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12:1523 New Updates Among Us Needs to Add
11:0629 Stupid Ways to Die in Among Us
29 Stupid Ways to Die in Among UsViews 2.5M4 months ago
12:1025 Very Satisfying Among Us Moments!


  • Btw shouldn't this be a record for silktouch mc?

  • 0:13 except for all austrailians

  • If u dont know zacion then who r u

  • I was gonna test my reaction time to see that I'm already subbed

  • Did anyone else realize they were in GeminiTays world? LOL

  • I made my base in the ocean monument

  • 8:27 I must be extremely lucky I was looking for a village so I could trade and found 3 abandoned villages before I found one normal village

  • Can u put shulker box in a shulker box?

  • a

  • Haha 13 minutes and 13 seconds m friend... so close, but so far.. wat- it’s only 13 seconds.. ;^;

  • @SkipTheTutorial

  • Debug stick doesn’t exist. He is a scammer

    • Same the thing doesn't work for me lol

  • How is guilded blackstone more rare than ancient debris when i have half a chest of guilded blackstone and only 40 ancient debris?

  • I hear Pokémon music at 12:40

  • I think the kraken is actually an octopus, maybe in reference to the 1938 Anti-Communist pamphlet "How communism works"

  • 3:58 it’s weird because a snow block doesn’t fall but 8 snow layers which is the exact same does fall

  • :-|

  • Wait what about exhibition mode

  • 3:54 is that lost

  • Punch out..........

  • You sure about 19? You definitely forgot the Mansion!

  • This guy: beats undertale without moving the soul A selection box: I'm about to end this man's whole carreer.

  • Why is my subscribed Button gray

  • Was he playing Pokemon soundtracks

  • try making: Fastest way to reach bedrock or something

  • You got my hard with the left ringfinger sub.😅

  • for the 10 years, i legitimatley made a cake the day before, and i woke up and i saw the cake and i was so confused because i didnt realise that it had been an anniversary

  • a.

  • Your a girl or your girlfrind?

  • Skip the sub

  • did he say since THE GREECE. I think he meant the Greek.

  • alternate 1st tip; if you use f3+t, it will grow your farms

  • 6:12 I saw that once but I had no idea what it was lmao I just mined the bone and used it for my crops

  • how to get down from trapdoor staircase MLG water bucket

  • Hi Gemini tay I am a big fan of you.❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  • In mincraft wiiu we have the green horses

  • The fastest way is levitation 255 and it will be taking you wayyyyyyy too high

  • 1:15 This blew my mind

  • Minecraft was released on my birthday

  • 26 isn’t true on bedrock

  • whats rarer than building in a ravean is finding youn in the rainforest on the game with a temple in the middle and building in that and ther ravean

  • Why there's like a head-

  • first part of the video on the first method, I faintly heard the tommyinnit background music-

  • What about the fact that a cactus can destroy a netherite tool/armor, but lava and explosions do nothing on it, in fact, cactus deletes every single type of item that's thrown on it, which is bullshit, especially if you decided to build your base into a desert biome...

  • When i hear the redstone is sinple i think of a computer built minecraft

  • 2:02 *clap clap* gem is such a good builder lol

  • me who is subbed :)

  • when i sleep in my house and then the creeper shown up in my f*cking bedroom: creeper:bruhh¡¡¡ me:wtf my keboard:oops i died

  • Steeve Is Fast He Just Started Last Month And Now He Has 1Million Subs

  • Ur using LODESTONE " **Eh its ez to build for survival** "

  • Q

  • Did you downloaded the world from Geminitay. Because I have seen this all buildings in her survival let's play

  • Bro he’s literally just saying the rules and aspects of the game

  • i toth crossbow with fireworks will be the most damage

  • 5:50

  • Bro y’all are all like 7 💀💀

  • you: slide down honey take 1m14s me: thinks of 1.14

  • Get trolled youtubers

  • already sub

  • "Never seen anyone make a netherite beacon" WadZee: Am i a joke to you?

  • Great play honey

  • Geminitay's world..

  • YEET

  • This guy and his habit of begging for likes.

  • 1:20 :gamemode creative dab

  • the german SparkofPheonix did 2 small netherrite beacons

  • I am so fast........He knows

  • how can i sub with elbow im using laptop

  • Skip the tutorial : upload video on youtube USdos :commented on the video Lol

  • You could've used the block recogniser feature (idk what it's called exactly) intended for blind people, but still, great job!

  • We need minecart furnaces back in bedrock edition

  • 12:29 the pokemon game sound

  • Havent watched it yet but I'm gonna guess one of them is sugarcane doesn't grow faster on sand. EDIT: GOT IT FIRST TRY LET'S GOOOOOOO

  • No you

  • If would rather commit vehicular manslaughter than subscibe.

  • I subscribed

  • the map name is parkour pyramid i starting full sieres on this map (in hindi )