Trump Justice Department Spied on House Democrats During Russia Probe: A Closer Look

Published on Jun 14, 2021
Seth takes a closer look at yet another bombshell scandal from the Trump era in which the former president’s Justice Department spied on Democratic lawmakers investigating him during the Russia probe.

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Trump Justice Department Spied on House Democrats During Russia Probe: A Closer- Late Night with Seth Meyers

Late Night with Seth Meyers


  • *”128 days… give me a brake.* Yes exactly!

  • Republicans love Trump because he is NOT in politics but in show business.

  • CAPCOM! I need this fighting game out right now!! X-D

  • Trump wants to probe he's right. 😂 Lol.................

  • I so love Seth's snarkiness. And when he has his folks on... They are gold!!!!!!

  • Loved that 'if you can't hear the difference between german and austrian, that's on you' X)

  • I've absolutely hated having to call these "fellow Americans" of ours "conservatives." The one good thing to come out of the past four years - we ALL know "conservative" actually means fake Christian white supermacist. They're not "socially conservative" or even "fiscally conservative." They're "conservative" in that they think only white people who love guns, hate women's rights, and believe there is a friggin' fairytale awaiting them in the sky are actually Americans.

  • Austrian is for sure the " _Ding-Ding-Ding da-da Ding-Ding_ " of German speakers. Geb-bieta

  • Ooohh, hate to do it, Seth, but CORRECTION ALERT those are life preservers rings, not "buoys." Now, you may try to claim they are "a ring buoy" but, come on, Seth, don't play that card. 😏

  • No one commenting on vanilla ice jeez

  • Fun fact: Robert Louis Stevenson was Scottish so he actually pronounced Jekyll as Jeek-al. Apparently this was the pronunciation used in the 1931 film. Since Jek-ell has become the standard these days, not sure if this rises to the level of CORRECTION but, facts is facts, the original pronunciation from the author himself is Jeek-al Cheers,

  • It's interesting, you can tell when the writers have watched some of the same youtube content as you, especially when they air a 30? year old 40 year old? clip of vanilla ice? There was a I think legal eagle video featuring a music composer/youtuber who was discussing that case, and another channel also covered that, in terms of copyright laws and DMCA takedowns.

  • Even ALAN DERSHOWITZ, a honored Harvard Professor - Head of Legal Dept & btw A DEMOCRAT says this new Radical Dem Party is RIDICULOUS. All lies to attack Trump. Since they can’t try to impeach him 20 times - this nonsense.

    • Lol DERSHOWITZ flew with the Epstein plane many times dumbass. Look it up

  • Even ALAN DERSHOWITZ, a honored Harvard Professor - Head of Legal Dept & btw A DEMOCRAT says this new Radical Dem Party is RIDICULOUS. All lies to attack Trump. Since they can’t try to impeach him 20 times - this nonsense.

  • Crap Hey i'm Ok with a lot of stuff but you guys better look at the proposed budget this will give you an idea video "this is complet madness Gop lawmaker explodes on" start at 2 minutes in.

  • If "Sleepy Joe" wakes up and protects elections. Democrats would whup the republicans next year.

  • 8:00 Yeah we are terrified we clearly have a mental health crisis on our hands.

  • When you come back from break, can you give us a little "Summertime" by DJ Jazzy Jeff and the Fresh Prince before moving onto C&C Music Factory, Right Said Fred, Kris Kross, En Vogue, and Naughty by Nature?

  • Section 802 of the Sarbanes-Oxley Act imposes hefty fines and up to 20 years imprisonment for securities violations. Penalties apply not only to a firm's senior officers, but also to anyone else who knowingly alters, destroys, conceals or falsifies records with the intent to harm a legal investigation in any way.

  • why are they allowed to keep spouting insurrection?, shouldn't they be charged with sedition!.

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  • Mcannany didn’t lie. Her job was to relay what the administration is saying so the losing was what happened and she just repeated the message

  • Dindindindigdindin!

  • this quote had me almost dying from laughter: "How would it be if the United States were viewed by the rest of the world as interfering with the elections directly of other countries and everybody knew it? What would it be like if we engaged in activities that he engaged in? It diminishes the standing of a country."

  • A trust fund idiot who cheats on his women and his taxes is gonna save America? Something tells me if he could he would cheat on America as well.

  • Seth you are an alcoholic and you wont look that great when you are older

  • With Trump gone, Trudeau is now the biggest clown at the G7. Did you see his press conference where he was asked about Vaccine patent wavers? he uh uh uh'ed a non answer because he doesn't support the idea and Canada is not even a producer of vaccine which shows what a sad corrupt little man he is

  • You crack me up - thank you for the laughs!

  • Trump is going way away, Cruz. And you need to as well... Get out!!!

  • I don't appreciate your deprecating remarks about President Biden. Let's see how YOU look and sound in your late seventies. Step off the burns on Biden, please

  • Thanks

  • Seth Meyers is such a dem back, both him and Steve Colbert are only surviving because trump is still relevant, they can’t stand the fact people prefer trump to their zombie

  • As a German appreciating many films of Werner Herzog and Christoph Waltz I always enjoy when Seth impersonates one of them - or both, as in this segment.

  • Is this comedy now? This guy is a complete loser.

  • I always have time for a Herzog impression. But for the curious, here's a tidbit from the source: "The trees here are in misery, the birds are in misery. I don't think they sing, they just screech in pain." 😱 😂 😂 😂

  • I think Seth Myers is great but I CONSTANTLY have his videos in my algorythm. It's ALWAYS the second video. WTF. Why is that and how do I stop it?

  • The thoughtless place taxonomically watch because weasel immuhistochemically turn about a devilish grandfather. innate, humorous sand

  • Just like Biden is doing same now man are you off base

  • Predator Biden and lock us up Harris lol democrats and republicans are racist institutions serving white supremacy racism producing inequality oppression injustice propaganda and only separated by vocabularies \-_-/

  • Your French is Great I love it

  • who listens to these ppl ?

  • It's about time, the Demonrats have been doing it for years.

  • 🤣🤣🤣you’re an 😇

  • Trump Justice Department. Oxymoron.

  • Barr: In the old days, the prosecution would have "hammered the guy" with, the YES or NO argument... leave it to the defense to allow a continued discussion, as if he didn't know why he was in the room because Happy Hour the night before.

  • 🤣😂🤣😂 You - a Multi Millionaire - Celebrity - is asking other people who are Also. struggling through this 'pandemic' for money???? You're all f**kin disgusting.

  • Honestly one of the worst parts of Trump becoming president was the absolute humiliation. America went from a strong, respectable country, to one ran by an idiotic authoritarian. The rest of the world now just assumed that all Americans were immature, sexist, racist, homophobes who elected an immature, sexist, racist homophobe as president, even though Trump wasn’t who won the popular vote

  • He sounded like Dark Night 🤣🤣🤣

  • Seth Meyers, yet another Democrat Woke Radged Get.

  • And Huawei was barred because we suspected they MIGHT randomly do what Trump did specifically to DEMOCRATICALLY ELECTED members of the US government?

  • Didn't Nixon nearly get impeached for spying on the opposite party???

  • lol "120 days, give me a break, need time." My sentiments exactly every time I see some Trumpy trying to diss him by pointing out some specific thing he hasn't done yet.

  • In what I think is a very apt analogy, Jekyll started transforming without the serum after he used it too much.

  • Looking at it in hindsight, seems like maybe that summit didn’t go too well lol. I get there are probably endless ‘shocking’ stories about the Trump admin. the fact that the new admin has been in place for 6 months and not meaningfully improved anything at all seems like maybe a more relevant thing lol. I get the ratings thing, but the sycophantic stuff just doesn’t hit when people see strait through it. I think Seth is really funny, but damn. I predict 2022 and 24 are going to be real rough if this continues…and everyone will feign shock

    • Five months. Improved a ton: pandemic is being handled, diplomacy is back on, stimulus went out, border issue resolved, economy is booming... Keep crying, fascist.

  • Yes! Open hearings, full grillings, and the demanding of the whole truth from all of the scaly wags that helped produce the 4 years of that American carnage of trump&crew. I want to see them Squirm and sweat.

  • The new nazi's need to be put down. Period.

  • We'd spy on Teump but his nudity would sterilize us all..

  • Kamala's here :-)

  • Seth's Biden impression is on point.

  • remember obama spied on trump

    • The FBI during Obama's presidency did investigate ties between certain members of the Trump campaign and Russia, which existed.

  • Still puzzled why Reps cling on so desperately to DJT.

  • Ted Cruz sucks so bad

  • Now a days it just isn't fair, I have no clue how funny Seth Meyers really is. With the material Trump and the Republicans give him on a daily basis even Eric Trump can do the show. I was only joking we all know Eric Trump has trouble putting his pants on.

  • It’s the holy grail of hack comedy: the trump impression It’s June 2021 and this fool is doing a trump impression EVERY NIGHT… boooooooo you suck seth Meyers

  • Ok but Obama doj did literally the same thing so probably don't make too big a deal about it. Makes us look like hypocrites. Schiff is a POS let's not pretend he's our guy

    • Everyone is politics has ties to Russia, just like in big business. The world isnt so big anymore. You're being a blind partisan. The FBI and obama were gunning for trump when he was running. And let's not forget Hillary back doored that whole investigation in the first place using what turned out to be Russian disinformation. The government can say and do whatever it likes, they may hate republicans more, bit they are not our friend either. Blind partisanship is what they want, if you go around thinking trump and his followers are Nazi fascists then you've already lost the game.

    • False equivalency. The FBI did investigate certain Trump campaign members for ties to Russia, and wouldn't you know, they had ties to Russia. It's really not the same thing as Trump's DoJ arbitrarily spying on his political opponents because he doesn't like bad press about him in the news.

  • Yet you will still allow Trump to be elected in next election... In normal world he should be prosecuted and at least not allowed to any official function ever again. However dems are so weak and so afraid that they had a violent insurrection and still do nothing despite being at power... Trump will repeat faster than you think

  • An intellectual comedian

  • Need ratings for my show need more trump 🥴

  • I am not the press and think she is a very big liar?

  • With all the whining dumb donnie did about having his campaign being spied on, as usual he as doing it as well and worse

  • 8:06 Ted Cruz has no dignity.

  • Geez did you know how long it's taking to deeply clean the white house and they still trying to get the tan spray off the walls and toilets so cut Joe some slack

  • I'm a Democrat and applaud Republicans staying with looser Trump. They are like the myth of lemmings rushing to the sea.

  • Liars, and Cowards, and Thieves….Oh! My! 😳 WTF did you expect from Republicans? 🙄 Really?

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  • Your Boring show sucks

  • It's that little bitty ting!

  • What battle cruise jan 6

  • Who is President Bian?

  • BS your a liar.

  • Solid Scottish accent!! (Been watching "Still Game" a bunch lately.)

  • Oh you mean how Obama spied on Trump's campaign?

    • "Hey, what if we pretend some of Trump's campaign staff having ties to the Kremlin and being investigated for them is the same as the Trump DoJ arbitrarily spying on his political opponents because he doesn't like what's in the news about him?"

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  • I don't think there could possibly for @TedCruz to sink any lower even if licking Trump's bollocks!!!

  • Biden is funny and witty or do you want trump as your president, Seth😈

  • America's Back for a limited time only, offer not valid in Florida. Maybe Seth's greatest joke..yeah..

  • Oh the title is a bit misleading, this isn't surprising.

    • WTF, I was in bed an hour ago. WHo wrote this!? IT DOESN"T EVEN MAKE SENSE! *I wrote this on a different video... yesterday. USdos is having some issues lol

  • OMG, I just realized he is attempting to be funny. Pathetic.

  • Technically speaking, aren't trump, and his supporters committing sedition?! Essentially trump is a traitor to his country, and committing treason?! Sedition, treason, and being a traitor are constantly thrown around. It's about time someone takes trump, and those committing a form of sedition, to court!!! #trumptheseditionist #trumpisatraitor #suetrumpinfederalcourtforsedition

  • Street fighter Characters noone wants to pick. Exactly!

  • I seriously expected the line about the life preservers to go, "They're $100 buck if you buy them, now... and $200 if you're currently drowning!"

    • That was worth a big giggle. Thanks 🤪

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  • How many weeks until this turns out to be a fake story?

    • Oh wait Rachel Maddie is saying it so it's already debunked

  • Seth's mom just got the DNA test results back and judging by the B.S he's talking I guess he wasn't to happy when Maury said trump you are the father sorry Donald

  • It probably is for a limited time only. There are still a lot of people willing to vote for the craziness represented by ex-president Tangerine Palpatine.

  • Answer is: the bald dude no one remembers; Matthew George Whitaker (born October 29, 1969) is an American lawyer, lobbyist and politician who served as the acting United States Attorney General from November 7, 2018, to February 14, 2019. He was appointed to that position by President Donald Trump after Jeff Sessions resigned at Trump's request.[1] Whitaker had previously served as Chief of Staff to Sessions from October 2017 to November 2018

  • 11:31 the house and senate democrats need a backbone.

  • corrections is one of the best segments seth's ever done tbh, love it so much

  • People are dying Joe. Stop making excuses about time. It's BS. Our expectations were low, but my god.