Why NOBODY Bought These

Published on Feb 19, 2021
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Just because a car is great doesn't mean it sells well. Unfortunately, some of the best cars ever were complete failures from a marketing standpoint! We put together 9 of the coolest cars that flopped in the market. RIP, this is the D-List.
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  • I had my first kiss in a contour svt ☺️

    • Yeah, but everybody liked to kiss Joey!

    • @steven c Hell yeah, I had a "new edge" cougar in high school, they shared the 2.5 engine with the contour.. iirc the 3.0 swap came from the early 2000's Taurus. Everybody wanted that sweet looking svt intake manifold though 👌 lol

    • @Anthony Gianni Testing it out right now. Seems good so far :)

    • i dont know if anyone gives a damn but in less than 15 minutes I hacked my girlfriends Instagram account using Instaportal. You can find it by Googling for instaportal account hacker :D

    • @west family BIG! LOL

  • This watch sucks this guy sucks and he’s making millions go figure

  • Sooo the Focus RS was maybe a fail in the US but here in Germany there are many people driving these. My neighbour has one too, pretty sick car.

  • The SS caught on fire at the daytona 500 lols

  • The main reason the Ford Focus didn't sell regardless of its performance package was it started at 42K. Why would you buy a Focus for that price its still a Focus. When you could be looking at a Mustang GT for less in the same year its a Mustang with more appeal than a Focus.


  • If they could have just made is so people's legs weren't burned getting in and out of it.....

  • A teacher at my highschool had a Baja that was bright yellow Everyone made fun of it because of the bed and how it made the car look stupid

  • You spelled SLAAB* wrong 😂

  • People bought Contour SVTs. I knew someone when I was in HS that had one. It was designed to compete with a BMW M3.

  • "If you want to learn more about hell, read the bible" -James Pumphrey

  • Guys I just bought my first reliable project car and you havent even touched on it! I bought it and was like "time to look up some donut media on it" and nothing was there! Can you please cover the Mercedes Benz SLK230?! Particularly the R170 2000 SLK230 Kompressor. Hahaha I know that's a mouthful but I have been searching for parts and have to type that in daily. It's an inline supercharged 4cylinder and the best part, it's got a beautiful 5speed manual in it! She even kinda looks like the BMW Z8 which you guys have talked about. Please!

  • i have blocked your channel for not giving the ability to skip your stupid commerical

  • I test drove a focus rs at a carmaxx. The dude with us let me go 120 down the highway. He had never rode in it either.

  • Do up to speed On the Ford fusion

  • Time is not money ! Time is life buddy ;) !

  • I wanted a focus rs but for the price I thought it was slow and kind of boring to drive went with the type r for like 20 grand less and it's a faster car. Ford's prices for everything is out of control. The focus rs engine is also hilariously unreliable and comes with a warped block from the factory.

  • You've lost a ton of weight proud of you

  • Got.nuthin to do with sales bub. a car that doesn't get a big enough government subsidy to build....scrub that, ALL cars are built with government subsidies. If Subsidy dries up then manufacturers pull out. Hooray to taxpayer funded people's cars!

  • In 20 years the value of Chevy SS’s will be thru the roof. Look at the BMW e39, the SS is the modern version of that

  • No room on this list for the XJ220?

  • This exact topic has always fascinated me, awesome to see a video about it. A lot of these made me sad. ESPECIALLY the Chevy SS, that was the coolest subtle sleeper on the planet. A true monster grocery getter. I loved that it existed and that GM made it, I was so sad that no one understood what it was!

  • Subaru Baja is just butt ugly and I think that's all the explanation you need

  • Found a 99 contour svt with 70k original miles for 7k at a local dealership. I went in to test drive/possibly buy, but it had already sold 😔

  • pretty sure why no one bought the viper is because: the people who can afford it don't want to be seen in a Chrysler dealership. imagine being a successful person sent your viper to the dealer for an oil change, end up sit next to a fat sweaty grand caravan owner in the waiting room. lol.

    • LOL! Oh my rubbing elbows with the common people how dreadful.

  • I'd love to have a Viper if it were affordable

  • I'd love to have an LFA

  • I've owned two of the cars on the list! Focus RS and Holden Commodore V8. Both were great cars.

  • The Viper looked like a Corvette

  • I bought my GT Stinger without test driving it.. and I still get rock hard when I start it up.

  • Hahaha...hahahaha

  • god, isn't that avanti the worst reboot car ever? does james do a reboot car series?

  • when the LFA and the contour svt are on the same list, you know somebody fd up the whole enchilayda

  • focus RS's are cool if you like totally unsupported cylinder walls

  • Corrado...

  • The viper was always the muscle car you couldn’t afford but nice to look at. People want the traditional muscle car look back. All this electric and modern bs is disgusting.

  • If Subaru had put the two plastic seats form the Brat in back of the Baja, they would have sold the shit out of them.

  • Price, price is always the factor. Car companies keep pumping out SUVs (because of price margins to profits). The problem with them is SUVs and their obscene costs are only really affordable to Boomers. A market that is going to shrink/disappear. They don’t have any other options which are affordable or appealing to young people. This is why the next generation of car buyers are looking at things like rideshare. They need a car, but nothing is appealing enough to own, so they will rent boring cars to do the bare minimum. Car dealers need to target vanners ( van life youth, pack your skateboards, bikes etc and girlfriend and go for a road trip) cheap coupes (rwd, below $25k, let buyers tune using a big parts catalog) etc... SUVs are about as attractive to younger buyers as the family minivan was to 90s kids.

  • Uh I think someone doesn't understand what a flop is......

  • The "redo" of the Viper was a massive mistake. If they had redesigned with a rear transaxle and got rid of that horrible massive tunnel next to your feet, they would have improved the car immensely and made it handle even better. But no, they just went with what they had. Kind of like if Chevy had left all the Corvettes looking like the early 70's version to this day.

  • This guy is a bit obnoxious.

  • Your funny. Looking.

  • the contour SVT is fucking wicked, we got it as the mondeo ST24 here in the UK and i really want one

  • 1:42 Thank me later

  • "Sounds like a pretty nice bag of peanuts' What a stupid thing to say. That 4 door Chevy SS, had 4 doors and looked like every other 4 door sedan. That's why it didn't sell. The Ford Contour didn't sell because it only had a small under powered V6 and 4 doors. If Chevy or Ford would make Thunderbird's, Galavie's Chevell's with nice V8 like the Dodge Challenger's 485HP 6.4 Hemi maybe then they would sell.

  • The Lexus LFA maybe dead but it went to heaven and I hope it's waiting there for me when I get there.

  • "I grew all this corn!" Damn now that's a real man.

    • If vipers are in hell I really want to go to hell

  • I cry when I see the price of the RS

  • G8?

  • Pretty sure those ss DID come badged as Caprice in some cases. So SS wasn't all they were known as.


  • I would’ve loved me a Chevy SS

  • How about making a salad in the shower? Anyone?

  • Struggled with it's identity and now it's hell!!..🤣🤣🤣🤣.. perfect

  • Btw...anyone notice this man isn't looking to healthy ... Prayers to you brother...

  • One of my friends in hs mom had an SVT contour for a bit. It was a fun car. Nimble and quick for what it was.

  • Viper will forever be remembered as something truly awesome. The only reason I didn't buy one, was finances. I wanted to, but it would be irresponsible if I swapped my house/utility payments for car payments. I WILL have a Viper in my life sooner or later, before I die.

  • Great Vid 👍 I'm gonna go buy some soap and grow some corn now

  • How about the fact that Mitsubishi killed the Eclipse and made it an Cross SUV... SMH

  • Time for me to head on over To Craigslist to find good deals

  • LMFAO Your content is always hilarious. Great work sir 👍

  • Drinking game, take a drink every time he mentions a car being in Hell and every time he says bag of peanuts

  • James every LFA that was made was bought

  • If vipers are in hell I really want to go to hell

  • I really think this video would have been much nicer to listen to without all the juvenile interjections, but.......................probably just showing my age!

  • Man I forgot how good Donut Media is lmfaooo

  • Chevrolet Volt It's a great car that would have been perfect for so many people, but sadly never really took off. It's all-electric range is still unmatched by many new plug-in hybrid electric vehicles. As a used vehicle it's an incredible value and I'd argue the best value used vehicle on the market today.

  • The word “NARCAR” is not descriptive of the race car but rather the sanctioning body.

  • When he said Limp Bizkit Cds and the cd binder that really took me back lol

    • If you want people to be able to finish USdos video try to be less of a douchebag.

  • Why was the Viper unsuccessful one word. Corvette

  • Anyone noticed his Fahrvergnügen hat?😂

  • The only thing this video is convincing me to do is buy a bag of peanuts. Kudos bro!

  • Review Proton Car please 😀

  • My father had a Lexus 430 sc, and now when we see an LFA, we admire it.

  • "We like the Weird ones around here" 🤣🤣🤣

  • dude got a thing about peanuts

  • what happened to up to speed?

  • The Chevy SS was built to satisfy a production requirement for the factory in Australia. IIRC, it was cheaper to make the SS and take a loss on it than it would have been to terminate the production line at the time.

  • I loved my contour SVT... such a fun car, but yes, pain in the ASS to work on.

  • Walked into a Chevy dealership interested in the Holden when they cane out. Ahole salesman blew me off. Guess the indifference to sales runs throughout GM.

  • Baja from Vorarlberg? LOL

  • I think GM was too afraid of taking away potential Corvette sales to properly market the SS. Shame. There's a guy in my neighborhood with one and it's fucking badass. I want one.

  • The problem with the viper is no one wanted them because only 3/10 would make it home had a couple buddies at dealer ships watch people wreck them into a pole driving out of the lot. Idk about you but that would scare me from buying a 150k car

  • I smell a new video covering Kit cars made from other modern chassis.

  • If you want people to be able to finish USdos video try to be less of a douchebag.

  • Slight correction, who would even buy a NEW car without driving it. I never drove my Datsun 240, MR2, or Supra, but bought all of them.

  • The obsequious duckling hepatosplenomegaly face because undershirt ecologically need modulo a six quiet. meek, next month

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  • A dodge viper will be my first car to buy with $30k spare change one day

  • The 2017 viper was actually beautiful. They made it stunning and then it died 😔

  • Never even knew the Focus RS existed. Now I can’t decide between and RS and an ST. I’ll take both.

  • Goat!? That is a Pontiac, not mopar. Had a contour with the 24valve 2.5 and a 5spd but not an svo. Was junk.

  • "failure is never the result of a bad idea, it is the result of bad timing"

  • the Contour is sooooooo ugly like damn son. Its called the Mondeo here and has different tail lights but still just as hideous

  • Why not macking a new Mid engine true Viper demon! It would sell like condoms on spring break!

  • You could have included the Tucker 48. That was really a car that nobody bought. It did have innovating features though. One of those features was to be seat belts. But imagine this, the marketing department opposed them because they thought that including them would make the public believe that the car was unsafe.

  • Can you tell why sports car does not give more mileage why sports car does not gives at least 17km/l

  • Rumpelstiltskin's voice right? Shrek ever after?

  • Peanut khao jite raho modiji 😅

  • I had one of them hot potato for a month or two b4 it got stolen. Good thing I only got it for a few hundred bucks was fun while it lasted lol