Upgrading The ENTIRETY of Minecraft - The ULTIMATE Survival World | Part 3

Published on Jul 27, 2021
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  • Oh so I've been waiting for this map to come out so I can play with it realizing u can only get it from Patreon why make its free pls

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  • Mabey one of them died so they didnt have enough money to keep it and wanted no on to find out the accident and dint want the dead ones gost scaring them so the ventured away to somewere where nobody will see them once they find out that mum acidently stabbed dad

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  • Imagine there's already a lost adventurer who ventured this world first. And it is a side quest that will lead you to find his clues to where he is

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  • Hey Trixy! Did you know: 1 Glow berries from 1.17 update can also be used as upgraded jungle vines 2 Amethyst will be beautiful in the Mesa mines 3 It would be much more atmospheric if you add biome caves(at least replace stone with sandstone in desert, etc) 4 You can imitate 1.17 cave generation 5 You can quickly create a mod for building to add desert ore variations, etc

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  • what about the nether? do you have any plans to upgrade the scructures there too? and i think its a great idea adding a stronghold somewhere within the island for us to get the whole classic experience of a vanilla! if you do you may not show us the building or the location to not break the immersion of a true survival world, its up to you! :D

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  • Isn't this more of an adventure map than a survival map? Or are there actually ores, lava, etc. in this world?

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  • If i playing survival with this kind of majjestik godly Minecraft world ,i just don't wanna destroy any single block of it and even the trees cause its a master piece... Sorry my English skill is bad guys