Uncle Roger Think Cowboy Fried Rice SO WEIRD (Kent Rollins)

Published on Feb 21, 2021
To all my Malaysian niece and nephew, #nowyoucan get Heineken 0.0 deliver to your house: bit.ly/Heineken00UncRog #socialiseresponsibly. For non-Muslims aged 21 and above only.
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  • Thanks Uncle Roger, you come by the wagon and we will cook some beef

    • I still say the coffee cowboy Kent showed us how to make is smoother than Starbucks without all the crazy amounts of sugar tbh

    • Is that a threat!

    • @Ady cannot play with my friends 😔

    • lol

    • Hiyaaaaaa

  • Auntie Helen is like Uncle Roger’s stove, because both are smokin’ hot!

  • I always hate 0% alcohol beer. But damn, you are good with words, you almost sold me that 0% heineken. Almost 🤣

  • Be yourself.

  • Heineken 0.0? this is a joke product, right?

  • Kikkoman, Kikkoman Shoyu, show me Kikkoman!

  • Uncle Roger should check out Taste Show. Beautiful asian dishes

  • 3:40 "I can [flounder] up in there like a dead carp layin' in the sunshine for a week." Essentially the country boy way of saying that the rice made him really sick.

  • As far as reviews from Roger go, this wasn't disastrous.

  • It does look kinda gross

  • "Usually at fine dining places, the wind don't blow the furniture away" LMAO

  • That's what man hand's r supposed to look like....

  • The sauce is secret because it looks so bad that everyone just forgets about it.

  • Hahhh why so weak

  • 很好

  • Hard disagree on vegetable oil...that craps nasty and terrible for you! Butter is more stable and has fat soluble vitamins like Vitamin K2 and Vitamin A, and it has calcium 👌

  • “If there is even one Asian guy out there, he’s lost” DEAD😂😂

  • can kids drink Heineken 0.0 because why not

  • Keyko mayn, Terry yucky, sew she

  • IF you think what was going on with that calf was cruel. DO NOT EVER look into factory farming. The whole life cycle those animals are put through is beyond cruel. Do not look into chicken farms where the male chicks are shredded. Do not look into the dairy industry where the cows are forcibly impregnated (sounds like grape, because it isn't like they consented to get impregnate and the farm has a deadline). Again the male cows are sold of as veal. It is things like this that can turn you vegan.

  • Came for Felix ,stayed for uncle Roger

  • "many people say garlic give you bad breath but Uncle Roger say, bad breath means you live good life" Nothing I can agree more with right now!

  • Maybe you should have a look at usdos.info/border/video/v7CJbmRtprKPgo0. He's wearing your shirt while making fried rice and also he is using MSG !

  • Yikes, too many edits. Why is it necessary to cut every half second? I'm dizzy.

  • if you fried rice with butter , that's called french fried rice 😂

  • Okay, I should tell Felix about this. 😆😆😆

  • This gives my Vietnamese genes humor and despair

  • uncle Roger's ad sponsored video is really worth watching, it's very entertaining and not dried like other youtuber's ad sponsored video

  • Uncle roger you made my day when you mentioned felix!

  • Check out JPriceDK Danish chef make egg fried rice

  • Uncle Roger..you're sooo funny .....and you're also right, his nail are yucky....nasty.

  • I use butter sometimes i kinda like the taste

  • When you watch this whole video thinking "Uncle Roger" is a genuine Asian character, only to discover at the end it's a typical American guy... 😑

  • Damn right the only 5-star Michelin we know is Felix!!🤣🤣😍

  • Kent Rollins: This is the best egg fried rice! Gordon Ramsay and Sherson Lian: Ello, we'd like you to try some of our egg fried rice.

  • Uncle roger:so unhygienic In his newest vid:*casually dips finger in milk to measure*

  • I really believe the real secret ingredient is the pinch of dirt from his finger nails🤣🤣 Uncle Roger your natural voice is so SeXy

  • If you make the sauce, it's actually pretty good. It's better if you blend it better and not just shake it like he did.lol

  • I need to see your asian skincare routine, uncle roger! 😂😎

  • I named my wok junior

  • Hearing Kee-ko-man and only thinking of this: usdos.info/border/video/1399aqmw1tV8i6c

  • Dear Uncle you need to see this Danish famous TV chef makes egg fried rice. I will translate if needed (probably it is in Danish) usdos.info/border/video/yZlqhWyByLWqa6c&ab_channel=JPriceDK

  • "nobody in the east use butter" Have you met Japanese people?

  • Uncle roger: let's watch the other step only we judge Uncle roger judging during the vid Me: wait a minute

  • That rice looks so bad

  • Hey Kent Rollins beat Bobby flay not just once but twice....... Can you?

  • good

  • Non-alcoholic beer is for weening alcoholics. No one drinks beer for taste. Not even in the craft game.

  • i have wok very good

  • Should've put the "secret sauce" while the rice is cooking so it won't be too wet and gross, and add a little bit of soy sauce it would be acceptable

  • Can kids drink the Heineken 0.0

  • I am sooo happy he knows felix ❤️❤️❤️❤️ Love you uncle Roger ❤️❤️💕💕

  • F yea he's sponsert by a dutch bear brand

  • When you're that Asian that makes fried rice with butter: Oh no. O-O;;;;

  • Not long before he will be sponsored by 0.02 0.01

  • Two of my favorite channels.

  • Real Asians know we don't even need soy sauce to make a fried rice. Chopped garlic, salt, and pepper would do for a quick breakfast fried rice.

  • 9:31 i think he's either tagging the baby or trying to get ahold of it for a check up ..... Or branding which i don't believe anybody does anymore

  • uncle roger,pls make react video about omelet fried rice from japan

  • Today was the day Uncle Roger put me on to KPop....

  • Is it just me or did i see a bucket woth blood stains

  • butter really cannot la

  • I feel so called out on that butter comment 🤣 😅 I actually use that AND bacon grease in my fried rice

  • 3:30 yeehaw bruther

  • Sam the cooking guy, did a video back in Sept. that I just saw, for egg fried rice and wanted to make sure you like it, you should do "Wideo" on him. Lol.


  • usdos.info/border/video/l4FrroeHztyqf5E review James Mays rice

  • Cowboy Kent makes awesome food though!

  • The felix reference though lol

  • Coca~Cola has a training program that will have you able to sit with one leg up in no time!

  • Who should we call? Kikko-Man!

  • i was crying laughing all through the video

  • 3:35 lmao

  • Uncle Roger... I also know only Stray Kid Felix, 5 star Michelin Chef.

  • Expected you to be more of a Bintang uncle, Uncle Roger....

  • Foodtribe’s James May has been Egg Fried Rice now Uncle Roger. Please comment eview on it for your nieces and nephews when you can. Spoilers .... he’s got a wok lol

  • i love how the animation ending says created by nigel ng when he legit stole it from a redditer but i guess that redditor was ok with it :)

  • Uncle roger said she but he is a boy nani

  • Oh my god Red John is still alive :o

  • "This is only pole dancing uncle Roger want to see"

  • i tried some of that rahhhhhhhsee just the other day...

  • Bintang anjirr

  • Im enjoying nasi goreng with kari

  • Please do a review. usdos.info/border/video/y49le3lvuKicnaM

  • Sounds like Alberta.

  • Uncle Roger also likes TWICE and Stray Kids?

  • usdos.info/border/video/3qRonXWe0bSBooE

  • Uncle Roger: "so not Hygenic" Also uncle roger: (Dip finger in stuff to mesure)

    • haters gonna hate

    • Before cooking. Nobody cares. Cooking kills off any germs. Well, ok... it might leave unwanted flavours :)

    • measure with clean fingers

  • Yesss Felix is a 5 star Michelin.

  • yo uncle, please review Maria Ozawa's fried rice usdos.info/border/video/unqId6SA2qWZaI0

  • Drink as much as I want and don't get drunk? what is the point...

  • I want to see uncle roger try to recreate this recipe!

  • Uncle Roger here you have Fried Rice made by Germans. EngSub available. usdos.info/border/video/n6WcmIVuma2gd4E

  • To be honest, I'd rather have Kikkoman Celery sauce over chilli jam

  • Commy roger

  • Branding it not torturing

  • Messing with a National treasure the man cooked on trail rides

  • Chan from Stray Kids will be very proud of this video haha. We need a Stray Kids x Uncle Roger Collab ASAP.

  • Uncle Roger, This may not be as weird as that sauce, however; you should see what James May's fried rice dish looks like. usdos.info/border/video/l4FrroeHztyqf5E

  • what a high level comment I've just heard... (pronunciation + black Lives Matter)