!

  • I wish McConnel era was over forever. We should call him Turtle Traitor

  • What? A Republican believed in climate change in front of the media? What was that nonsense he said? Someone cheated through his science classes.

  • Niether republicans or democrats have a "core ideology" the 2 party system has made it so both parties have too be extremely broad instead of like 5 parties that might have a actual stance.

  • This was one of the least funniest video I’ve seen by Seth… I didn’t know one reference. Comedy is one of the best ways to talk about serious issues and he has such a great play form. He just need to figure out what audience he’s trying to get the attention of. Younger, and “fresher” minds are the future. Honestly, this segment could have been in black and white and it wouldn’t have felt like anything was out of place. Fortunately, he can do way better.

  • Mitch McConnell doesn't represent the American People. He only represents MONEY

  • America is looking more like China in this sense.

  • Its more like the era of turning a blind eye is over because consequences are worse than solutions in some cases. These old leaders are way out of touch and irrelevant and obsolete. Systems that don't allow adaptation and allow to build better for the future.

  • Yeah can we move the moon an inch to the left and the earth upside down so it faces the sun on the opposite side. Thank you

  • TRUMP was democrat most of Till he decided to be in government? And went republican?

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  • whole lotta irony coming from the GOP "Against the middle class" as if Regan didn't shove his entire fist of the ass of the middle class

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  • How ironic McConnell would say the era of Bipartisanship is over when he started that era in 2020 when Americans needed him the most to approve Stimulus money desperately needed and he said no. Now, he is acting like a victim because he is no longer in control of denying Americans help. If he was still in control of the senate, he would be the one negating Bipartisanship and everyone knows it !! So, stop being a hypocrite you satanic Mitch !!!!

  • Latte is almost twice as much milk as cappuccino, you fool 😊

  • Doggiecoin!

  • I thought Gohmert meant Black Lives Matter when he said BLM. It means Bureau Of Land Management. Makes as much sense either way.

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  • Yap, his accent is real. He is soooo country. He really need to stay off TV. He's an embarrassment to Louisiana.

  • Does seth still have no audience? I miss those laughs