Visiting the COLDEST CITY in the World (-71°C, -96°F) YAKUTSK / YAKUTIA

Published on May 21, 2021
I'm in the coldest city on the planet; Yakutsk, which is in Yakutia / Siberia / Russia. The lowest air temperature ever recorded here is -96°F (71°C)
(SECOND VIDEO) 8 Crazy Ice Experiments at -55°C, -67°F
Coldest town is Oymyakon, which is also in Yakutia, Siberia. This region is also called Sakha Republic and it is affiliated to Russia.

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You might have heard that Minnesota, Michigan or North Dakota are very cold in the Winter. But Yakutsk is a whole another story. This is not Alaska too.

Lately, I’ve been watching solo camping in winter videos and I encourage Xander Budnick, Mav, Steve Wallis, Wargeh Bushcraft, Upnorthof60, Asbjorn Olsen-Berg Bushcraft channels to come to Yakutsk in Winter and make a camping survival video.

Here are the links to my favorites:
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Truck Camping in -19 degrees
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U-Haul Stealth Camping In -35 Degrees
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But they should be aware of blizzards, snow storms and heavy rains.
Winter camping is hard here, even harder than the cold weather of Ontario, Canada.
A night camping in the middle of a blizzard is no joke, so does ice camping. Luckily there are a lot of fish to catch in extreme cold temperatures.

Flight from Los Angeles to Yakutsk is about 30 hours and one way ticket costs around 1000 American Dollars. There were no flights from New York City in the Winter. Fortunately hotel fares were cheap and affordable in Siberia.

Second episode of Rediscovery will be coming very soon.
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  • To the 11thousand people who somehow pushed the wrong button.......I wish you a very nice holiday in this place in your summer outfits.

  • The coldest temperature I ever experienced was -38. The previous morning I just arrived in Amsterdam from Tenerife where it was +32. In all a difference 70 degrees in less than 5 hours. I left the airport and drove to Germany arriving in Hamburg to walk on the icy canals between the buildings in the centre of the city. But -71? That is a feat I still must experience at least once in my life.

  • Meanwhile in Qatar (A country in the Middle east) : 50 Degrees celcius [122 degrees fahrenheit] Its So Hot in Here

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  • Global warming may not seem like a bad thing anymore

  • The girl is lovely. So pretty and well-spoken. Excellent English. Both of you! "The Gods are Nature." If Western society was based on that principle instead of the black book of eco-rape, the Christian Bible, we wouldn't currently be confronted with climate change and a host of other impending disasters. "Consumer Society" will eat itself.

  • I'm from Canada. The coldest I ever experienced was about -70 C, north of Lake Superior in the '1980s. A block heater is the most important piece of equipment in your car. At that temperature, your battery will freeze. Spit will freeze before it hits the ground and scatter in tiny ice pellets.

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  • *If there is enough wind in Yakutsk, then we can setup highly efficient wind turbines using superconductor. Superconductors will work perfectly fine in this low temperature. The energy thus gained can be used for heating indoor areas.*

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  • I am from Pakistan and my town boils in summer with temperature reaching 50 celsius; It is one of my top plans to test myself by living in and surviving Russian winter for a week or fortnight.

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