Trump gives exclusive reaction to Biden's 'weak' performance on the world stage

Former President Donald Trump joined 'Hannity' to discuss topics ranging from Biden's performance, the media and COVID origins.

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  • It is SO sad- to hear HOW GOOD it COULD have been- STILL ! -

  • China is responsible

  • I miss President Trump. He taught me more in 6 months than 5 years of college

  • I miss the days of playing little league…

  • Best President ever!

  • The country will never get back to normal until President Trump returns. These bartenders and high school graduates just need to return to their low end jobs..

  • Not a patch on Trump’s comic performance.

  • Greetings from Germany. You don't protect us. You agitate Russia and make it a danger for us over here. Do you think 52.000 soldiers can stop the Russian storm?

  • Kudos for my president, Donald Trump!!!!

  • Fkn knob head

  • What a jackoff

  • Dont call your president by names - or any person for that matter.. didnt you learn that at school you bully?! Shows how weak you are .. its sad that you are breaking down this country just to fulfill your agenda.. if you have disagreements, they are of course welcome.. but dont bi#%h around..

  • The world's dictators thought Trump was great because he sucked up to them instead of acting like a real president that should have stood up to them. Trump was an embarrassment to the USA and a laughing stock to the rest of the world. On January 6th Trump proved he was the dictator wannabe a lot of us knew he was. Trump orchestrated an insurrection to overthrow the government of the USA. Can anyone explain why Trump shouldn't be called a traitor for his actions on January 6th? How is he any better than Benedict Arnold? Fox "News" still supports this traitor so they are un-American just like Donny is.

  • 11:45AM 07.27.2021


    • It's pretty clear that you dont understand lol




    • Most citizens in the US who receives welfare are republicans

    • Yeah that's not true. Most ex military who received pensions voted red. Particularly in Fla.


  • The answer is!! 😂Comeing in his earpeice, Again!!

  • Yes exactly!!!

  • How many deaths now added to fauchi's LIST

  • How are any of these people even still alive ?

  • If the US election system is not overhaul or changed, Trump can never win even if millions really vote for him. The end result will goes to the Democrats. We all knew that the Democrats never plays fair or clean. The whole gang needs to be eradicated once and for all, exposed their evil deeds to the Americans.

  • CONFEDERACY donald trump (1861-1895) (2016-2020) * Both only lasted four years. * Both almost destroyed the Union. * Both only attract losers and traitors.

  • Trumps propaganda leader Rush Limbaugh has passed , Trump ramblings sound exactly like what they are without his message cleanup. Good Luck GOP , maybe you will find another Indiana guy to hide behind, Jim Banks. Is a standup guy, that means moron in Republican language.

  • Trump won and everyone knows it 👍🤩

    • Yes, Trump won... "the clown of the year" award.

  • Trump 2024!

  • History will tell the truth but we are living in the here and now,..., Trump will probably not be seen as one of the worse presidents, seems there is at least one that will make that list before many others! I do know I was better off under Bush Jr and Trump as a Veteran-100% disabled than under any others and tho crime has always been an issue in the USA,..., it sure looks bad in Biden's first 6 mos. of stuttering and stammering. Thing that does amaze me is how I can't see the strings when Biden is on stage.

  • Trump Trump Trump Trump Trump Trump!!!!!!!!

  • Trump= BEST PRESIDENT EVER. Biden=WORST PATHETIC ILLEGITIMATE FAKE STOLEN PRESIDENCY EVER.Come back President Trump and clean out the corrupt swamp and throw them all in PRISON where THEY BELONG!!!! PERIOD!!!

    • Living is easy with your eyes closed...

  • Pity Trump wasn't a little more careful not to annoy so many people, he could have been re-elected

    • @Cheryl Lafleur ...and the proof is??

    • He was elected and proof is here..he is still Our POTUS....

  • God Bless you President Donald Trump'in Jesus Christ Amighty and Alpowerful Name Amen.

    • You meant to say "Ex-president" Donald Trump. Jesus is probably confused right now. I dont think he reads USdos comments in his spare time tho, so you're probably good.

  • Trump speaks the Truth.

  • You are the Horror along with Bushes Clinton's and Obama Biden y'all are the Horror working for the 😈👿

  • Trump lost he lost the house he lost the Senate he lost re-election biggest voter turn out ever he did do that

  • They are not laughing in Biden's face. Not like the joke Trump they all laughed at.

  • Sir, come quickly American waiting for you, don't wait until that day of 2024.👍

    • He's washed. If he runs he will lose again... If he tries anything else, he's gonna get arrested. Stop feeding into this .... and if you post comments on USdos about subverting the democratic process... at least use a VPN

  • Lock him up! Lock him up! Lock him up! Worst human alive!

  • Trump back and the frsudster in prison this timd

  • I wonder how Clinton’s is involved in all this but the FBI club covers up everything

  • When God Emperor speaks, leftists tremble.

  • Estoy emferma el tobillo fracturado nopuedo caminar solo con andador

  • Hi yo que tambien

  • No tengo comida y la lacion la comida esta cara

  • Eres abusador

  • Es que usted sabe que estoy enferma del Colin y la operación de sacar los intestino para afuera tres meses lo que le pasa cuando usted Hiba nadie lo quería le di mi voto ha usted está ardido

  • Me quitó los sellos de la comida no tengo comida

  • E quito los sellos de la comida

  • Me quitaron los sellos de la cida

  • Trump IS our voice of Sanity!!

  • Trump IS our voice of Sanity!!

  • remember when US presidents could actually form a sentence? those were the days

  • Coming from a guy who did nothing but golf and lie for 4 years....Pleaseeee

  • America, you lost a true leader when voted Mr. Trump out.

    • Trump has never been a leader. He is a daddy´s boy who was born with a silver spoon in his mouth. He is a mediocre business man who loves the spotlight and is an attention seeker. The really rich people in the US laughs at him and would do business with him if their lives depended on it.

    • At least you arent running around saying that the election was rigged. He alienated a large chunk of the country and there was no way the pro union states would vote for him the second time. I thought he did a decent job but he was not a great leader ... we almost had a civil war for christ's sake

    • Whispering Joe is already the worst president of all time. He doesn’t care about our safety at the border.

  • Biden looks awful outside the basement Very tired winded and confused President

  • Mr. Trump he's still PESIDENT OK UNDERSTOOD???


  • Trump knew his s*** he knew his business he's the man is the double O7 of all time he made impossible things happen I don't care what they say and I'm a Democrat you can't be stupid because even a blind man can see what's going on

  • Trump criticising Biden is the same as a cat criticizing a parrot's imitation of a dog!



  • Well, the Biden and the Dems will steal, cheat, lie, brainwash, blame anyone just to get their Evil socialist agenda through to the American people. And not forgetting to mentioned, their goal is to stay in power no matter how the people voted, it's how they counted the votes. Americans need to Wake Up before it's too late......God Bless America 🙏🙏🙏

  • Hey trump....i went to the bathroom this morning...i did more work then you did in 4 years

  • our President Trump is a hero i am so proud of my president Trump, he won 2020, he is respect law and order , but never give up to fight for out country to get back FREE DOOM save America .

  • thumb up 103 k thump down 5,6k 100% bien stole election President Trump won 2020 President Trump till our president 21,21,23,24 President Trump is dong save American and President Trump will win 24,in his 3rd term

    • I think Trump is a complete moron, but still thumbed up this video because it is entertaining as hell, listening to this clueless man.

  • How can Americans don't vote him I don't understand .Big fan of trump from Pakistan.

  • Biden your the biggest threat to America.

  • Biden look at Trump he's a real President Your a Nursing home patient. You can't do your job XL pipeline is important. The border is very important.

  • TRUMP, CHARACTER & INTEGRITY ?? Some of us are as God planned Though many are far worse. Our characters are not of marble So the Devil may work his curse. Fame is what we steal or take Character is what we give. To this truth we must awake So we might begin to live. There is some good in all of us Which may not show at first. With good character of heart and soul We prepare ourselves for the worst. Show me a liar and you have found a thief Whose character is controlled by hell. They love what's wrong and hate what's right And they're lucky they're not all in jail. With honor we obtain uprightness And by love and compliance we gain grace. Integrity gives us proper goals Improving the standard of our race. THANK YOU FOR WHO YOU ARE IN YOUR HEART ! By Tom Zart Google = Most Published Poet Tom’s 1,650 Poems Are Free To Share! Google = George Bush Tom Zart Google = Most Published Poet USdos Google = Love War And More

  • god why don’t we have this man running this country we were in much better shape then that idiot joe biden. derrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr😩

  • India stand for Trump! What's wrong with you America?..

  • You're so moron why you Republicans don't want the vasine, if you're the masterb.... you talk so much S..... you lost asept it.

  • Trump is a complete clown of a human being, total disgrace to our country. Him and his followers are too dumb to accept that he lost the election and he’s willing to watch the nation burn to justify his delusions. Trump is no longer president and in fact should be charged as a felon for starting an insurrection against the United States.

  • "Sippie cup" joey. What a joke

  • Who is trumph to crisis of the president is just dam jealous he mess up the world so bad and he the one cause off all of these problems that the American people are facing so stop all of these lies and called it what is jealous

  • To all you stupid people who complained about how criminals were being dealt with you got what you asked for

  • Biden uses Christ as a role model DJT sounds great as a furher


  • The truth is that Hannity & Trump is the best pathetic liars in America. Both of them are corrupt lunatic id**ts.

  • Trump, if you READ this.. WE WANT TO BUILD A TRUMP MONSTER TRUCK. We will pay for it, no joke. We've tried contacting through a multitude of avenues. Are your advisors not advising you of our request?

  • Godbless you Donald Trump

  • Every american needs to check out this info and investigate it as I believe this is what TRUNP met by "THE BEST IS YET TO COME" According to the blog A Place to Open Your Mind, many very powerful groups actually prevented the implementation of NESARA, including those in government, courts, banks. According to this source, many white hats involved in enacting this act, or law, have been assassinated. “They are reported as having a massive heart attack or suicide, or a tragic car accident.” After much negotiation, the Supreme Court justices ordered the Congress to Pass the NESARA resolutions on September 9, 2001. Alan Greenspan was scheduled to announce debt forgiveness to all U.S. citizens, the new US Treasury Bank system, and abolishment of the IRS, as part of the declaration of NESARA on September 11, 2001, at 10 AM Eastern Daylight Time (the blog A Place to Open Your Mind). However, you know what happened to prevent the implementation of the NESARA Act that was planned to precede the implementation of the GESARA Act worldwide. “Just before the announcement at 9 am, Bush Sr. ordered the demolition of the World Trade Center’s Twin Towers to stop the international banking computers on Floors 1and 2 in the North Tower from initiating the new U.S. Treasury Bank system. Explosives in the World Trade Center were planted by operatives and detonated remotely in Building 7, which was demolished later that day in order to cover-up their crime.” (the blog A Place to Open Your Mind) According to, the Pentagon was later hit on that day where the special team supporting this law all convened “where they were going to implement the new law, the Pentagon.” ( According to this source, all those involved with the implementation of this law were all murdered that day, as the place they gathered at the Pentagon was hit with a remote controlled missile

  • Why do they Hate this Great Man. Did he said something wrong, i dont think so. They should Respect Trump.

  • F**k Trump U loser

  • Miss you Donald. We need a real president again. Someone that cares for the US

  • This is a honest question. Is Trump still our President?? I don’t even feel like Biden is our President. I’m pretty sure all of America feel this way too.

    • Yes, all the illusioned people in the US.

  • Donald Trump, forget America needs you, the world needs you.

    • The world? And you think you speak for the people of the world?

  • At least Biden isn't a compulsive liar and doesn't disparage Veterans, play pales with known murdering dictators, gaslighting his opponents and most of all encourage insurrection.

  • What’s sad is how everyone worships a politician as if they’re the savior. Newsflashh people politicians are not for the people! Whether they’re democrats or republicans, they truly don’t give a rat’s about you

  • Canada for Donald J Trump

  • Biden isn't elected in the white House, he's just installed like a toilet.

    • yep- but they forgot the bolts, so its leaking $hit n rotting out the subfloor.

    • Ser, are you 9?

  • "Many people should have gotten Pulitzers"??? He wanted to ban all free media, i.e the ones not agreeing with him! Pulitzer for Shammity, or what?

  • President Trump could run another 4 year term if Americans are lucky

  • Biden speaks like a 10-year-old child

    • Biden does? He has a speech impediment in case you didn't know. What's Trump's excuse. His vocabulary is more limited than a grade-schoolers, and he is so very stupid! Trump has virtually NO intellect! Trump is the stupidest person on the planet! He paid someone to take his SATs, and he also made sure that his college transcripts were so well-hidden that no one will ever find them. He lies constantly about him being smart when in fact he is NOT! Have you ever heard a truly intelligent person brag about being smart? No, because truly smart people don't do that! Cognitive tests cannot be aced! That is not what they are about, yet he goes on and on about that, making him look even stupider!!

  • Trump has some NERVE calling Biden weak when he had his nose ALL UP PUTINS A$$ in Helsinki

  • Wake up Americans you are under attack from within. Pay attention to what's being put out now its SERIOUS!

  • My great president the best president of all time's.

  • We desperately need Trump as a leader. The Dem's are destroying the US!