YBN Nahmir - Opp Stoppa (feat. 21 Savage) [Official Music Video]

Published on Feb 18, 2021
YBN Nahmir - Opp Stoppa (feat. 21 Savage)
Stream/Download: YBN.lnk.to/OppStoppaRemix
Director: Rock Davis
Video Commissioner: Joseph Boyd
EP: Nigel Talley
Producers: Jyothi Davis & Carla Johnson
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  • I will try to comment on this video every day until it reaches 10m

  • Ахуенно

  • Why are ya'll tb savage like that lmao he's chillin -3-

  • Tracks fire but dude looks like Tyga rapping like Maxo Kream

  • 21 savage like when u forced to take family pictures

  • “Nahmir fell off, he doesn’t make good music anymore” then releases this banger

  • Am the only person who says "oppa stoppa" instead of opp stoppa

  • 21 look like aint even wanna be there lmaoo

  • Fire

  • am i the only to see that 21 looks kinda bored

  • 21 looks like Kodak when he was released from jail at his party

  • Twunewu

  • Everyone gangsta til Obama come inn da cut

  • baby quavo without the mumble

  • XBOX 360 controller

  • The year has already started with fuck music man🔥🔥💪💪

  • Is 21 kidnapped by Nahmir?

  • Trash! It’s not turning me on but 21 dope

  • 21 look like he dont wanna be their

  • They Guy at the end Driving looked like Tay-k for a second

  • Indonesian 😎😎

  • btw YKOsiris just pulls up everybody:*pissed* dudes in the back: YK GO NOW


  • 21 tough 😂

  • Was yk osiars

  • How are people saying 21 is better lol? His bars are garbage

  • 21 look bored as hell 😂

  • 21 a real street nigga 🤣 he don’t dance ... this video ain’t his seen

  • 21 and nahmir are plain goofys.. when you thought this video couldnt get any worse ,"osiris" pulls up 🤦🏻🤦🏻🤦🏻

  • Wack but alittle catchy.

  • I’ll be honest Nahmir don’t miss 🔥🔥🔥

  • This song died faster than among us

  • 21 look like he gotta be around his younger siblings friends

  • nahmir just dissed the f*** out of osiris🤣💯

  • Nice

  • is ybn nahmir the same dude from that yt vid with rappers havin dinner with that one lady and bein all cringey edit: i knew it that bitch looked familiar af

  • Is this the guy that keep a rocket in his pocket socket and called it pocket rocket?

  • 21 look shy asl

  • duro 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🌋🌋🌋🌋🌋🌋🌋🌋

  • 21 aint said nigga.

  • No ones gon talk about yk osiris pulling up at the end?

  • 21 is def the year...for 21

  • Why does 21 look like that one emo cousin that sits on the couch while the whole family is talking at the table

  • οππ τι του ειπε ομως

  • 0:38 stop the CAP

  • Is that jay pharaoh sitting at the table? Lol

  • Nahmir has good music no doubt... but damn dude might be the most unintimidating dude to do this type of music like can’t take him seriously at all in the vid lmao💀

  • This s*ht fire ❌🧢

  • That Asian girl on the couch from that Gerald Houston video lol

  • Some one please make an edit where it’s this song but it’s only 21’s adlibs

  • I like his song

  • Clasic🧊🥃

  • 21 hair looks cool now

  • 21 looking like the older cousin that never gave you a turn to play their video games

  • *21 look like nahmirs big bro that dont wanna babysit him*

  • It would make my day if just one of u would check out my latest beat

  • Bruh I literally can’t like all these 21 savage comments


  • POV : You came from TikTok

  • Heeeeeeeaaaaaaat

  • 21 looks like the grown up at a 10 year olds Birthday party 😂

  • I bet 21 was being held Captive at gun point to be forced in the music video 😂

  • That’s the shawty frm crazy story 3

  • He freestyles the way he raps in his songs. Same ass method/rhythm simple as hell just so he knows he can make it rhyme... example "If i catch him cook his ass like fry, now im finna slide, In his house, shot him in his thigh, did it for the guys. but i cant aim so it shot his eye, now his homies die, but he cant cry kuz he got one eye, the kids asking me why. I changed my mind, i dont want no time, cut back on the rhyme, cook some steaks. Season it with tyme, add a couple lime, medium rare for mine. Lets play game but it need to load i call that game load, easy mode. But its getting dark, so on the bike i rode. Passed a creek and i seen a toad, shot it in its throat, watched it float. So i Got back home and dug my dog a moat. For his house, my dog need a spouse but it cant be a mouse. Lil nahmir bitch" Ok now rap that whole thing in nahmirs voice or the way he raps

  • 21’s part is 🔥🎧

  • Another song that tiktok ruined 😔😔

  • 21 savage is just there for the free weed

  • Came for 21 stayed for Nahmir

  • lmao this premired on my bday yesirrrrrrrrr

  • He said he’s not shaking no hands with no snitch 🔥🔥

  • Fpdujdh

  • 21 savage looks like he wants to go home even though he was at your house for 1 hour

  • Have math grovee

  • goated

  • “Her mama got some buns on her I call her patty“ 21 savage the goat 🐐

  • Bro NAhmir is gay as hell but 21 is on fire

  • I like song for 21 savage is hard

  • 21 looks like he got the lowest grade on the test

  • Ybn lookin like quavo

  • Whatis this fire west of 21 ???

  • Imagine 21 started rapping in the british accent

  • I like how everyone else is doing sum and his just standing there moving left and right 😂

  • Savage got the best verse.

  • Yall niggas just gettin on savage head lmaooo

  • They dress like it's gta

  • Fireee

  • He said 21 6 times from what I know

  • 5 m view?

  • So we not gon talk about YK biting his lip???

  • Двадцать Первый хорош

  • Banger

  • Estoy adicto a este temaxo

  • 1:51 21 Savage is like...I'm done my verse can I go home now?

  • why is he trying to flex that he has an i8 when a honda is probaby faster?

  • Hello we're are You? ( 21 ) what's it's your favorite car ( 21 ) My mame is axel ( 21 )

  • Melhorou oq já era foda

  • So we gonna skip over the fact that Yk Osiris in this video at the end🤦🏽‍♂️😂😂

  • Nahmir is like that one friend who has ADHD and 21 has to put up with him

  • yall gon ignore that YK is in the end?

  • 21 look like he forgot about the shoot, and had to cancel plans.