Trying Fortnites HARDEST 100 level deathrun!

Published on Apr 18, 2021
This is the prettiest, nicest looking 100 level default deathrun I have ever seen. In fact, it's the best looking deathrun period.
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  • Everyone I need 1000 subs to publish my map to Troll Muselk and Fresh

  • 16:42 don’t you mean high grav jump 😂

  • Too many ads

  • the death run king is back!!!

  • Graeme Mills👌👍🤣

  • U sure do love doors

  • "The Balls Are Hard" muselk 2021

  • What happened to liv

  • 11:15 It speaks for itself

  • What is the code

  • 21:09

  • Muselk: comes out with deathrun video Mapmakers around the world: y u bully me😪😪😪

  • I love Elliot cause he’s good but my name is Elliot too lol

  • i love muselk and his death run contents, they are the best

  • What about cizzors deathrun was that hard

  • 14:08 though😂

  • Jesus someone hit comfortable with putting ads

  • I’ve built a smaller deathrun if you want to try it

  • Mans is going down in subs 😢

  • So pretty vedio ♥️🙂

  • I want code of this deathrun reply it for me plz

  • Where do I get one of those massive soy sauce fish packet in your facecam??

  • Muselk's brain: High gravity = High jumping

  • Can I get what's goin on guys

  • 10:32 thats what she said

  • i tried this deathrun it took me almost 2 hours to get there and then i was doing the last where u have to go to the top and then my game just closed on its own sad i am crying

  • I did a pull up every time you died

  • Your IQ is excellent

  • 10:31 to 10:33 well that can be interpreted in many ways

  • I wonder how hard the return is

  • 10:31 though

  • The map maker is gay gay🏳️‍🌈

  • You can gurantee that I don't have the willpower to finish deathruns like this

  • When muselk said balls I was like muselk kinda sus🤣


  • I love when Eliot rages quit, yet it bothers me how sometimes he doesn’t

  • 10:32 best thing he has ever said ever

  • 17:57 is Eliot turning into bob from Plants vs. Zombies

  • Yessssss

  • 7:50 when mum brings home McDonald’s

  • 12:03 is so funny

  • how did he get the golf carts? them and other vehicles were swapped out for the cars recently..

  • 10:30 that's sus

  • 20:50 I'll just leave this here

  • 6:55 marking my spot : D

  • 20:20 fortnite thought they were slick

  • Code?


  • Muselk didnt realize the level after slide at the start were neos and he went the noob way?

  • 10:31 Sheeeeeeesh

  • What is the music that starts at 16:28

  • I literally saw this video 1 year ago

  • it not hared he just rusty

  • 10:31


  • Best. Deathrun. Ever.

  • I quit a level that he did first try lol

  • 12:03 “alright well you know what that’s bullshit! I DIDNT TOUCH IT”

  • 😂😂😂😂😂 4:37

  • Muselk plz play some modern warfare

  • POV ur checking comment for what level he was on

  • bro who missed these vids

  • What are people unsubing to him

  • 15:00 anyone know how to make those platform or know a video on how to make them

  • muselk : its allways the 3rd neo jump (second try) USdos : for the 3rd neo lets put a ad

  • 10:30 words of a legend

  • From 10:31 to 10:37 I see a joke that I'm not supposed to see😬

  • Why does he need to re-energize?? He’s playing a video game

  • I don’t even play the game anymore but muselk deathruns are always fun to watch

  • mussels with his deathruns is back

  • Muselk is losing subs

  • 2:46 ok then I think 2973927493739739379384973937497493704739489279373027946396393793639379369463937

  • Why does this deathrun remind me of Google chrome so much😆

  • idk. It was pretty to look at but there was no thrill. It's more of a fun run than a deathrun.

  • Gg bois

  • Lannan made Yeet famous and now even Muselk uses it. The only thing Muselk is known for is skybasing and deathruns. He used to be competitive too.

  • Bruh I knew you would die at some black thing that God destroyed XD 😂

  • Love the death run cideos

  • *muselk dies twice ALSO MUSELK: THIS LEVEL IS HARD!!!!!

  • Muselk wondering why there was a hard level then an easy one. Me knowing he is gonna lose his sanity in about 10 seconds

  • Elliot, you should be the new pogchamp

  • That “ haleluilia” part 😂😂

  • How do I play this map? What's the code?

  • In the beginning he says “you never know if I lose my mind or not” except that he do every time!😂

  • It a gay deathrun Rainbow = gay Deathrun = deathrun

  • In the begging game how the fuck did he go from the bouncer to the platform i cant even come close

  • Can you please do my map I have been working on it so hard it would mean the world to me please

  • Nice beard 🧔🏽

  • Code?

  • Eliot, I just want to say, it isn't about the video but it is about me, I just got braces and I wanted to let you know because you are my favorite USdos.

  • Sorry meep

  • I tried the map it’s so hard

  • 13:05 cheated the level tho lmao

  • 0:23 maybe not ur mind but SHEEEEEEEEEEEEEEESH you sure are losing subs

  • yo muselk u should rly do more dr vids

  • you should not make any for a while and then make a big season of just death runs so i can binge watch them

  • Is this how he comes out to us ?

  • Whoah whoah, calm down Jamal. 10:29

  • 10:31 - "The balls are hard!" - Muselk 2021 do be kinda sus! 😳 😂

  • 10:31 to 10:33 that can be taken out of context SUPER easily. better watch your mouth Elliot