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Welcome to the Official Simple History Channel. Simple History visualizes the past, bringing history to life through animation.

Witness how people lived throughout history: their culture, developments in technology, epic battles and events.

Explore what it was like to be in the trenches of the First World War, a plundering pirate in the Caribbean or a factory worker in the Industrial Revolution!
Created by Daniel Turner (B.A. (Hons) in History, University College London)

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Simple History started in September 2013 with its first book title 'Simple History: WWI'.
Some titles include:
Simple History: WWI
Simple History: World War II
Simple History: The Vietnam War
Simple History: The Cold War
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8:33The Mystery of Yamashita's Gold
5:40How did the Romans go to the toilet?
11:48Agent Orange (The Vietnam War)
Agent Orange (The Vietnam War)Views 737K15 days ago
9:38The Fake Village in North Korea
5:02Tank Silencer (Weird Tech)
Tank Silencer (Weird Tech)Views 917KMonth ago
4:34The Pony Express (1860-61)
The Pony Express (1860-61)Views 189K2 months ago
5:21Shark Teeth Nose Art on Military Planes
8:06Life in a Medieval Village
Life in a Medieval VillageViews 470K2 months ago
11:59The Bataan Death March (1942)
The Bataan Death March (1942)Views 766K3 months ago
7:03Periscope Rifles (Weird Tech)
Periscope Rifles (Weird Tech)Views 386K3 months ago
4:07Helmet Graffiti in the Vietnam War


  • This whole video is like 12 repeating picture scenes.

  • marine troops has easier time with ration, crayons are easy to carry.

  • Man those armor are made of stalin steel that it literally blocked bullets

  • Any smiles?

  • Bring it back for drug dealers and buyers, seriously. And have it done in a public square.

  • Damn..., Lizzy was related to Abraham Lincoln?

  • When they do it they say "Fighting with honor" When we do it they say "Slaughter"

  • You came here to hear how badly he pronunces finnish name 👍

  • Sounds just like Charlie Sheen talking

  • So sad.. so much death and suffering over what is essentially a political disagreement

  • O.J did it w the axe in the study

  • There’s a picture of a P-38 with sharks on both engines that looks epic

  • imagine being in a tank and you just see a small scooter with a man riding it, then it pounds your tank with 75mm shells.. i’d be scared shitless

  • Mr. Worldwide soldier

  • Secure the keys

  • good video

  • I actually own a PMG-2, with the original filter (With the filter caps), and the original bag.

  • everyone: Germany and Russia are using steel body armor! :O Germany: its meh Russian: German body armors are meh, Russian stalinium is better Canada: dont need body armor when your army is bloodthirsty and kills everything

  • Hnnnnnnh ja hhhhh hhnhnhhhhh hhnhhhhnhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh hhhhhhhhhhhhhh

  • My dad was sprayed with agent Orange when he was in Vietnam. He has to take half a dozen pills every day to keep his liver functioning now.

  • and he was like it was June 9th the date of birth of the prince of almost 100 birthday almost 100 years old

  • British player you didn't know that I'm also an American player that who plays on PlayStation 5 or who plays on his PS4 well you might have the iPhone 13 but that won't stop me from getting that from Prince Philip from the funeral of Prince Philip that he was buried on a cheap Bell no that he was very in St George's Chapel

  • how much these guys make?

  • We will never forget:

  • My great great uncle William Melville Scullion was apart of the Royal Scots 1st battalion and they were tasked with defending the retreat. They put up a good fight but eventually most of them were killed including my great great uncle

  • he sould do a live video

  • Deadline doss

  • It's a hunting rifle... If you're hunting dinosaurs that are hiding in tanks

  • The ss officer was a Captain he was wearing flektarn camo with a cap

  • You've heard of the vespa, now meet... the *DEATHSPA!*

  • That was a bit abrupt..... more info please. I know that it's called "Simple History" lol but I'd love to see more of the video than the ads beforehand.

  • Wow. That is a crazy story.

  • Hmmmm 3 trains to move this thing

  • Im so happy when I find a M3 on war thunder, they are so easy to kill lol

  • The name of the tribe the american fought are the tausug tribe and im proud to be one of its decendant

  • Surely there is more than 3 minutes worth of information.

  • Credit to an American pronouncing lieutenant correcrly

  • I wonder how many of us were expecting a tachanka easter egg?

  • Because they lived on boats!

  • $50 says he used aimbot

  • Why does German boy look like voldemort

  • also a lesser known Finnish Waffen SS volunteer who participated in the Seige of Leningrad, was also imprisoned in Vokuta, left to work his nails off.

  • He literally fought the entire width of the Mongolian empire

  • Germany shouldn't have invaded Belgium and Luxembourg

  • Vorkuta is far worse than any concentration camps.

  • plot twist : He is still alive but the name only has Putin now.

  • Bazooka scooter

  • Sounds like cancel culture in the beginning.

  • Love these Simple History videos! Every one is great!

  • fun fact: my dads dad got cancer from agent orange

  • that scouttter is funney

  • wow

  • I really appreciate simple history to cover this for people. When people are learning about Vietnam war, it only focuses on the US without informing them about allies of the US.

  • JC, your story will live on and you are remembered by your family and brothers in arms. Rest easy.

  • Just don’t shoot couriers

  • Man that was some pretty quick thinking with the raft decoy. Man is a legend.

  • “Alone at dawn” read it

  • It's op because it weighed around 69000 tons Also only 269 survived which has 69

  • im still mad the Japanese jut bombed pearl harbor even tho the us did nothing to them

  • Ok so this played on auto play and I legit just watched the movie of this

  • I play dragon city from 2014 lol

  • Amazing.

  • but I suspect the cut of the blood vessels was one after the other

  • Add hurt TV! Just to say...

  • Who came into this after watching the genshin tar tar taglia

  • Imagine being conscripted to a war and the first thing they tell you is "You're gonna paradrop with a scooter that has mounted bazooka and you're gonna proceed to the Frontline on the scooter just to shoot from the bazooka".. I'd be confused af, thinking if this isn't a dream

  • the nuke scoot

  • Is this the inspiration for Resident Evil 8?

  • Sabaton song when?

  • This is a really good video! 👏🏼😎

  • " Come and see the abuse inherent in the system "

  • Call them what they were. Concentration camps.

  • This man never really fought but shoot prisoners

  • Patton wasnt better then german officers

  • Why did Kruschev wanted the speech to be secret?

  • Reznov 2:23

  • I love the call of duty black ops reference in the video

  • Im scared

  • here after SIDEMEN video

  • so, this is the first opressor