Olivia Rodrigo - Top 18 Songs For My 18th Birthday

Published on Feb 20, 2021
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  • Call me

  • ROCK'N' ROLL🤘🏻🤍

  • Happy bday i love u so much and ur song driver linces have a good bday

  • Yeah she's too swiftie

  • What a great taste in music omgggg. Taylor swift, carol king, fionna, phoebe, billie, woow

  • Just let me say that her smile and catriona's smile vibe the same 🦋💜🖤

  • Its cool how she went from a kids show from Disney to a famous singer

  • Who is here after *Drivers License*

  • Do u Know BTS?

  • I'm crazy about you!!

  • everybody likes ironman because its a cheap way of getting out in space

  • kool


  • im 9 i love u olivia

  • Pretty dope top 18.

  • im just waiting for the drivers license remix

  • stream cnco :)

  • Happy birthday sweetheart

  • Só quero mais msc

  • Billie Eilish is my idol and you are too, you literally described what I think about your song Drivers license and your other song All I Want.

  • I miss bizaardvark it was a good Disney Channel television series!

  • You can tell by the way she’s talking and her body language something is wrong. Physically and or mentally. I love you Olivia ❤️ Stay strong!


  • I love how she is like just a normal girl

  • Thank you

  • You should do a house tore I am from the UK 🇬🇧

  • Hi Oliva!!! My name is Leah and I love your song. I was wondering if I could post a remake of your song!

  • Olivia is a real swifty!! Welcome to the club girl

  • I really get that "I'm a huge swiftie can't stop talking bout it" and friends are always like shut the hell up so it's becoming a bit of a problem...

  • Same age baby 😍

  • She seems so genuine and relatable ❤

  • I love your music keep doing more music I live it and you are so pretty and perfect

  • Srry im late but u have 666 dilikes

  • Feliz cumpleaños Olivia que cúlpelas muchos más

  • I made a music video of drivers license on my channel Olivia!!

  • You deserve everything, and I know I’m late but Happy b-day!!♡

  • Jesus loves you turn to him before it’s too late and have a relationship with him ❤️

  • I wish to meet you

  • "I'm the biggest Swiftie ever and I've never stopped talking about it" YES GIRL


  • Is bizardvark coming back

  • love love LOVE watching you grow as an artist Olivia!! can’t wait to hear more from you!!❤️

  • you know she’s a true songwriter when she references the lyricism in the majority of those songs!

    • For those who didn't know the little cute beautiful girl in American Girl Grace was Olivia Rodrigo

  • OH MY ?! SHES 18?!

  • She would have never imagined one of her songs would be on my top songs that changed me :) 1. Driver's License 2. Ocean Eyes 3. I'm not Afraid 4. High Hopes i cant think of more lmao

  • Happy birthday Olivia! Love you, don't ever stop making music!❤️❤️❤️❤️

  • Ahora entiendo por qué sus canciones son tan buenas... qué buenos gustos, muy buena inspiración, sé que esto es el inicio de algo muy grande para Olivia.

  • Happy Birthday Olivia! Thanks for sharing this great list of great songwriters!

  • i. am. iron. man. 4-7-7-9-9 2-5-5-7-7

  • olivia is a rapper!

  • Your so popular, people even play this on ROBLOX, even though it had now been copyrighted.

  • My Top 10 Favorite Songs (bc i'm turning 10 on april 🙃) 1. drivers licence (Olivia Rodrigo) 2. 2002 (Anne-Marie) 3. Paper Rings (Taylor Swift) 4. What Makes You Beautiful (One Direction) 5. Same Old Love (Selena Gomez) 6. Snowman (Sia) 7. Better When I'm Dancin' (Meghan Trainor) 8. If I Can't Have You (Shawn Mendes) 9. Stand By You (Rachel Platten) 10. Love Me Like You Do (Ellie Goulding)

  • i swear olivia u were in my dreams tonight I SWEAR

  • Your my favorite youtuber

  • I love your new song

  • usdos.info/border/video/sKOInWVvubaDpKs

  • For those who didn't know the little cute beautiful girl in American Girl Grace was Olivia Rodrigo

  • I just noticed that she has such an old soul she is young and has a great voice well I always new she had a great voice

  • Ouch

  • Drivers license is the number one song in the world i’m just finding out

  • Congrats!

  • No songs by sabrina carpenter hehe

  • I lovable you so much

  • You understand now how we love Drivers Licence

  • I am in love with drivers license I hear it everyday 100 times

  • Omg that american accent is annoying

  • My list 1. Safe and sound- taylor Swift 2. Our song- Taylor Swift 3. Down blame me - Taylor Swift 4. Dancing with our hands tied- Taylor Swift 5. August- Taylor Swift 6. New Romantics- Taylor Swift 7. Begin again- Taylor Swift 8. Almost do- Taylor Swift 9. Story of us- Taylor Swift 10. Better then Revenge Taylor Swift 11. Jump then fall- Taylor Swift 12. Stay beautiful- Taylor Swift 13 All to well taylor Swift 14. Speak now- Taylor Swift l 15. Fifthteen Taylor Swift 16. Gold rush Taylor Swift 17 the outside- Taylor Swift 18 drivers license

  • ahhhh we have like the same taste in musiccc

  • Okay but just imagine Joshua singing ‘Betty’ to Olivia I-

  • When she says she was a directioner but u Don't find a One Direction song. Hits it girl but u r too talented for words dear . Have a great career.

  • she's only 18 ? wow, i thought she's 20+ something 😳

  • Kinda sad that she didnt add conan gray's heather when she literally posted a pic of her captioning "me in my sweater thats just polyester wishing i were heather" Also if its wrong or if i offended all of u fans of oli im really sorry and im honestly a realpy big fan of hers❣❣ So pls dont send hate❣❣

  • the killers we love to see it!!

    • Like vs Dislike proportion 161 : 1

  • Such great taste in music 💗 so varied and really reflects how much she loves songwriting. She really surprised me in such a good way with some of the old school iconic classics!!! Yes girl!!!! Also....hello fellow swiftie ❤️

  • i love her

  • Swifties!!!

  • She has the pewdiepie phone case?? queen

  • so uh when we gonna get 'naive girl' olivia we want more songs rn rn rn rn

  • And a Sabrina Carpenter`s song?Why don`t you choose one of them?Oh,yeah I know.

  • Oh my gosh Happy birthday Olivia oh my gosh you're 18 yay

  • I dont think she'll ever see this, but if she does, I really recommend twenty one pilots. The lyrics in their songs are so thought-provoking and they are just excellent artists. Really recommend:)

  • That last part felt unnecessary. Everyone has listened to the best song ever made aka "Drivers License" by Olivia Rodrigo aka QUEEN!

  • happy late birthday

  • ‘I used to go on her Instagram and analyse little clips of songs she posted’ STOP I LITERALLY DO THAT WITH YOUR INSTAGRAM PAGE OLIVIA 💕

  • Having Taylor swift and Lorde made me your biggest fan already


  • Like vs Dislike proportion 161 : 1

  • she's a swiftie, for sure.

  • Icon

  • Yesssss, I love Taylor, Lorde, Halsey, and Definitely Billie!

  • my swiftie, livie heart gets so big. luvyuh olivia!

  • The 648 people who disliked are the people who are jealous of the BEST "OLIVIA RODRIGO!"

    • @Oscar agreed!!!

    • Yes! She’s so darn talented!!! She’s practically impossible to not like!!!

  • Happy birthayyy today my birthay but i just 16 years old 😑

  • Swiftie 🥺❤

  • Really wish you and Taylor would Collab 🥺

  • ❤❤❤

  • Happy late birthday! Didn't relize it was on the 20th

  • omg im so late but um happy birthday and um please make more vids you are beautiful and an amazing person

  • Maligayang kaarawan

  • I miss you I’m sorry is also one of my favorite songs by Gracie Abrams.