Watch WWE Monday Night RAW in 3 minutes | RAW IN 3 | MONDAY NIGHT RAW

Published on Dec 24, 2019
This week on Monday Night RAW, WWE United States Champion Rey Mysterio defeated Seth Rollins via disqualification to retain the title as well as AOP putting Samoa Joe through a table for daring to stand against them. Relive WWE Monday Night RAW in just 3 minutes.
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Watch WWE Monday Night RAW in 3 minutes | RAW IN 3 | MONDAY NIGHT RAW


  • What was your favorite moment from tonight's RAW?

  • Seth sucks

  • Missed Charlotte and Chelsea

  • When you watching this in 2X also because there is no option for 3X


  • Fuck Brock Lesnar! Why do they give his ass any title? It does nothing to bring the title up ! Tired of seeing the same David vs Goliath bs for the title whenever anyone goes up against Lesnar.

  • "I told you Santa!"

  • Typical shit show.

  • So I guess the US title is the top belt on RAW now? No other belts top championship belts for A-list superstars to wrestle for, right?

  • I wanted Santa to keep that 24/7 title forever

  • 39 second more, clickbait

  • Becky lynch asuska should be a great match An seeing R truth winning so much is starting to make me sick 🤮 Also getting bored tiring an hope Samoa joe comes back as cool as a commentator But love to see him wrestle again

  • Good

  • People thought it was true in 1998 but it finally happened. Wrestling is officially for gaywads

  • I love Seth Rollins with AOP as hells, they really know what to do, Excellent episode. Also love this 3 min resume. Love from Mexico.

  • Yes! Yes! Yes! I like this idea in 3 minutes all the show . Because. i don't have enough time .

  • Where in the hell is Cain Velasquez? Rey Mysterio needs backup. To keep guys like Brock Lesnar and the AOP at Bay.

  • I want to thank fox for these 3 minute highlights and saving our 3hrs 🤣


  • 619 again

  • R Truth 24/7 champ again

  • Santa won

  • The man started that


  • KO

  • Samoa Joe now as a baby face

  • R-Truth and Akira tozawa chasing for the title and Santa was funny AF 😂😂😂👏👏👏

  • Now some ediot will come and will be say Thanks for saving my 2:57 hour

  • Hit like if you have skipped even this 3min

  • obrigado Fox, sempre salvando

  • Cm punk + Samoa joe + Kevin Owens + wm36=Downfall of Seth and AOP BOOK IT VINCE!

  • There was none a favorite moments of mine. What do you think?

  • 600th liker

  • Wheres maverick maybe went uk for christmas

  • Sempre bla bla bla irlandesi

  • Seth vs Rey match was the highlight of the show.

  • Compared to the previous episode.. This was a pretty good RAW.

  • OK OK I don't have no

  • Becky time to lose the title.

  • 1.6666666666666667% of the show, a million times less pain

  • Why did Santa win the 24/7 title? Just, why.

    • Liver Bird I know the difference. 80’s: AMERICA 90’s: everything sucked, except for Bret hart, Shawn Michaels, and stone cold mid 90’s: The attitude era, anything surrounding stone cold, taker, mankind, or the rock was great 00’s: a bloodbath, putting violence over story late 00’s to early 10’s: JOHN CENA now: funny stories, great dynamic characters, and good wrestling to boot. Yeah I still prefer now. But if you prefer then it’s fine. You do you, and I’ll do me

    • @Little Mac Is underrated good for you kid. Now see the difference between wrestling back then and wrestling now and you know what I mean.

    • Liver Bird wrestlemania 17. Stone cold vs the rock. Vince McMahon handed Austin a chair, and Austin beat the rock. He then shook McMahon’s hand while jr said, MY GOD! AUSTIN HAS JUST SHAKEN HANDS WITH SATAN HIMSELF. Have you watched the attitude era?

    • @Little Mac Is underrated what a stupid response. Stone cold went heel? What do you know about Attitude Era kid you don't even born at that time. Go watch your crappy Indy WWE product cuz I'm not. Enjoy it while it last.

    • Liver Bird shut up. I’m sorry. You’re entitled to your own opinion. Also fact wise wwe ratings went down when stone cold went heel. But you enjoy what you want and I will too

  • Nice, I think I'll stick to 3 mins rather than 3 hours.

  • Samoia Joe nail it hands down to AOP👍🤣🤣🤣

  • 0:16 Seth Rollins?

  • Sad thing is that santa won a title before Sammi Zayn

  • Nice cool video

  • These 3 mins of highlights was better than the entire show tbh...

    • it would be impossible for it to be worse because these videos include all the good or important moments

  • #PushSamoaJoe

  • And this is how you save 2 hours and 57 minutes :-)

  • No LIV, no likes! 👎🏻

  • Make it to atleast 10 min , we can't enjoy.....

  • Samoa Joe was like. Nah fam I work here now. Aop don't know what they just did

  • The best moment was when Joe stood up to AOP #JasonTheWorldisYours

  • i love the fact that jobbers took over this entire show lol

  • Let Becky loose the title please. It's just gonna hurt her. Also bring back Naomi, let us feel the glow.

  • *Bitch..I didn’t even watch RAW tonight*

  • I love this RAW...😍😍😘😘

  • 03 minutes... Cool

  • hi fox sport im big fan of you piz like

    • Hello friend plz send bob and vagene