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Published on Apr 4, 2021
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  • I loved when he laughed at 4:07

  • I’m a boy

  • Hi

  • Money doesn’t but happiness, money is happiness

  • R u ded

  • you should try rainbow 6 siege

  • You are my favorite USdosr

  • 1:37 best shit ever

  • hi can i have a shout out and fresh needs a life your better than him but not loserfruit

  • Play Cod Warzone

  • What does a bear do when it has no teeth memes

  • Lazerbeam 1 year ago: I’ll be the first to tell you money don’t buy you happiness Now: See money does buy happiness

  • Dude I'm in australia and I'm boooooooooooored because I'm in lockdown!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!😑

  • Bro post once in a blue moon

  • Hay lannen I have a good video do Lara cross emote all game and try to win.🦙

  • Your tik tok are better then my fyp

  • Oof lazar u got no adds 😂

  • Nothing but pure content not gonna lie

  • Can u plz do meme olympics 6

  • Upload more

  • Lol, I've thought about doing the door to door thing

  • code lazar

  • Where is the Meme Olympics #6

  • 7:09 cutest thing ever 😍

  • YO i just watches the new mortal combat movie and theres a reference to you lazarbeam with an auzzy who has the arcanae/power of a lazerbeam hahahahaa

  • ey lazar, we just got the exact same headset lol

  • pls heart this comment and reply this video

  • I love your bored video's

  • Subscribe to LAZARBEAM he has to beat faze rug in subscribers

  • play long drive pls

  • Can u upload u haven’t uploaded in 2 weeks

  • Oooooooooooooooooohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

  • causally up at 4:39 in the morning :)

  • Lannan you have to react to endigos Tiktok song

  • 4:06 Fantastic

  • Wheres meme olympics #6

  • 6:56 ahahahhahahahaah

  • Hi lazarbeam you probably hate me because I'm from nz plz pin

  • TikTok on da clock then I’ll pull out the glock and I’ll point it at ma co-

  • Sorry to let you know but you should really get a VPN because my friend saw your tesla cam and he saw you eating two pounder donuts one glazed two crunch wraps and one soft taco so lol so basically right now he has full control over your USdos channel is but he’s not going to do anything because he’s not a douche bag he’s not going to delete so don’t worry

  • Omg those hands are insane!😱

  • Play Minecraft!!!

  • Tiktok is gay

  • you should play some Rocket League

  • “Looks like an egg” lazerbeam 2021

  • 8:27 dude: yeets him self of the building in vr Wall in irl :ooof thats gotta hurt

  • I still have that one line from the bored song "ARE YOU READY FOR SOME TIC TOCKS

  • My guy

  • 2:07

  • i think you, lazerbeam should go back to apex

  • "I'm a modern day eminem" Sam dubs who made lazarbeam sing rap god "called it"

  • Play Roblox

  • Collab with josh dub?

  • MrBeast is amazing your amazing to

  • To be honest I’m bored but your videos will not make me bored I am still bored with laserbeam

  • Go one day playing fortnite without saying yeet

  • No offense Lazar but what is wrong with your upload schedule. I know editing is hard but I think we can all agree it doesn’t take 2 weeks to upload a single video. Also lazar quote “Well theirs nothing to do in gaming. Meanwhile... Fresh “uploads almost daily” Still love ya Lazar

  • His discord server mods are trash dont join his discord

  • hi LAZAR


  • am i the only one who get reminded of the "when im lazarbeam" video when hearing the "im bored" song?

  • 1:37

  • Guy: Sub to lazarbeam ME: Have you subed? I know I have

  • lazarbeam predicts,lazarbeam predicts, it’s the greatest show on the internet

  • LAZARBEAM the I’m bored song is by indigo

  • 😱 please shout me out

  • Np i got you lazar arabic translator the other guy said jump jump then the other guy forgot he was inn vr so he jumped

  • Play little nightmares 2

  • two weeks oh no IS HE DEAD???? PLS NO

  • Why have you not uploaded for like 3 weeks?

  • I'm growing a mullet like u Lannon

  • Yeet

  • You should play apex

  • If yall want to know what happened to him because i see people who dont know. He was attacked and got hurt so he isnt uploading

  • LAZARBEAM i love yore chanie

  • make a new video plz I sub

  • Ok

  • Lazar beam play warzone plz

  • I WANNA duel


  • "now that i have money im happier then ive ever been!" (1 sec. later) *takes a moment to reflect on time*

  • bro that burn on ur sister was classic

  • See how they react

  • Laserbeam try prank and all your friends In one go

  • hey laser beam so if i clean a vacuum do i become a vacuum cleaner

  • 1:22 is a sound

  • I'm sick help

  • That’s OK see you in a horror movie Cover every day

  • Just a video idea: Whoever makes the best Lazarbeam logo for USdos wins 1000 dollars and that becomes the logo Ps: if you choose this just say it was recommended Dont say by me Thanks love the vids

  • Laserlazer when you hit 20:87 MILLION Subs can u not curse my mummy doesnt like it so please lazerlazer

  • I did not know Lazerbeam was a Celtics fan

  • i have benn watching for a long time and you have changed pls go back to your old self becaus i dont even watch you anemore

  • POV: Your single =_=

  • I miss your mullet

  • were the happy cow at from your vid

  • i used to watch you when you did beam ng vids

  • 🇱🇷🇱🇷😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍

  • Shrimp fingers

  • Hey laser beam can you do this.