The Goomba Revolution Ep. 1 - Goombas invade Pac-Man!

Published on Feb 23, 2019
After overthrowing Bowser, Gold Goomba builds up his Goomba army. But what will happen when the Goombas invade Pac-Man?
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***EASTER EGG HUNT*** What the... what's Dry bones up to? Can you spot the 3 times he appears in the video?

Characters and Music by Nintendo/Namco/Tater-Tot Tunes/TheLegendOfRenegade/AudioMicro/PremiumBeat

Dark Star battle remix by Tater-Tot-Tunes:

NSMB underground remix by TheLegendOfRenegade:

Peach's castle Smash64 remix by TheLegendOfRenegade:

SMB1 Fortress remix by TheLegendOfRenegade:

Another note from Level UP: WOW this was the longest single animated video yet! Get ready for a long series with 10+ episodes. With this series and Mariocraft which is also going 10 or more episodes there's much to look forward to on the channel for a long time to come :)


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  • the entire mushroom kingdom: just goombas goombas:

  • After abusing poor PacMan like that, there must be a resolution and a freed PacMan. Maybe Ms. PacMan and Jr. PacMan can join in to help with Dig Dug, Mappy and Maybe the Wizard from Centipede or the Hero of Jungle Hunt...Since we're going back to Atari :)

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