The Return of the Jam! | Thomas Sanders

Published on Feb 19, 2021
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Marketing can be a big ‘ole mix and mess of different ideas and tactics, and the Sides have VERY different approaches and tastes when it comes to the art of commercials. So how do they hash this problem out? They make their own, of course! Who knows what these ideas might lead to?
(I appreciate being let known that “infodump” is a trait associated with people with ADHD and autism and I am so sorry for the offense I’ve caused for its inclusion in the latest video. The context of that moment, among other moments between Roman and Logan in the series, was the paralleling of myself sometimes being critical of myself for doing the exact same thing in real life. I’m pretty renown for over-explaining and, even when my friends say it’s okay, I still find myself apologizing for it. However, I had no idea the term was offensive to some, which is something I needed to learn. For whatever it’s worth, I love that trait in regards to Logan, and we were narratively depicting Roman to be in the wrong for saying it. Also, Logan is on a track to get vindication for this in the future. I will be sure to triple check any terminology used in the future. Again, I’m incredibly sorry.)
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