Rich Jail vs Broke Jail / Funny Situations

Published on Apr 18, 2021
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Have you ever wondered if all prisons are the same? We decided to check if the prison for the poor is different from the prison for the rich. And today we will show you these differences.
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  • The girl is crazy

  • I think there is no rich jail i think if your in jail the money you have will gone right?

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  • Yes that's kinda dissrespektful to those that is in prison.

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  • That’s not how real it works they do probably be able to take showers not that much and you’re wrong the rich people don’t get out and don’t get treated like that they get treated like the same like all of them

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  • If your rich and your arrested you aren’t lucky you get grose sells

  • The rich one irl would have probably got longer sentence if he demanded all those things-

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  • My dad said the prison was not that bad so right he said

  • Just to let you know my dad had sleep in jail once and he said that the food and there wasn't that bad

  • This is wrong they should be treated the same which poor poor this is just wrong

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