Ziwe with Adam Pally Ep. 6 Full Interview | ZIWE | SHOWTIME

Published on Jun 13, 2021
Ziwe investigates whitewashing in Hollywood with actor and comedian, Adam Pally, and showcases the trailer for her biopic.

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Writer, comedian and performer, Ziwe, brings her singular, riotously funny, no-holds-barred brand to SHOWTIME with her new eponymous late-night variety show, ZIWE.


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  • He should play Joaquin Phoenix's brother in a movie.

  • Lmnaoff @t the remake of black girl rendition by white woman commercial

  • You can absolutely Venmo reparations! @DreJeRa if you feel like righting wrongs 🖤🤎🖤

  • I don’t care for ziwe. Seem like they making fun of the black community in a way

  • 4:00 its funny bc I clicked on this bc I thought he looked like Joauquin Phoenix LOL

  • Did she turn into Candace Owens at the end there lol

  • 😂😂😂😂 im falling in love with her

  • this is the best show ever made

  • I don’t know who this girl is but I already love her, lol

  • When see side eye camera, I die laughing.

  • I love her! Why am I just finding this?!

  • Top tier content lol

  • Reverse Fox News! Love it so much

  • Another hilarious interview

  • Big Comedy Bang Bang vibes

  • LOL They used a different picture of Frederick Douglass as a picture of Nat turner

  • Sad to see you try to make racism acceptable again, anyone judging a person by the color of their skin is disgusting, also I'm so glad you don't get hammered for cultural appropriation if you die you're hair blonde???? Oh no, oh ok

  • Unwatchable😴

  • That was very funny you guys had great chemistry and Adam was such a good sport.

  • I love Ziwe but it seems most of the white people on her show are jewish and actually pretty chill

  • He understood the assignment.

  • Can't wait for season two!!!

  • Her outfits in the show have always been on point but damn I'm in love with her look in this!

  • I can't believe Ziwe didn't bring up Adam stealing the role of Max from Happy Endings from a gay actor! /s

  • Interview is off to a good start when the second thing the guest says is "oh no..." 😆

  • race baiting to the max.

    • @Bonafide Rarityas if satire never gives a glimpse into ones personal inclinations.

    • It's satire you potato

  • What makes this interview so funny is that I know Adam Pally to be so obnoxious during interviews, it makes me wonder if he was a bully as a kid. Now to see him act basically shy and timid in front of Ziwe is such a deliberate turn.

  • LOL, this is guy is just too dumb !!

  • I was laughing so much, but if someone asked me what was funny, I don’t think I’ll be able to tell them to their satisfaction.

  • I hope that this show is just for fun and not serious. I laughed. Very silly.

  • do u feel proud taking a role from a black woman , I have my card right here , instead you .. read it, you didn't ask me to do it 😭😂😂😭

  • Legal age when white men become legal adults lolol Ziwe you are the best

  • Serch or MCA, actually.

  • Ziwe is a comedic genius

  • And they printed The Color Purple monologue on a purple card. 😂😂😂

  • The way that this tickled me sksksks

  • Not even remotely funny. Her complete hatred for white people is so apparent it's disgusting.


  • Sorry. Not funny and definitely not iconic.

  • She is amazing she's calling out all these culture vultures

  • This was hilarious!

  • she's a legend, an icon, the moment


  • Is this funny? Is that the point. I can't tell anymore

  • I rarely laugh watching American ‘comedies’ they’re just not that funny or clever, even the inserted laughs can’t fool me, now Danny Bhoy he gets me ticklers rockin’

  • Is he playing Joaquin Phoenix?

  • This is tv.. really

  • Ok I am getting Showtime!!

  • I. Love. This!

  • I kind of like this show 🤣… I am the farthest from woke but this is great making these people look like cucks.

  • Such a good episode. Wh aren't more people watching Ziwe?? She's amazing.

  • What a bunch of woke garbage. I give you one more season at most.

  • This is the funniest shit ever yo

  • "You can't Venmo reparations" Bitch I'm dead 🤣🤣

  • Perfect! Black actress got two roles! PHENOMENAL

  • I always felt a bit uncomfortable when called a white man.

  • She really makes my day. It’s like... she gets it.

  • Yo! She’s officially my favorite person ever.

  • This whole show is literally gaslight, gatekeep, Girlboss. It’s iconic

  • LMFAOOO the zendaya comment

  • If Ziwe was ugly she'd be on saturday night live being used as a tool to make a mockery of black people, but she's too attractive, she'd serve no purpose for them.

    • What?? Are you suggesting Leslie Jones is ugly? Bro you need to have your eyes checked

  • the duo i didn't know i needed

  • I'm crying! Adam P reciting Oprah's lines from the Color Purple is the funniest thing I've seen all year. Iconic. Indeed.

  • i liked tilda swinton as slave #4. lol.

  • i take paypal, cashapp, zelle, and venmo. hit me up.

  • I knew Adam Pally would be a good guest based on his type of humor... it's similar to Ziwe

  • Ironical garbage

  • What is the point of this show…?? More Handouts ??

  • Not Quinn from Younger 😆

  • That was funny

  • You can't Venmo reparations. Yas!

  • You can’t Venmo reputations unfortunately HAHAHS I love ziwe

  • This is ART

  • You should not curate your comments.

  • I am no ally to mean people like you

  • I have absolutely no discomfort being white and I would never apologize about it especially to a mean spirited misguided fool like you. All People should be Judged by the content of character not the color of their skin. Please do yourself a favor and be kind, to all no matter of color.

  • "White X community" BYYEE 😂😂

  • Best one yet 🤣🤣😂😅

  • OMFG this is hilarious and cringe! I'm good..

  • why do i feel like you guys are like. flirty

  • ❤❤❤❤❤

  • People like this? She’s a weak ass host.

  • i dont understand the jokes i feel like she kinda believes in the ideas she spoke about but this entire skit was funny because she ridiculed people who hold does ideas. in the joke she was like the antagonist meaning the ideas she portrayed should be seen as antagonistic but its a bit strange since i think that a lot of the people who liked this sketch probably agree with what she said unironically. which confuses me on the target audience and the message that she is trying to portray with the jokes

  • “Age white men become legal adults: 35” had me in tears

  • This is the best laugh I've had in forever!

  • This is like comedy?

  • please ziwe do something with boburnam pLEASE

  • What's with the LGBTQ hatred especially transphobia? She wants to portray herself as a victim but really she comes across as a pathetic bully.

    • @Arthur Dent yes I'm seeing that too what's with all the gay jokes? Weird.

    • @Jelane G no I meant why did they replace Michelle Obama's portrait with Ellen DeGeneres' and why is the Pride flag clearly visible. I get that they are friends and Michelle has been in her show a few times but why the Pride flag? And then Oprah is played by a man. With all the hatred going around questioning whether Trans women are really women again it seems like an odd move. Hollywood would have done they usual whitewashing by replacing Oprah with Ella Fanning. So casting a man as Oprah looks transphobic to me sorry. And Black women are beautiful can we please get that message out there? I've seen Ziwe and a couple of guests already making the point to refer to white women as attractive. I get they are being sarcastic but still all it does is reinforce the not so subliminal message that white women more are attractive. Well Black women are every bit as attractive and I don't hear that enough. Back to my original point if you look up homophobia in ethnic minority communities you will see the shocking statistics and how being LGBTQIA is, among all racial groups, largely assumed to be a phenomenon limited to white people. That is why I think replacing Michelle with Ellen comes across as homophobic to me. Also 80% of trans crime is against Black Trans women so again replacing Oprah with a man seems transphobic to me.

    • huh??!? the “am i a man?” statement was a joke about how black women are delegitimized from their gender. (mainly darkskin black women) this was not a transphobic joke. rather it was satire.

  • Adam’s a hilarious actor when he’s not being a horrible racist

  • I love this show... sorry showtime I bootleg it. My bad Zi! But you're killing it! 😅🤣

  • Ok, I've been bingeing these clips and the first time I was offended was when he said Drake was like/ has more hits than Prince.

  • Ziwe is insane 🙃🙃🙃

  • “You can’t Venmo reparations” 👏🏾🤣

  • Ugh I’ve had the hugest crush on him since He was on The Mindy Project and it just wont go away🥵

  • give her a night show!!!

  • I wish the USdos clips have the closed captioning just like how Ziwe would tweet her videos on Twitter.

    • You can turn on closed captioning on on USdos in the settings on the video.

  • black people be steeeeeeealing white characters and you all talk about white washing? delusional. its like you want to be white or something haha

  • "How many black friends do you have?" "Um, in the words of James Baldwin: two." That is transcendent.

  • .. .. .. ..........☠️☠️☠️