The Voice - MOST Extreme And Flawless Auditions Ever!

Published on Jun 9, 2020
The Voice - MOST Extreme And Flawless Auditions Ever!
Here is the compilations of Top 10 MOST Extreme And Flawless Auditions Ever!! Hope you liked & Enjoyed it . Don't Forget to like & Subscribe for more :)
This video features the following performances:
1. Coldplay - The Scientist , Holly Henry (The Voice USA)
2. Calum Scott - Dancing On My Own , Fernando Daniel (The Voice Portugal)
3. Linda Ronstadt - Blue Bayou , Alisan Porter (The Voice Blind Auditions)
4. Beyoncé - Listen , Trevin Hunte (The Voice USA)
5. Daft Punk - Get Lucky ft. Pharrell Williams, Nile Rodgers , Patrick Reis (The Voice Switzerland)
6. OutKast - Hey Ya! , Janna Salhoume (The Voice van Vlaanderen)
7. Beyoncé - Crazy In Love , David Gomes (The Voice Portugal)
8. The Voice of Poland - Dorota Osińska - "Calling You"
9. Passenger | Let Her Go , Tiziana Gulino (The Voice Switzerland)
10. Adele - Skyfall ,Άκης Παναγιωτίδης (The Voice Greece)
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  • Which ones your Favourite? ❤️❤️

    • minute 13 ...most original, profound,,,,,the best ..

    • The guy who sang 'Dancing on my own' . Portugal!

    • Last'n, skyfall he sounds AMAZE'N🎶❤🎶 thank ya for sharing n continue stay'n safe out there 🤗🙏🤗

    • @Extrapolation_ Conundrum I love the voice of Germany!! He was, is, Awesome!!

    • @AlexBarca true

  • i keep trying to hit the like button for each song. they should add a 2nd tier for these types of videos so you can do that.

  • Recognized Calum's voice before I saw him, and I didn't even know he was on this show lol

  • First girl looks like Elsi Eucklund. Pretty sure I spelled that wrong, but you know

  • Many great performances but I don't think any of them were nearly as perfect as Alisan's version of Blue Bayou. Everything about her performance was perfect. To this day I haven't seen an audition that compares to that one. The only person I think that was as talented as Alisan on the show overall was Judith Hill. I lost so much respect for the integrity or structure of the show after Judith Hill was eliminated. I stopped watching the show for a season or two. Glad it didn't happen twice with Alisan.

  • theres a few from other shows that are missing honestly

  • 13:53 sings like an angel

  • That thumbnail doe...

  • 3:47 that song she's singing... blue bayou.. This woman by far is the best whereas vocals is concerned. She reaches so many different ranges... WOOOW... love her.

  • 1:35 Incrível. 😱👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾

  • 15:03 Tones and i? :o

  • You left put the best one.

  • Very good auditions...but really flawless?? That's a really a catchy video title well done

  • *robyn calum's cover is ok. not his song though.

  • Hey Ya could be a single tomorrow.

  • 4:08 give me my truckin milk bottle

  • "Calling you" what the fuckkkkk amazing

  • First one was like if Paramore ever sang "The Scientist" and you can't go wrong with Paramore.

    • "We have bananas and avacadoes...." anyone else think of that vine when they heard her voice?

    • Christina was like "this voice is kinda basic."


  • Not in my estimation, but really good, nonetheless. Look back on past seasons, and you will see some nonpareil examples of the vocalists art. From Opera to Blues, there are true masters/mistresses of the art.

  • Paksyet nmn to. Ngayon n nga lng magyoutube eh... Nakatatlo ka na ah... Pano to tanggalin?

  • This is so corny the way it's filmed

  • Nice Photoshop

  • not

  • Why do they market this compilation with a picture of Billie Eilish? She does not appear!

  • Why did Blake not want the others to push their buttons in the beginning?

  • Great collection. Thank you! Really enjoyed this.

  • 11:17 wow this girl... :O

  • Her precious little brother crying laughing ALWAYS brings me to tears!! Priceless and Beautiful!! He was so REAL!! So many are fake and phoney!!!

  • hate the nasally voice so 2015

  • Billy Ellis sucks raw eggs! Doesn't work here.

  • I just wanted to bawl like a baby on so many of these.

  • That guy singing Dancing On My Own was the Calum Scott version ... but he is not Calum Scott !!

  • 1:46 that's not Calum Scott

  • That Thumbnail is Impressive ,made me click this video in .00003 second

  • If you can hit a solid crescendo they always turn.

  • This always proves regular people sing as well or better than the stars - who get there through connections to gatekerpers in the industry. Like kingmakers in the past. It's not how good you are but who you know and what you're willing to do for/with the power brokers to get in. Probably not worth it.

  • Love the skyfal songl most but all were awesome👍👏😊

  • The woman who sang Blue Bayou is clearly in a league of her own... doesn’t make sense how she’s not already discovered and established

  • Alisan porter n casi joy

  • Hey ya !! Calling you !!

  • The girl who sang Let Her Go sounded like a record

  • Second one Fernando Daniel was not the first audition. On the first audition he did even better with Adele song "when we were young"

  • Slowing down a fast song is the most seductive way to this! Ah! I am a pile!

  • I don't like the voice its fake no one who wins EVER gets anywhere

  • il canto non è solo urlo o voce ,è melodia interpretazione bravi!


  • ❤❤❤

  • The last guy with Skyfall song. Nice to hear this in a male version with raspy voice.

  • Хорошый голос: 😉 0:03 👍 1:36 👍 14:42 👍

  • 2 portugues guys here eheh the second one and the "crazy in love" one 👏💕🤗

  • 8:40 the power of a woman's voice, completely captivated the men, Beautiful thing

  • 4:15 This was not an audition y’all this was just a concert from an artist we did not know existed.


  • My whole body was shivering when I heard the guy sing, "listen"

  • hey ya was the best for me

  • Wow the girl that sang at 13:00 has a amazing almost haunting voice i would love to hear her sing some radiohead songs.

  • Blue Bayou....those high notes, then higher notes, then higher still.... Alisan was better than the original! WOW

  • owwww yeahh, Amirah Adara can sing too in legit microphone :) that's nice.

  • That CRAZY IN LOVE !!! Stuck at it! So much feeling in it!

  • Can't talk about prefect Voice auditions and exclude my boy Jordan Smith! but these are great auditions for sure.

  • Where's Jennie Lena?

  • These are your "most extreme and flawless auditions EVER"?! You must have so lower standards then.

  • They all sound like x-factor clones - no sign of uniqueness or individuality at all. Do the breathy thing, then do the kick it up a notch thing, then hit the big note, rise and repeat.

  • The version of Crazy in love the guy sings is Beyonce's own remix from the soundtrack of Fifty shades of Grey. Not taking anything away from the performance, he's good. Just not so original as you all think.

  • Blue Bayou is by Roy Orbison, Linda Ronstadt did an incredible cover of it. If your going to put out lists like this get your facts straight.

  • That Polish girl knocked it out the park

  • Too bad its limited to (not all) flawless performances in 5 countries...There are way more and way better true flawless performances, in the netherlands, in uk, in france...

  • I'm Surprised Christina wasn't on this.

  • "flawless". Girl caughs mid song at 15:45 (still good, tho)


  • The girl who done Hey Ya and the guy who done Crazy in Love turned those songs into so much more than the original could hope to be.

    • right? i got chills from em

    • I recommend listening to the blanks' cover of Hey Ya

    • @saintsaint saint clearly seems like you don't know much then. Sorry, i didn't realize i had to make an essay worthy comment just for you.

    • Is that an English sentence, I don't know :/

    • same, im not mad on them songs but they made it into something amazing!

  • Fake thumbnail of Billie Eilish and i felt asleep 2 times during this video

  • Daft Punk is dance music, no matter the tempo! Damn that song makes me move

  • Alisan Porter's audition was, in my opinion, the best ever.

  • 4:32 gave me goosebumps

  • The woman who sang, Calling You .... 😱 Omg....

  • wonder where chris blue is on these videos

  • All songs in the video are: 9/10 Life is Strange is: 10/10

  • shuUuuUt UuuuUuuuUp

  • how come Janna Salhoume @ 8:36 didnt become a star? Cancer? fallen into the Deathstar, wtf?

  • lmao, that show that thinks this song is actually written by Calum Scott is beyond fucked, do they even google smh? edit: yeah, it's portugal... a country where heroin is legal obviously lost the grip to reality.

  • 8:30 that's my jam right there!!!!!!!

  • The guy who sang 'Dancing on my own' really got me... I just reeeeeeaally love this song and he sang it so perfectly

    • Same. Such a great performance.

    • Listen to the ‘original’ slow version of this song - Britain’s Got Talent - Calum Scott who FIRST changed Robyns original dance theme to this version This guy was brilliant but you hear and see Calum audition it just breaks you So nervous and his sister had LITERALLY just been on stage before him and got rejected He got the golden buzzer from Simon too Seriously check it out

    • Fernando Daniel 🇵🇹

  • guy at 5:40 gave me goosebumps

  • I cannot pick just one up. They are splendid each in one's way,. amazing.

  • David Gomes piel de gallina

  • who is the blond with to much make up

  • 1:46 This is NOT Calum Scott nor a Calum Scott song. Furthermore its NOT an audition!

  • So the first chick made me cry. Nobody makes me cry. Ever. Not even bad break ups. Edited: The black guy singing crossroads made me cry too.

  • Crazy in love was amazing

  • I hugely respect the covers. But when can we have an original songs, raw new artist competition..? Mockery-and NOT the disrespectful kind-is so common. The talents who have the stones to put their own twist on a cover is wonderful. But how’s about original artists...?

  • who is singing Crazy in Love ???

  • Waow great work man

  • sawyer fredericks

  • 12:54 ..Her voice is fantastic. Not the first talented singer from Poland I've seen on these compilations.

  • totally not photoshop

  • This is a fantastically curated list. The talents are phenomenal

  • listen and skyfall were phenomenal

  • Wheres the miss that sang Calling you?