Watch WWE Monday Night Raw in 3 minutes | RAW IN 3 | MONDAY NIGHT RAW

Published on Nov 5, 2019
Don’t miss NXT kick down Raw's door Monday night just days after taking over SmackDown. Relive WWE Monday Night Raw in just 3 minutes.
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Watch WWE Monday Night Raw in 3 minutes | RAW IN 3 | MONDAY NIGHT RAW


  • What was your favorite moment from Monday Night Raw?

    • Ok

    • These 3 minute clips are great! Especially because I can't sit through a full WWE show anymore. Keep up the good work, you guys are already doing so well. I'd promote you from USdos video producer to the digital marketing executive.

    • My favorite Raw moment was when I turned off the TV

    • My favorite moment was when this channel made 3 minute video and saved my time from watching highlights on wwe channel

    • @Jake Flannery I actually think it may have been pcv pipe taped onto a tee ball handle lol but yeah

  • Zzz

  • The yhfj,bcc

  • 😰🤣🤣 0:18 0:20

  • This is why Im moving to AEW

  • Its like a playboy with just the center folds

  • Seth was about to win this match if those idiots wouldn't come to help their overrated super star

  • Aj styles has lost his style of life and is a bunch of a cheating team, cowards

  • Great now do NXT,NXT UK and 205 in 3

  • "Watch wwe raw in 3 minutes" Gordon Ramsay voice: "Fuckin finally"

  • Wasn't RAW on USA?

  • I love how when Triple H made his entrance, The Titantron didn't even said Triple H's usual titantron, But just "NXT"

  • 3 minutes to long

  • Way better than wasting 3 hours on this boring show Pls make this thing a regular

  • Did that big dude jump over the top?

    • Keith Lee can even do a backflip from the corner

  • WWE Is becoming a cluster

  • They upload this in 60fps? Damn.

  • This is why NWA (when they get a TV deal), they will run roughshod over the WWE. WWE is at war and their grand idea is to go to war against one another with AEW and NWA duking it out along with the WWE. NWA is kicking both AEW and WWE's candyasses. NXT Invasion is just another poor attempt of the WCW Invasion angle. Kill NXT now or pay with the consequences when the WWE finally croaks. FOX, cancel your television deal now if you have leeway in your agreement.

  • Brock Lesnar has no respect 👉

  • DEJA VU😙😙

  • Rollins is going back to nxt

  • 3:36 minute clip of WWE in 2019, and I don’t feel like I missed anything.

  • This generation's fake ECW. Yuck

  • ScottSteiner is going to flip out when he sees Triple H in charge of the Whole WWE cooperation.

  • WWE ON FOX is better than WWE's Channel

  • So if Hunter and I assume Regal are leading NXT, who are leading Raw and Smackdown? Shane is gone from Smackdown and if Stephanie still runs Raw she's literally in bed with the competition.

  • Seth suhould join hhh

  • This channel is WWE on FOX, but why are they showing RAW on USA Network* * in this channel?

  • love the editing..

  • Rey Vs Lesnar is this a joke

  • When is chris benoit gonna come back?

  • hhh very very bad Triple H Saccha looser

  • Nice feeling in 3 minutes.😌

  • So they brought Nexus back lmao

  • Whre KO thoo?

  • Nxt superstars make Raw more watchable

  • Good 👍👍👍

  • UE vs OC

  • 2:58 is he is..

  • El clásico final antes de un Survivor Series, dejen que Triple H haga los shows semanales y tendrán éxito, ya jubila Vince.

  • Hi.majicoro

  • So we didn't need Wrestling reality anymore 😆😆

  • From next time I'm not going to watch raw on WWE USdos channel, instead of that I'll watch this 3 minute video.

    • Lol same.. we need raw n smackdown in 3 minutes every week

  • About timeeee

  • We need NXT In Saudi Arabia and WE ARE NXT 😍🇸🇦❤

    • @TakerKaneanite619 Alright, lay down the marijuana joints, dirty needles of heroin, and most importantly lay down the crack pipe. Come to reality after the withdrawal symptoms of drugs A, B, C. If its crystal meth, you might as well forget about it. You will be definitely chasing dragons. Defend your facts instead of smark-like insults. You better not insult me with defending people who chase the dragon. I have lost a love one who was chasing the dragon. It's something that I won't want to go through again (if that's the good Lord has planned for me so beat it) and it's something called censoring myself due to kids who are on this channel beyond a shadow of a doubt. EDIT: I have used one curse word and that's what I call "self-control" due to being a ginger or a redhead.

    • @Shawn Bishop When people know they're wrong, they move into ultra defensive mode, where they resort to tiny insults, such as your own.

    • @TakerKaneanite619 How about this? You can go screw yourself.

    • Then NXT rosters gets hold on hostage as well!

    • @Shawn Bishop So basically, the worst kind of fan. Cheers for confirming that.

  • Did i just hear somebody say.......3 Minutes? In all reality it says alot about the show when you can squeeze everything worth a damn into 3 minutes.

    • @Corrupt Outcast show* nigga

    • @Bajrang Bali Does is have good arch support?

    • This is a sports shoe you Corrupt Smark

    • Just like any highlights from any kind of sport

    • Lol do you know what summarizing is? You can do a 3 min. summary for any show.

  • Video is about Raw Advertises smackdown at the end

    • @ItsaMe but this is a video about RAW......

    • That’s because smackdown is on FOX

  • Worst crowd ever

    • Jake Flannery Not as bad as this crowd tho

    • That's what all the crowds are like now.

  • If AEW The Shield Roman Reigns and Seth Rollins and Jon Moxley Vs NXT Triple H Team

    • Lol the Sheild got nothing on NXT superstars

  • NXT! NXT! NXT!

  • Congrats in 3 nights u went from a great show and great main event to burying ad am Cole and NXT. Idiots

    • CAROL REY KATE Make Billions wouldn’t say they buried Adam Cole

    • @Steve the Bandit He defeats Daniel Bryan clean. Plus NXT destroys Smackdown. This week NXT are scared of Zack Ryder and Curt Hawkins and he can't beat Seth. It's a joke . Vince go away.

    • CAROL REY KATE Make Billions ?

  • When Triple is in the building... Things become lit 👌

  • Rey mysterio moment

  • Like:Raw Comment:Smackdown

  • 1 st from Pakistan

  • Beacky sucks 👎👎