WandaVision Episode 7: Every Easter Egg + Full BREAKDOWN

Published on Feb 19, 2021
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WandaVision is in the endgame now with a HUGE series reveal. It turns out that Wanda, Vision, Monica, SWORD, Darcy, Jimmy--everyone--is being manipulated by Agatha Harkness. Who knows how deep this thing goes, your mom might even be involved. We breakdown every easter eggs, marvel reference, and clue that Agnes was behind everything, all along.
Also, Kathryn Hahn is a national treasure.
Marvel Cinematic Universe
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Written and Hosted by Ryan Arey ( ryanarey)
Edited by Katherine Woloson and Ryan Arey ( ryanarey)
#WandaVision #Episode7 #EasterEggs


  • Do you think Agatha is working for someone else?

    • @Kara Buttree what??

    • Boo

    • @Anand Vaideesh I am so confused by that...what does that even mean?!?!?

    • Nightmare is using Wanda I think because she is messing with time. Plus , he need her to cover the world with her powers for nightmare come into play in the movie

    • Yes

  • 12:54 I wonder how Darcy Lewis knew about Vision and his death. I'm was like was she there in Wakanda?

  • Great video and all but WAY too many ads. Even an ad within the ad within the video. You’re seeing hexagons everywhere, I’m seeing ads everywhere.


  • Pretty sure our host Ryan Arey here has slight color blindness. A couple of times in this series he's stated significance to a color which isn't that color. I think he may confuse green amd purple or something.

  • she keeps talking about her husband but we never see him maybe he's trapped in the book so she trying to get wanda to free him

  • Told u all the Doctor Stange wasn't going to be in Wandavision

  • An icosahedron (one of the 5 Platonic solids) takes the shape of a hexagon when projected onto 2D. I think, when you make a projection to a higher dimension, that’s called a hologram (don’t @ me on this second part tho lol)

  • I’m sorry but his uniform is NOT purple. It’s dark blue and yellow.

  • I'm surprised that, with all of the theme songs and episode allusions you've pointed out, you didn't call out that the opening riff of "The Munsters" them song was very similar to the beats under the melody of the early parts of "Agatha All Along," demonstrating that even Agatha is, to some extent, tied to the retro TV theme.

  • Am I the only one that noticed that Agatha Harkness and Norm were the 2 people Vision gets their mind back and then in episode 8 we don't see Norm or Agatha Harkness.🤔 . Coincidence? I THINK NOT!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • she keeps talking about her husband but we never see him maybe he's trapped in the book so she trying to get wanda to free him

  • Advertisement ends/ Episode resumes @7:13. I really like your videos, but FUCK AUDIBLE! Their "exclusives" mean people can't get the audiobook from the LOCAL LIBRARY! Seriously, fuck Audible and Amazon in general.

  • 14:49 thats not a moth but a cicada

  • Ok the Doctor Strange Easter egg was mind blowing

  • Dr. Strange to Loki and Wanda: For five minutes, could you not be yourselves? FOR FIVE! MINUTES!

    • Do you think Agatha is working for someone else?

  • This multiverse is getting really complex. Marvel going as far as to pluck Charlie Day all the way out of It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia to do the ScreenCrush videos.

  • Anyone else think the book cover looks like Stan Lee?

    • Infinity War did not just happen endgame did remember the timeline

  • Agathas theme was most likely based of of the ‘Munsters’ main theme. thought it was a fun detail

  • You missed that the inside of Agnes’s house looks like the house in the original Charmed show

  • I'm surprised you didn't pick up on the "red pill" connection to The Matrix. In that movie, the red pill strips away the false reality of the Matrix.

  • the moth is a cicada

    • Correction the 70's outfit that was pointed out was not the 70's but the outfit she wore when she looked for her mom.

  • Wanda uses the pronoun They for vision :)

    • shit, that missing book space from Dr Strange is some good continuity linking.

  • I love watching these a week later, so much right, so much wrong.

  • maybe everything is a hexagon because witches can cast Hexes!

  • When Monica goes to Wanda's house, the camera cuts to Dottie, who is outside gardening. Hasn't it been a hot minute since we've seen her? Other things I noticed: 4:45 When the milk bottle turns into a carton of milk, there's a missing child picture on the side of it. Foreshadowing the twins' disappearance? 9:28 If you had closed captioning on during this scene, it says that the "Director" asks Wanda if she thinks this is what she deserves.

    • The bottle of milk had a missing person sign

  • I like Darcy because she makes me think of Mabel Pines if she was older.

  • Something I noticed in ‘Far From Home’ is that when Peter is talking to Fury, Hill & Mysterio in the basement for the first time, when Peter mentions Captain Marvel, either Hill or Fury says “don’t mention her name”. We find out later that they have actually been skrulls the whole time. Then when Captain Marvel mentioned to Monica, she had a negative reaction. So what happened between captain marvel, the skrulls, fury, and Monica, in between everyone getting blipped, defeating thanos, and the events of wandavision and Spider-Man far from home?

  • In Age of Ultron (01:12:35), Fury mentions Nexus, 'the world internet hub in Oslo' which 'every byte of data flows through' and has the 'fastest access on Earth' and Stark visits it. Perhaps the pills are referencing this too?

  • Anyone else notice how Darcy's hair was blue? in one of the WandaVision posters Agnes' hair was purple so Darcy could be something bigger right under our noses

  • This man and his sponsors, introduces them so well! So slick!! He makes me want to buy whatever he’s sponsoring!!

  • book for me. Yet, like an asshole genie, the "50 years" is only 5 weeks and then the time is up.

  • Infinity War did not just happen endgame did remember the timeline

  • It’s clearly a cicada!

    • becomes some super powerful Dog... I'm not clear with the information but its something like that

  • By the way, Agnes did state that everyone was under Wanda's powers so it isn't her controlling them

  • that's a cicada

  • shit, that missing book space from Dr Strange is some good continuity linking.

  • Correction the 70's outfit that was pointed out was not the 70's but the outfit she wore when she looked for her mom.

  • The "Moth" is actually a Cicada! Moreover, there is a Marvel villain named Cicada who basically absorbs life from others to extend his own. He can also resurrect the dead.

  • btw, hexagons are actually the building shape of our universe, thats why beehives are also hexagon shaped

  • Boo

  • The bottle of milk had a missing person sign

  • It’s a cicada not a moth

  • I usually watch these breakdown vids with a geordie guy talking about Wanda Vision, but can't remember his channel name, can someone remind me please?

  • Do you think there more witchs. What if all girls at that meeting are some witchs

  • destiny 2 players who where there in season of dawn: oh my god!! please no more hexagons!?!

  • Do you think the children are able to survive outside westview? I mean she created the world and are they not technically just her illusions? Like Vision?

  • Has everyone forgotten about Jimmy Woo’s missing witness?

  • Sparky isn't dead forever... Pretty sure literally like the comics Agatha brutally murders Sparky for digging up something and eating it... But Sparky isn't dead for long and later becomes some super powerful Dog... I'm not clear with the information but its something like that

  • That's a cicada, not a moth

  • Confirmation that the bug is a cicada not a moth :) Thanks for breaking it down!

  • Here is another Easter Egg...I think Pietro's MOM tattoo stands for Multiverse Of Madness.

  • What the fuck? You know that’s not a moth, man. 🤦‍♂️

  • Uhh. He’s not wearing purple.

  • One missed opportunity where this show could have slipped in an Easter egg but didn't: the circus. I was hoping to see Princess Python, Ringmaster or any of the other members of the Circus of Crime, who were one of the goofier villain groups during Marvel's early days in the 1960s. I really doubt they will get any other use in the MCU, but it might have been fun to see them get a winking cameo appearance here.

  • I was waiting to see if he talked about the flowers theory and dottie possibly being Arcanna Jones.

  • she keeps talking about her husband but we never see him maybe he's trapped in the book so she trying to get wanda to free him

  • I've never seen a transition SO CLEVER to a sponsor before

  • OK, so is Agatha‘s witchcraft magic The same or similar to Doctor Strange’s?

  • Yes! Please let Señor scratchy be the Killer Rabbit!

  • I like Darcy now, but her introduction really brought me the wrong way. Luckily they quickly established her as a character beyond that first introduction

  • There’s too much potential for Peter just to be a minion of agathas, and in the credits of Deadpool 2 it says in association with marvel and Deadpool is drawn saying “making money moves”

  • I think the S on the blue belt is a nod to Sentry...

  • I've seen several of these videos now. Started watching for WandaVision. I still don't get these "she's your mom" sentences/jokes that pop up in every single video! what's the deal?

  • I just watched the episode. About Nexus: I did think of Nexus of all realities second, but my initial thought was the Nexus Internet Hub they discussed and visited in Age of Ultron. I was surprised when you didn't mention it, because it hints back to an earlier movie - all of the commercials have done that in a subtle or not so subtle way.

  • I study biochem, and I don’t think those numbers are supposed to lead to that molecule, that is a 3-formylchromone a random molecule used in synthesis of some pharmaceuticals, and hexagons are in very common in many organic molecules

  • There was a wanted sign on the milk carton.

  • Can we get this free trial after May?

  • Cicada gang where u at? Get that fake moth outta here!

  • i have a feeling marvel will start merging with dc. since phase 4 is focusing mainly on the multiverse, it’s possible dc and marvel with come together. and also, dc and marvel did had a collab in the comics before. maybe there is a chance where they will bring in the xmen and then the dc characters one by one.

  • That was like watching an advert with some information about Wanda now and again! However the content (that wasn't an advert) was awesome!

  • what about Agatha's husband that she keeps talking about? who is he? is he just something agatha uses for the "sitcom" or..?

  • Somebody didn't grow up picking molts off trees.

  • The cicada could be a reference to the Necronomicon, a fictional grimoire also known as "Al Azif" a name that supposedly makes reference to the sound of the desert cicadas that inspired its writer. The tome as a spells book contains instructions on how to open portals, summon ancient demons and other entities, enhance the wizard's powers with magic seals, etc. It may be a quite farfetched theory, though pretty fitting.

  • Your nan

  • Dottie is Arcanna Jones: Dottie’s husband in Westview Harold Proctor’s real name is Phil Jones, Arcanna’s husband in the comics 🤔

  • Bro that's clearly not a moth

  • she killed Sparky, so kill her

  • I got a USdos ad in the middle of the Audible ad...very meta Screencrush...very meta.

  • Maybe this is a filming mistake but also it could be some easter egg. At 15:09 Billy's bangs coming from left to right, but on 15:14 when they sitting on the sofa with Agnes his bangs coming from right to left. But all that time Tommy's appearance not changed. And Billy is the one who has more conversation and was the center of attention. Maybe that one Billy shown to us is fake, maybe he is aware of what's going on. And made his copy before... But in the end, this is just my theory.

  • Here's a theory. If we're thinking harder, we all were wrong about Wanda being the villain. Agatha has been the manipulator the whole time, creating(or dragging in) the fake Pietro to ask questions and bring in answers, so she could attack Wanda's mentality. Then, while she tricked Vision into leaving, Wanda would expand the Hex, therefore, weaking her, allowing her to make her move. This is when her kids were captured. But I don't think they'll be gone. This would make Wanda a literal murderer. Also, they're new characters. This would help Marvel, from both a business standpoint and storytelling standpoint. Vision, however, will have to die for Wanda to accept his death. But Agatha will try to bring Mephisto in to... do something. This is how Doctor Strange 2 will happen. Strange will come to save Wanda, but Vision and Monica will also save the day, with Vision dying to save Wanda. Also, this could show which the next villain of the Strange sequel, but maybe even the MCU. That's what I think will happen.

  • So the series is trying to tell us that the modern world sucks lmao

  • Not everything has to be a reference. A cicada and moth are different things. And that's ok

  • Crazy how no one has pointed out how this episode's intro music is literally a carbon copy of The Office (US).

  • How did no one notice that Wanda and Vision were pretty much doing an impression of Claire and Mitch from Modern Family when they were talking to the camera? Vision is literally moving his hands exactly as Mitch does

  • Getting a little bit too excited over hexagons are we?

    • Being" Which means that she is the one constant in all dimensions and universes, essentially what the wheel of all th dimensions spins on. And when the commercial says

  • She is “a grey” character, bc she’s old😂😂 bet you’re didn’t think of that

  • that was a cicada not a moth.

  • This was great. Gonna watch Wanda vision again. Lol I an so addicted.

  • When Wanda goes towards the basement and passed Senor Scratchy, he's purring!

  • When did the color blue become the color purple

  • "The 'S' on the strongman's belt probably is a nod to Sentry, not Superman. I mean different comic universes and different 'S' placement....

  • Not only was it incredibly informative about an a medically completely useless subject matter but so entertaining and I loved all the Memes I subscribed because you were just such an entertainer video

  • "Major Goodner is an even cooler easter egg because she's your mom..." LOL

  • Sorry, but after an in-video ad was itself interrupted by an ad break, I had to tap out. I realize you gotta make a living, but this is super super overkill.

  • how many nexus-being's are in the mcu? is there one to represent each of the infinity stones?

  • Yogaba gaba was my whole childhood-

  • It's a Cicada. Heard some speculate that she could come back every 17 years which is why it's in there.

  • Right soo.... Nexus is clearly referring to the things wanda has done. And it is refers to your doctor DOCTOR STRANGE So I think this is saying doctor strange has warned wanda yet it still happened and this is the multiverse of madness building up more

  • I am an entomologist, it is definitely a cicada ✌