Roman Reigns' new entrance: SmackDown, April 30, 2021

Published on Apr 30, 2021
The Head of the Table emerges for his Universal Title Match against Daniel Bryan with a whole new theme song.
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  • When you get the final infinity stone.....

  • You can see Heyman feelings the music as he walks😭

  • The way Paul Heyman walked to the beat too was gangster lol

  • what a massive theme song down grade

  • And people still hate him😒

    • In a way, he supposed to be a hated because he is a heel

  • I like the new theme song

  • Head Of The Table. Acknowledge Him

  • undefeated

  • Love the way Heyman is in tune . Literally cracks me up but it is brilliant!

  • We just need to accept the fact that he is unbeatable

  • So happy for Roman Reigns. Hes finally found his lane. At the Head of the Table 💪

  • I am the child of the sun! His name is… ROMAN REIGNS!

  • Daniel Bryan could honestly win this matc....*God’s entry music hits*....oh, never mind

  • Who else is repeating over and over this beauty 😡🐺

  • We hate heyman

  • Horrible tune

  • best heel ever?

  • that piano is horrible tho

  • Music sucks

  • Why this sound like it should’ve been aleister black theme instead? but this is awesome for Roman

  • Thats the final boss of a game

  • The big dog persona was better a kid friendly

  • This theme goes sooo hard !

  • It’s crazy that had he not dropped out of that Mania match last year we might not have had this Roman.

  • This is good if it didn't have those old shield beats those should be a hard drum, I would also like shades of a slightly loud guitar in it.. so Remix??

  • the final boss

  • This music absolutely sucks 👎

  • Roman is a Viltrumite

  • Pretty good honestly

  • I feel sorry for Reigns. There is literally nobody even close to his level in WWE right now.

  • Me: Maybe Bryan will Re-sign and win this *New theme for Roman plays* Me: Yeah nvm...

  • This is the best thing going in wrestling right now. 💯

  • The shield is officially dead roman has become his own person he wears the golden glove for a reason everything roman does is gold

  • who wishes they were in the thunderdome that night?

  • U got nothing better, then this bs, Roman?

  • Man, I can immediately tell you, after hearing his new music, that his Face turn will be EPIC!

  • Hey creative if you’re reading this after he walks to the top of the stage he should do the “ooohahhhhh” taunt then pyro should go off that would be cool

  • Disappointing theme

  • The final boss Roman reigns


  • Roman can save raw now

  • 👎👎👎👎

  • I wonder how much is that electricity bill 🤔

  • Ay yo I've always been a fan of Roman but his new song SUCKS

  • Insane

  • Horrible theme..

  • That entrance was dope

  • Why does every new heel entrance have to be church like? Bayley, Seth, all the same, come up with something new man

  • About time he got his own theme music & left that Shield theme behind.

  • Damn I wish they still had A.O.P. Gracious Gawd that group would be cold af lol

  • Random fans in the crowd: "Daniel Bryan might have a chance to win" Realizing he stands no chance: 0:01.

  • old one was better

  • Love the new Roman Reigns! He is an amazing heel!

  • Now he sounds like the tribal chief of choosing a theme song

  • el tema es tan plano, sin gracia, aburrido, perdedor, como roman hell, dios mio no es que sea roman, es que no tiene espiritu, tenemos un lesnar, un potente daniel, un ex cmpunk con temas epicos, un cena que duro hasta hoy y mas pero roman no tiene fuerza carisma etc

  • Roman Reigns - Head of the Table (Ricochet Slow Mo Remix)

  • This guy is boring will never get over.

    • @Fabian Zumaran Big Show touched on it, Stone Cold touched on it, Vince was pretty brutal not just to Roman though all of them. Watch stone cold podcasts on USdos. My son watches today product has done for 2-3 year and he likes it but he is not really invested in it like I was when I was kid, he has in last 12 months discovered the Rock, Stone Cold, brothers of destruction etc on wwe network and he barely watches today product anymore and runs around impersonating the Rock and starting wanting the toys etc. That tells you everything I think.

    • @Frank Jaeger hahaha oh okey, you definitely should go watch AEW or IMPACT

    • @Fabian Zumaran You guys rate Daniel Bryan I mean Jesus really!? The shield you guys thought was good! CM Punk he was OK I kinda get that but he was a very poor man's Stone Cold and he was a dweeb, AJ Styles is best WWE has I rate him but he is not the AJ Styles of TNA 15+ years ago.

    • @Frank Jaeger name one that in the last 6 months has said something negative about what roman has been doing , sir you are not invested and you should go watch other shows

    • @Fabian Zumaran Wrestlers in the industry from attitude era/ruthless aggression. I listen to podcasts, I don't really know what today's fans thinks I'm a older fan and just don't like today product, compare Reigns to who he competes with today and recent times I'm sure he looks great but compared to my era its just horrible.

  • Bout damn time

  • Paul are gotten more and more gansta

  • Weak

  • Ou trouver sa nouvelle musique d'entrée

  • Paul with that cut walk like reigns 😂😂

  • Why do I hear boss music?

  • Reigns as a heel is zo fkn hot and best for business and this new entrance just completed it

  • Thought Thanos was coming out when the music hit.

  • Roman Reins is a silent guy. Cena deserved to be the all time face of wwe.

  • cool entrance

  • What a character development it's been for Roman

  • the fact that paul heyman is walking like roman😭

  • this roman vs AEW jon moxley vs 2014 Rollins falls count anywhere, wrestlemania crowd (NXT type of fans)

  • Roman has officially become THE GUY. He has come of age.🔥🔥🔥🔥

  • Omg such a better theme song! You know that relief feeling after having to hold in your pee for a really long time, and then you get to a bathroom and FINALLY Get to let go? When it comes to Roman's theme... THAT It's suuuch a good relief feeling!.

  • Can someone help me out- I’m 16 rn and growing up I was HUGE wwe fan and loved it. As I got older as most kids do, I grew a little further away from it but I still watched and kept up with everything. But about 2ish years ago I just stopped watching because I was so disappointed with how they were doing everything. Sooo my question is- is wwe worth watching now and should I try to get back into it? Or is the product just not the same as how it used to be in the 2010s

  • 🔥🔥

  • Finally... I was so tired of that shield theme. The shield is a thing of the past. Roman is finally his own character! Final boss roman

  • There’s only one man who can stop him now..

  • How Paul was walking out Hahahahaha so funny

  • Roman Reigns officially the most BORING wrestler in the industry

  • Serious smackdown 02 to 05 feels right now I love it 😀

  • I can do without the opera beginning.

  • And with that music the final piece of the Shields Legacy has Dead

  • The new entrance is wack

  • Ok next can we get Jeff hardy with no more words with some wins ???!

  • John Cena said I’m still here cuz you can’t do your job well it looks like Roman is now doing it better than ever

  • Pail Hayman be looking at Roman Reigns like a poppy looking at its master finish a meat 🤣🤣🤣

  • Sick 🔥

  • Acknowledge him...........!!!!!!🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

  • Y’all see how Paul walking to the music?

  • It took them long for him to fit into the torchbearer role. He doesn’t have the aura of Cena, the electricity of The Rock, the attitude of 3:16; nor the Zest of Hulkamania. He’s going to be hard to sell for the next 3 years. If head had the brawn of HHH, Goldberg, Brock Lesnar or the charisma of Mr Wrestlemania, maybe. He’s too boring and I hope Heyman can make a Brock out of him!

  • why does this sounds like a kingdom hearts theme

  • Roman getting fat

  • The theme is so damn bad omfg🤣

  • Ngl I prefer the old one

  • If Roman could get some acting lessons he could act... he's got a movie look.

  • Perfect music! Sounds like something for a Roman god. Don’t ever let him drop the belt!


  • Alright so Roman as a Heel could have easily worked without him being Universal Champion but let's be honest, having that championship on him amplified this so much

  • It sucks he deserves much better

  • What would make this better is the mini cinematic like Bobby Lashley has

  • I didn't even realise how in sync Paul Heyman's walk was with Roman.