[MV] Red - Calliope Mori #HololiveEnglish #HoloMyth

Published on Apr 4, 2021
"Red" MV.
"Your Mori." Brand New EP Released by Calliope Mori.
Featuring 4 new songs and a bonus track for the physical CD release! Check it out!
Rap/Lyrics/Movie: Calliope Mori (me!)
My Twitter: moricalliope
Music Composition: てにをは
てにをは's USdos: usdos.info/list/QAdXyrF2fYcqdXUUW3YxUg
てにをは's Twitter: edogawa_sampo
Mix by: AO
AO's Twitter: 2z2z
AO's USdos: usdos.info
Artwork by: 零
零's Twitter: rei_17
Mastered by Masato Morisaki at Artisans Mastering (TinyVoice,Production)
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tee to the hee.
(LIVE) #calliolive
(LIVE) #カリオライブ
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(Fan-art) #カリイラスト
(Fan-name) Dead Beats // デッドビーツ
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  • RED, LIKE FIRE 🔥🔥🔥

  • @ 2:15 I love the Hololive EN reference.

  • the 4 cards ame= priestess, gura= the fool, kiara= the sun , and ina= the wheel of fortune. cant help it i was so curious abt it

  • maybe if the reaper is like this its not that bad..

  • Insane

  • I don’t think all vtubers need masks, Korone seems more like she’s wearing those Moustache glasses

  • Hololive En anime OP 1

  • The art: *Veiled Mori* Us: "Wai-" Mori: "No. I'm your dad."

  • Never stop sing, you are too good for it

  • clicks NOICE

  • Touhou vibes

  • This sounds like a jojo song specifically for the jojolion series to me

  • i added literally every song you made calli on spotify and made a playlist with it

  • Its funny how the title of the song is Red and the guy who mixed the song is called AO

  • When you do a crossover with DEMONDICE it'll be confusing XD

  • She's wearing a wedding veil because she's married to her career.

  • aw yeah

  • wierd i got Persona feel lol.... calli for Persona 6 Ost let's gooo

  • its so damn amazing i forgot to brethe halfway in

  • This is literally the Season 2 Hololive EN OP

  • Mi nueva favorita :)

  • That time Dad chased her ambition and won

  • this song BANGS!!!!!!

  • 歌詞の訳は分からないけど かっこいいから聞いてる私です

    • 和訳は[Translator Aki]のチャネル にあるよ

  • suisei sang this. Deathstar collab when?

  • this... is... a... MASTER PIECE!

  • Another Epic Song. Another Song to put on my Playlist

  • Impressive! best holo O.o What voice!


  • 0:10

  • Tonight, the moon has rose in a crimson red But roses gotta wither, so I’ll live forever instead And now I can’t get rid of all of these thorns in my head Bring on the hemorrhaging I guess I’ll live inside your memory Another distorted story that ignored the deceased I’ll live inside of a castle, pray I’m never released I’d rather kick it in the dungeon, cuz I’m that kind of beast I’ll bet my heart on the cards, because I trust me the least (Let it die) Pressure mounting, but I’m doomed without it Precious moments zooming by, don’t doubt it Rest is ephemeral, scream and shout it The best don’t sleep, I was all about it but (Let it die) Reaping keeps you tucked in the shadows This creeping feeling of identity battles Closing in from every side of me. Red tomorrow, Red today Dread, sorrow, Can’t turn away Can’t turn back Time, I’ll always be A prisoner to my ambition As petals fly, I’ll dance your tune but hold your breath, guess who’s running the show? And when this red runs black, I’ll ask you Was I everything you imagined? When my time’s finally up, the sun’s falling down I’ll turn to stone again. Every day is a fight to stay relevant And it cannot last, so I’ll relish it And our planet’s vast, but this hole’s a ditch Ya toss out the past, and you can strike it rich Nobody asked, but the mask is an alright fit And this fiction’s no disaster, in spite of it I stay curious. What comes after it. So mysterious, and yet, I exist. Hold on, stay beautiful, stay young There are blades to be swung yet Rising soon, regard the moon reflected in the crimson sung tonight… Red tomorrow, Red today Dread, sorrow, Can’t turn away Can’t turn back Time, I’ll always be A prisoner to my ambition As petals fly, I’ll dance your tune but hold your breath, guess who’s owning the throne? So, come alive now Once again, so I can chase you down We are five minutes away from The end that’s come Continue slashing forward, I must Or else just Fade away… There’s a drive to strive inside all of us A never-ending ouroboros Sinking way deep down and it’s all because I kept thinking that reaping is all there was And is now I gotta find a way out, escape, how? Fate has a funny way of shaking the weak down Am I gonna peak now? Future looking bleak, wow Somehow incomplete, after all. Can’t. Turn. Back. Time, I’ll always be A prisoner to my ambition As petals fly, I’ll dance your tune, don’t hold your breath for me And when this red runs black, I’ll ask you Was I everything you imagined? When my time’s finally up, the sun’s falling down I’ll turn to stone again. So, come alive now Once again, so I can chase you down We are five seconds away from The end that’s come From here on out it’s only just, Me and this bloodlust I’d rather just Fade away…

  • This is definitely a song you play in an anime music video

  • Just saw the episode of Trash taste with you in it and your musics fucking amazing!!!!

  • Idk why... But this song is Nostalgic

  • This makes you seem like a god from Noragami. Wait...

  • Good

  • Friendship ended with Off With their Heads, now i'm with Red

  • なんかMILIに似てるような気がする

  • I actually cannot stop listening to this. Today when I woke up this was the only thing on mind driving me crazy needing to listen to it again

  • cant believe i missed this

  • タアアアアアアアアアアアアアアアアアアアアアアイムの絶唱好き ライブで聞きたい

  • The cards at 0:35 would look dope af as posters

  • Every weeb Blood's new theme song

  • てにをはさん… だと?!

  • This is better than some former prank channel turned into sad boi heartbroken making an album

  • nujabes vibe

    • I don't know about that. Its amazing though.

  • Dunno why I thought of a parody ep named "your dad"

  • I love this song...this is why calli is my favorite

  • I'm sure calli put a hard work. On this it's incredible


  • Wonderful‼︎ You very talented‼︎

  • Your music never ceases to be a bop callie, keep doing what your doing 😁

  • suisei and calli rap when

  • I love the suisei version of this

  • I’ve listened to this song too much ... at least 10 times a day since it came out

  • This is too good for me.

  • Im getting rwby vibes from this song...

  • this would make a very nice Bloodborne song. Absolute BANGER!

  • Suisei nailed the cover if I say so myself

  • 1:25 That dice looks weird... Must be my imagination.

  • Song four of yours today. Another winner in my estimation. I think that I might have to try this style of song sometime soon. You are sort of inspiring me. On my channel you would not find anything like this....so far. I do sing a fairly broad range of genres/styles. Really enjoying listening to you sing today. Will have to continue to check out your songs and such. I have subscribed but not joined yet. Might have to consider that.

  • im pretty sure since this has dropped, I've listened to it at least 3 times a day

  • Dude this feels like a Persona song

  • Glad to hear ya again

  • munyamunyamunyamunya

  • Favorite song released by Mori so far

  • im back because this is a masterpiece. seriously well done, calli & team


  • 作曲てにをはさんなのか

  • great song can vibe for days

  • 🔦🔦🔦🔦🔦🔦 I'm too poor ok?

  • Wutsup kitty bois!

  • I already knew it would be fire before i even clicked on the video

  • Knowing what I know, or at least thinking I know what I think I know, this MV is all kinds of wow. iykyk

  • When the aux gets passed to me 😈

  • like a persona4 song's vibe

  • I really love the way they designed Calli in this EP, like a holy goddess of death, well I mean she is death. If there was a religion built around Calli, I’d definitely be a follower

  • Nah buenarda algún día espero que riot las ponga en un mundial si sucede nah seria lo mejor

  • Im going to say it, This fits perfectly as a RWBY soundtrack.

  • Gura's a fool

  • Banger

  • i love this so much, you're songs are so great calli! i hope i'd be able to listen more from you, wishing you the best of all.

  • this is amazing but it gets me emotional as fuck idk why

  • love the song but whats with the weird laughing in beginning?

  • Heard this today instantly downloaded like calli is a queen of music

  • Lit

  • Took a couple weeks for this song to really start hitting but now i keep coming back to it. That "time" line absolutely slaps

  • The rhythm is bopping but the lyrics are sad as fuck... You were everything we imagined Calli and much , much more. Thank you for everything!!!

  • Calli is super talented and amazing but I don't think I see enough attention given to the composer teniwoha. The instrumentals and overall composition is so fucking amazing, and we need to talk about it more. This goes to most songs that either self covers or vocaloid songs. People talk about a lot about the amazing singers (or the vocaloids) but its these composers that do so much of the work.

  • This song is genuinely amazing. All of the lyrics have a deeper meaning, you can play it around the homies and vibe to it with them, and it shows how far Calli has come in terms of music and vocals even from Can You Please RIP, which was still amazing. Oh lord this comment winds on and on love you Calli

  • why have i not found this masterpiece sooner???? its amazing and now i cant stop running this on loop

  • calli no song daisuki

  • I put this on loop while I freeze guardians in the crucible

  • Brooooo, this song just introduced 2 of my friends to Vtubers

  • This song becomes better every time I listen to it

  • How is this song sooooo goddamn good man, i love it!

  • Nice work on this song chica

  • Let dance with us

  • Hololive really hit diamond with Mori. This is such a fucken banger

  • i want to know how hard it wass to deliver that "ouroboros", must've taken a while