RAW: Family at dog park sees airplane pieces falling around them

Published on Feb 20, 2021
Neighborhoods in Broomfield were hit by airplane debris falling from the sky on Saturday afternoon.

According to the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA), the Boeing 777-200's right engine failed shortly after takeoff. That led to parts of the plane breaking off and landing in front yards, streets and a park in the city.

Broomfield Police said they had not had any reports of injuries.

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  • Fire the engineers who given the clean chit to fly this flight

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  • Another Phenomenon is Raining Plane Pieces

  • Texas: its snowing! Here: rainin metal :)

    • That's just a popped weather balloon...

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  • Wow. I dug a trench today and you lived that! I am sore but still live.


  • I feel like Boeing paid a lot to keep this from going mega-viral

    • “Hey can you grab Josie?”-mother “Why?”-totally woulda been my answer 🤣


  • W O W

  • So glad no one was hurt on the ground by the debris, and the 777 made it safely back to Denver.

    • It's a wonder they didn't put it down to aliens seeing as Americans are obsessed with them!

  • This some final destination....shit

  • What a weird and freaky experience that must have been for all those people. So many different pieces falling in just that area and yet the debris was spread over a fairly large area. I'd have wanted to get under some sort of heavy duty cover too, especially after hearing the big thumb one of those made as it hit.

  • was this by chance from that airplane whose engine blew up mid flight?

    • I would either sue the shit out of someone or blow up a entire airport including every single plane, for justice of course.

  • That's just a popped weather balloon...

  • Chicken little was right after all

  • I'm just glad it wasn't the entire plane coming down on them.

  • The Dome is falling apart.

  • just look don't touch

  • Hi good nice video

  • Made in China

  • “Hey can you grab Josie?”-mother “Why?”-totally woulda been my answer 🤣

  • Not having some very weird looking news anchor talking what the tone and voice of a three year old made this video completely watchable☺

  • 28 days 6 hours 42 minutes 12 seconds

  • It's a wonder they didn't put it down to aliens seeing as Americans are obsessed with them!

  • The sky is falling! - Let’s record it.

  • I swear people in Denver are high out of their liberal minds. 🤦‍♂️

    • What does this have to do with political parties?

    • right like isn't it common sense to walk away from something you don't know that's falling from the sky lol oh that's right liberals lack common sense

  • If you're dumb enough to stand and film debris from a disintegrating plane with your phone . Someone at DCS should be looking into someone else raising your kids . I would have been happier seeing you catch a huge piece of the plane for your stupidity .

  • I would either sue the shit out of someone or blow up a entire airport including every single plane, for justice of course.

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  • Glad to see the Airlines got their act together after getting Billions in covid stimulus tax funded bailout money. Crazy to think how many people still travel by unmaintained sky coffins. 🤫

  • Chicken Little was right all along ..

  • Thank God nobody was killed!

  • Now that is trippy

  • Captain America: “ language” 0:43

  • Omg breaking news.

  • One doesn’t experience self-transcendence, the illusion of self only dissipates✌️

  • Should have been on the phone to the FAA Immediately...

  • Is this from that United flight?

  • Should have got over there and recovered them! Like solid gold!

  • anyone else JUST watch the video of the plane engine on fire and they were both posted yesterday

  • The lcd panels in the sky are breaking. The simulation is failing

  • “Yah I think we should go”

  • And you stand there?🤔

  • Dog at family park barks at pieces falling out of the sky

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  • Wow! Some one messed up!

  • They should have used Gorilla Glue to put on the plane shingles. I’m a civil engineer.

  • Collect them for bonus points.

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  • Hey just like breaking bad

  • And just think they want to make flying autos ?

  • Im still super shook

  • 2020 vibes.

  • They thought it's alien invasion 😂

  • this takes “it’s raining dogs and cats” to a WHOLE different level O_O

  • Donny darko!!!

  • For some reason i read the title as “family sees dog pieces falling around them”

  • Was this a boeing plane? Because I feel like they’ve been messing up their planes a lot over these last couple years

    • @Stargazer681 ngl this exact crash doesn't seem to be caused by the aircraft itself. the situation is incredibly similar to what happened with Qantas flight 32, even the cause (one of the blades snapping) Wikipedia says: "The subsequent investigation concluded that the failure had been caused by the breaking of a stub oil pipe, which had been manufactured improperly." so yeah

    • Ok, this literally just happened a few days ago so nobody knows for sure what even happened... Boeing may not be at fault for this at all; it could be a problem with airport maintenance, United airlines themselves, or a multitude of other scenarios. People just like someone to blame (not saying that’s you, but in general).

    • Also random fact : Malaysian Airlines (MAS) actually sold and grounded every one of their 777's since the MH370 and MH17 incidents

    • I wanted to say that that's not entirely true, boeing just has more crashes as there's more of them then other airbises and whatnot... Then I remembered the 737 Max's anti stall systems. Yeah maybe boeing isn't on their best time rn

  • Is plane the safest way to other place?

  • Remember that Breaking Bad scene?

  • Nobody: Me: runing towards debris so i can sue 👀

  • So glad no one was hurt on the ground by the debris

  • Whatever it was it probably hit the firmament. Remember nothing gets in and nothing gets out 😊 read your Bible

  • Come on 9 news at least censor the Language

  • Donnie Darko reference

  • Its a bird. Its a plane. Yes it is a plane.

  • "Watch the sky, traveler" "What is it, dragons?" [sarcastically] Gets hit by plane parts.

  • the kid said "I dont wanna see that"

  • I was really hoping to get some of the dog's input on what he/she saw.

  • usdos.info/border/video/qJp-eKKxkryMl3A H

  • We are so human, our reactions to strange things.. idk if Im saying it right but you know what i mean. Interesting

  • Hey kids, wanna see how plane is snowing?

  • That’s just a really really rare phenomenon to happen.

  • After this some kid in a rabbit suit got shot

  • Reminds me of Breaking Bad.

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  • wow, that is indeed fascinating! I hope i get to witness this one day! -SC

  • I have a feeling this didn't turn out well...

  • If a penny dropped from Skyscrapper wouldn't kill anyone, how about a single bolt dropped from sky.....

  • Mario Judah? Naw we need to find Josie

  • Breaking bad vibes

  • It’s almost like Karen was out looking for something to happen that day and she got it !

  • It looks like a scene from a disaster movie.

  • Looks like this is the sequel to video where the plane catch fire

  • It’s Donnie Darko

  • usdos.info/border/video/qJ6IlIatttGkhoU Click the link^^^

  • ..... soooooo.... on the ✈️ airplane.... NO? Ok. Just checking!

  • The sky is falling!!! ~ chicken little

  • Id take em

  • Hello to the person this gets recommended to in a few years

  • Just like breaking bad

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  • It's falling into plane site!