PG: Psycho Goreman (2020) KILL COUNT

Published on Jul 30, 2021
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    • Since Psycho Goreman is a Canadian horror movie, can you make a Kill Count of another great Canadian horror trilogy called Ginger Snaps. I really hope you do since Ginger Snaps & its sequels is my all time faves.

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  • OUI

  • When I watched this movie, I recognized most of the places in the movie. I later found out that it was actually filmed in my hometown.

  • He looks like the creeper.

  • That movie kinda sucks

  • And yet the most unappealing creature is still somehow Kostanski..

  • 19:12 " Sci-fi Horror not Sci-fi vore " Welp.

  • Since when power rangers released a new movie?

  • This guy’s read Calvin and Hobbes?

  • I always feel bad for kid actors when they're playing poorly-written shitty characters like Mimi. Its not their fault. They're just doing their jobs and playing the characters the way that the incompetent filmmakers want them to play them, but if it backfires they're often the one who gets the audience backlash. It can even hurt their acting careers, horribly scar them, or both.

  • It feels like a gory Power Rangers movie lmao

  • LOVED this movie! The girl really stole the show.

  • Dude, better help is a scam and has been known as one for a long time now.

  • The templar's design is so fricking cool, hope the movie gets a sequel!

  • Satanic.

  • Why the fuck would you promote betterhelp James? Even if Chelsea has had a good experience it doesn’t matter if the whole thing is a scam and steals your data?

  • Betterhelp is a scam

  • Literally all I can see from the thumbnail is the creeper from jc with some sweet shades and a hat

  • 11:02 & 24:21 @Dead Meat What? No mentions of how this scene is clearly an homage to 1992 Bram Stoker's Dracula

  • So this movie takes place in the 90’s or maybe the early 2000’s, and the dad is saying he was in the Iraq war….hmm lol

  • Someone decided the grim adventures of billy and Mandy wasn’t dark enough I see

  • James is one of those people Id trust enough to say "jump off that cliff, you'll be fine" and then see me ACTUALLY do it despite not knowing him in real life.

  • I dunno. I loved the kids, the dad and the humor, but as you say, everyone is different.

  • Mmm, purpley space stuff.

  • Better Help is a joke. Remember Philip Defranco? Terms may have changed but still steal your data

  • 14:41 my friend you look like someone I recognized but hey never hear me complaining I'm sure that sun will shine

  • 7:07 love the talking heads reference

  • WTF is that get to the number

  • Yes finally! I love this movie so much

  • Is this the first kill count to get 2 golden chainsaws?

  • Man I thought this was jeepers creepers 3 🤣🤣

  • What the random therapy offer???


  • Lilith stopped taking her meds I see

  • Lol that url for the therapist site. I dont know why its funny to me. Maybe i need therapy.

  • Great now were gonna have to wait 5 years for a Toxic Avenger reboot!

  • if anyone wants to find the batman video at 14:54 you can search "Batman on drugs"

  • Am I right in saying BH was exposed as a scam a while back? Hope they've changed as a company

  • Cool

  • Love how the people who made the miniatures are fans of “On Cinema” and Tim Heidecker to the point that one of them is wearing a Victorville Film Archive shirt at 11:29

  • 10:07 Reminds me of how my ultra-jock brother “came out”.

  • This is such a unique kill count, love it!

  • I like this movie a lot too, but after watching it, I was having a hard time labeling it as a horror movie. The only argument for it would be the gore but, in my opinion, the gore and his look can also be attributed to science fiction or even fantasy. There is no real fear to be felt anywhere, though, and that’s pretty integral. Even Shaun of the Dead and An American Werewolf in London have actual horror scenes. This one is probably more of a Sci-Fi/Comedy in my opinion. Still great, though,

  • 10:07🤣

  • Headshot

  • More To-The-Numbers bits with Chelsea & Lucy, please. :D

  • Weirdly enough when i saw that James was doing a kill count on Pyscho Goreman I thought "cool I'll bet its an awesome movie." And rented it from amazon.....I should have watched the kill count first 😅

  • It gave huge grim adventures of billy and mandy vibes like it could’ve been an episode. I think the main problem is that they don’t have a Mandy to fix everything that Mimi(who’s more like a billy) did lol

  • Planet gygax? As in Gary gygax?

  • It’s a lot like hell raiser in a way

  • Im with you dude, Mimi was SUPER annoying.

  • Holy shit Vac-Man you finally dislodged a memory that's been lowkey bugging me for decades

  • 23:18 if ur looking for it that’s it

  • You might enjoy the dad character more if you've seen all the Astron-6 videos/films, I love Adam Brooks haha

  • "Mr. Bucket-looking bastard" I was terrified of Mr. Bucket as a kid but this guy is cool. I still don't trust Mr. Bucket.

  • Will you make a void kill count please

  • I wish that Luke got the Stone.

  • mimi honestly has some of the most unfunny and insufferable writing I have ever seen in a film

  • I love the invasive Lucy monster

  • 16:31 Bioshock bird

  • Man a match but what if tricky from madness combat fight psycho Gorman tell me kind of bad ass

  • PG 100% a bit fruity

  • I need to watch this just because of how stupid it is lol

  • Man I love the Calvin and Hobbes reference with “CalvinBall”.

  • AAAAAH! The Lucy Monster is so ADORABLE!

  • Mimi: h- James: I never found you funny, I never found you entertaining, I never found you smart, I just found you annoying

  • 13:13 Pain

  • Lol the best quote is “look at all the hunky boys”

  • The fact that this movie was inspired by Guyver 2 Dark Hero makes me love it even more

  • Goddamn, I love practical effects.

  • 2:10 Family guy and why I don't like it

  • I get radiation damage from this movie’s comedy

  • Who else can smell the microwave chicken dinner

  • 9:50 "indications that this movie takes place in the 90's" 12:05 "Back when I was in the Army...except it was called The Iraq War" ..dun dun dun!!

  • This movie couldve been a hell of a lot better with gwar making a cameo.

  • the thumbnail 1st glance looks like a nightkin from fallout nv

  • This movie shows why practical effects are better than digital effects

  • Damn the ending was the true form of content!!!

  • g l i z z y

  • It’s a kid’s movie that happens to be immensely gory, and the gorehound child inside of me enjoyed it immensely.

  • Psycho Goreman looks like the creeper from Jeepers Creepers

  • POV: you say him on TikTok

  • So the movie didn't take place in the 90's and somewhere after 2003 since the Iraq war didn't start till 03 huh poor kids stuck with a N64 when the GC got released in 2001 :(

  • templars remind me from the maykr's from doom

  • i did enjoy how the aliens look like they came from super sentai/power rangers the girl mimi was the worst thing in the film

  • pg sounds like darthvader

  • No pain no gain dude. Can only imagine how awful this would look if PG was CGI instead of a man in a suit

  • This reminds me of Turbo Kid

  • 23:32 This is the most chaotic thing and I love it

  • This feels heavily inspired by Grim Adventures of Billy and Mandy.

  • Why would Mimi allow PG to live? You just killed the human race! Thanks asshole!

  • Deand meats awnseers ame i laike yores hair :)

  • Isn't Better Help infamous for actually being more harmful than helpful? I'm surprised to see J.A. Janisse shilling that crap.

  • Wait... isn't BetterHelp a giant scam with unlicensed "therapists"?

    • @Dead Meat well thanks James, I normally blank out during ad reads, so sorry for that

    • No, and I literally address it during the ad read.

  • Probably the worst movie I've seen this year, really shitty B-Movie, most likely fun when drunk with friends

  • Power ranger deleted seen

  • Is there a 1990s Iraq war I don’t know about?

  • Pandora looks very inspired by Metatron from Megami Tensei

  • Didn't better help get debunked ages ago, Just sayin not judging. Ok seems they more legit now

  • If there is a sequel, I *need* more bisexual pg