Moving On...

Published on Aug 3, 2021
Moving On...

Today’s video is a serious one guys. There’s going to be a major shift in everything we post moving forward and I want you guys to be aware of all the changes and the new directions we’re going to be taking my content. Not much else to say other than enjoy and don’t forget to LIKE THE VIDEO!

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  • I started hating Cod so much, i forgot about some of my favorite streamers. And thats the other toll it took. People stoped playing, and watching.

  • bro keep grinding do what u love and don’t let anybody tell u otherwise

  • Is it true you only moved to Apex because you were using crazyaim? Pretty sus you moving the day before Activision would detect that cheat. Just saying....

  • the 2.4K people who disliked are the hackers who ruin Warzone. Ain't that sad?

  • Subbed bro I'm lookin forward to seeing Apex in my feed!

  • Anti-cheat ma ass !

  • Dipping from warzone whatever now apex whatever y'all forgeting what start all dis Fortnite and Fortnite is still good ion care

  • I wish my buds would play other games that isn't just warzone, I play it on pc and they play on ps4, in a single day I encountered many hackers like 7, I even witness a hacker killing another hacker... pathetic, so I stopped playing it but my friends keeps playing it... I wish I have more friends that plays different games to have fun together and not deal with cheaters...

  • the hacking is ridiculous

  • bro I respect u, things like Fortnite and WZ just died out and i downloading apex today and I’m having so much fun

  • Battlefield bro

    • Nobody plays that, wouldn’t get views

  • Now vangaurd is on and hes back... what a fukn tool

  • Honestly, I like Warzone and watching you play, but I don't like watching the same game over and over. I like when you switch it up, I do the same in my games. I cycle through Apex, Counter Strike, Warzone, Oblivion, Skyrim, WOT and a ton of other games. Play what you want, we watch because your fun to watch, not necessarily the game!

  • I will never buy another call of duty because of how terrible the hacking has been over the years I feel like I wasted so much money and time to get wrecked by hackers that will admit they are doing it verbally it’s crazy

  • The dynamic religion contrarily care because sheet regionally trap aside a freezing cub. zesty, boundless industry

  • How you feel about that turd 8 thoughts have smuggled himself back on youtube??? I dont know how to report him to youtube

  • peace and luv

  • surely make the switch to being a Battlefield 2042 youtuber Hazard zone will give you some great battle royale like content, got custom modes and huge all out team v team 128 player battles too

  • this is what Activision needs before they realized that they really ruined the game for everyone and maybe they could improve the game as whole like idk maybe just maybe adding some anti cheat or maybe take off console cosplay lock hackers and badly balanced guns is why this game is dead and thank you nick for bringing Activision a step closer to possibly improve the game

  • He’s getting off because they’re gonna launch a anti cheat and he’s gonna get exposed 😂🤣.

  • I’m barely all the way in the video and COMPLETELY AGREE !!!!!

  • Finally some big channel that addresses the hacking issue!! Thank you my guy. There is no reason for good players to be punished when we want to be loyal to a franchise

  • Ur a good dude nick

  • Nickmercs is the type of guy who is like my older brother advising me to stay at school and respect your parents and dont do drugs

  • That’s that apex cuzzin 😂😂

  • Anyone else notice how nick doesn’t even slide cancel correctly 😭

  • Its been bad for years mate, long time coming

  • Respect, Apex definitely isn’t as fun to casually watch imo but do you

  • Ayoo play some ESCAPE FROM TARKOV

  • Am I the only one who noticed how many times nickmercs goes cross-eyed when he’s talking?

  • Try S and D in warfare ✅

  • I feel you nick i haven’t played war zone in a couple months i lost that fire and fun of the game!


  • 10:40 im freaking crying LMAO!

  • I uninstalled COD and my PlayStation isn’t trying to kill me on my sleep anymore, great decision👍🏼

  • Always got my support bro, you do you, be happy and I’ll be here to support no matter what game. Besides apex is lit

  • Dare you to play search

  • You're done dude, you're channel is over!!!! We want cod!!!

  • You literally got all your clout from warzone you sound dumb

    • u sound dumb he got his clout back in gears of war dummy

  • 50 hour life’s stream my guy for. Have a life

  • You know it’s serious when nick dosnt scream “like the video!”

  • Cod mobile bro

  • I subbed cause of the honesty.

  • Did you shave half of your face

  • CDN doesn’t care. just got abit shook cos he’s so politically incorrect he didn’t want to get cancelled so deleted his whole channel but doesn’t care he wrecked his algorithm he didn’t give a fuck

  • Back4blood beta really came in clutch for me it was such a breath of fresh air to play something fresh and new

  • Change is good brother! Happy to see your transition again, you always pull some badass content! Much love from Miami FL!

  • Man i must try Apex if Nick say is good

  • Haven’t played in two months. Went to Cold War outbreak zombies

  • Apex is not fun to watch. See ya

  • Great move nick. Im back watching everyday after you switced over to Apex

  • I agree nick! I been watching your streams since day 1! Apex is a great game! I love the honesty and me and my community will continue to support you!

  • Honestly it doesn’t matter what you play cuz we just love your content, we love how you are and everything you bring out a smile on our faces and I thank you for that DADDY MERCS😎

  • Warzone needs a new map

  • Warzone makes over 5 million a day believe me when I say they don't give a shit the state of their game if people are spending that kinda money on it

  • He's so far behind he's just realised he needs to catch up

  • Apex, Fortnite, Overwatch. That cartoony shit sucks to watch. Should stick to Warzone until Battlefield comes out.

  • I quit warzone months ago purely because the cheating was so bad and now to see nothing has happened. I’m glad I jumped to apex

  • I respect you but I'm not watching anymore

  • 🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺if u were a king in game of thrones…I’d be house merc :(

  • Ask God, but you gota do you papa, that’s it.

  • I haven't played for over 2 months.... Do I miss it?..... Do I F!

  • im glad hes doing himself i do hope he plays halo so we can get wild and poop on him

  • Apex pubs is for you not arena

  • I uninstalled it man I’m tired of it.

  • Try rainbow six siege Nick

  • T.f is wrong with playing pokemon???

  • COD has become trash. Everyone knows it, even ppl like me that play it.

  • Please try back 4 blood, from the creators of left 4 dead possibly the best zombie game ever if you ask me, reminds me of call of duty to be honest. Only the beta is out now full game drops October 🙌🏻🙌🏻🙌🏻

  • Hey nick too bad ur moving on from warzone I just started playing right when it died and I never got to experience the "good old days" but I love watching ur shit man keep up the good work

  • Lowkey nick you should play fnaf

  • Ngl to the apex community you switching to apex is huge but I think I’m speaking for a lot of people If you didn’t like apex everyone would get it

  • They should have taken notes from Fortnite on how not to ruin their game.

  • I was trying warzone one more time, first game I get a loadout. It’s bugged.

  • MFAM

  • love you nicky

  • The SBmm is wi the game isn’t. Fun

  • Im right there with you Broski. Apex is way better atm.

  • Honestly the only thing cod needs is a really good anti-cheat, get rid of SBMM and add a ranked mode for the tryhards. That would make the game 100x better. Hell, even Cold War would be good if it had those. Warzone is in dire need of a solid anti-cheat. If the rumours are true, Activision has something big for hackers and cheaters but take that with a grain of salt

  • What a Baby lol.

  • Battlefield.. Lol when are all cod players gonna finally wake up to how shit the cod series.. 🤣 Like literally the new battlefield portal basically gives you DEV controls over the servers you customize.. Don't want dumb ass 80 round drum auto pistols? Simply block them for anyone in the server instead of wait a week or 2 for shit COD DEVS 🤣🤣🤣 BATTLEFIELD OVER COD FOR TTTIIIMMMEEE 😂

  • This guy gotta stop wearing so much red lipstick 💄

  • Did he say a new cod is coming out this year

  • Love seeing you on apex and playing what makes you happy g

  • I hate you quit warzone 😔

  • Do what you have to do. Hope you can run some Halo Infinite when it comes out.

  • Nick, you've earned my support back. I've stayed subscribed to your twitch but I haven't watch a stream or youtube video for 3 months...I quit COD 3 months ago and started focusing on other stuff....APEX is an amazing game, best of luck.


  • I respect everything you’re doing however EA sports is the worst dude and Apex is a fucking cap dude you’re my favorite streamer and if apex is it then I’m out but please know that I hope cod just comes out with a anti cheat because it is the superior game but that shit holds it back nothing but love nick but please any other game but apex 🤣

  • Apex is for gays tbh.

  • You gotta do what is best for you Nick. Unfortunately I don't play Apex or really care to. This is a good opportunity for some smaller streamers to make a name for themselves in WZ though, and that is where I will be watching. Peace and love baby.


  • Thank god I’ve matured quite a bit and didn’t spend the money on this game like a did Fortnite😅

  • "Job"

  • Tooo many nerfs too many hackers

  • Glad you're doing it, hope this helps wake activision up.

  • Who the heck is Gary?

  • maybe we should all stop playing Warzone and maybe just maybe it would FORCE them to give us some type of ANTI CHEAT

    • we have to hit Activision where it hurts. their pockets. i know that’s not likely or realistic but honestly we are stronger together

  • Yes

  • I love warzone but the hackers i can't stand them. Two things that will save warzone 1: Anti cheat 2: NEW MAP (Not another early early version of verdansk)